Extremely Optimistic INHUMANS Showrunner Already Has Plans For Season 2

Extremely Optimistic INHUMANS Showrunner Already Has Plans For Season 2

There's a very good chance a second season of Inhumans will never happen but showrunner Scott Buck has revealed that he as a three season plan which is a tad optimistic given where things currently stand.

The chances of Inhumans getting a second season seem slim but the likelihood of Scott Buck returning as showrunner is even slimmer. However, someone who is extremely optimistic about both of those things happening is Buck himself as he's revealed in a new interview that he doesn't view the first season as being one and done. In fact, he already has ideas for a second season and beyond.

Buck's work on Iron Fist led to it being the worst reviewed Marvel series on Netflix to date and the poor quality of Inhumans has resulted in there being an awful lot of bad buzz around the show.

"We have ideas. We know our starting point for Season 2, but we don’t know if there will be a Season 2. Hopefully, there will be a Season 2. If so, we know where we’re gonna start, and we’ll very gratefully gear up and get to work." Buck's ideas stretch well beyond season two as well as he went on to reveal that the team working on the who actually has a three-year plan for Black Bolt and company.

"We generally know where the first three seasons could go," Buck added. "What’s fun about the show is that it will basically always be a show about family, so there’s always going to
be places to take these characters." Despite Buck's big plans, it's hard to picture him being brought back to work on the series by ABC as Inhumans clearly needs to undergo some major changes moving forward. 

Do you think we're getting a season two and if so, will Buck be in charge? Share your thoughts below. 
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