TITANS: Barbara Gordon Confirmed To Make Her Debut During Season 3 As Oracle

TITANS: Barbara Gordon Confirmed To Make Her Debut During Season 3 As Oracle

Back in January, a rumor did the rounds that Barbara Gordon would make her debut in season 3 of DC Universe's Titans under the Oracle moniker, and now cinematographer Boris Mojsovski has confirmed it...

A rumor recently did the rounds which claimed that the upcoming third season of DC Universe's Titans would introduce a small-screen take on Barbara Gordon, and that's now been confirmed.

During a Q&A, Titans cinematographer Boris Mojsovski revealed that the popular DC Comics character would indeed make her debut during the next run of episodes, but she won't be suiting up as Batgirl. Instead, Babs will adopt the Oracle mantle she took on in the comics after being paralyzed by The Joker in Alan Moore's controversial The Killing Joke.

The original report added that Gordon would serve as "the Commissioner of the GCPD following the passing of her late father," but Mojsovski didn't mention that. We have heard that casting is already underway, and that DC Universe is said to be looking at "actresses that use wheelchairs for the role."

Mojsovski also confirmed that Ian Glenn will return as Bruce Wayne, and that the opening action sequence of the first episode will take place in Gotham.

Like pretty much every other big and small screen project, production on Titans season 3 has paused, and now premiere date has been specified.

Are you guys looking forward to a new live-action incarnation of Barbara Gordon? Who do you think would be a good fit for the role? Let us know in the comments down below.

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