THE DEFENDERS Star Finn Jones Is Confident That IRON FIST Will Finally Don His Costume In Season 2

THE DEFENDERS Star Finn Jones Is Confident That IRON FIST Will Finally Don His Costume In Season 2

One of the biggest issues fans had with season one of Iron Fist was the fact that Danny Rand never once donned anything even resembling his comic book costume. However, the actor promises that will change.

Regardless of your thoughts on Iron Fist's first season, most fans seem to agree that Marvel made a mistake when they failed to show both K'un-Lun in all its glory and Danny Rand in costume. There were ample opportunities for both of those to appear at various points but showrunner Scott Buck decided against it and the hope is that Danny will finally be given the chance to suit up when season two hits.

We don't actually know when that will be but Netflix has confirmed that 
a second batch of episodes are definitely on the way. Now, in an interview to promote The Defenders, Finn Jones has promised that we will get to see the suit somewhere down the line (well, if he has anything to say about it). 

"It will. And look, I’m not the writer for this show, nor am I the executive producer. So unfortunately these things don’t fall on my head. But from an actor’s distinct perspective, I certainly think that will happen within, hopefully, Season Two.
"I think the way that we’re telling our version of Danny’s story is there’s a real progression. The first season of Iron Fist, he doesn’t even really know what a superhero is, let alone identify himself as one. It’s not until Defenders and when he meets the three superheroes, that he kind of goes, “Oh, you can actually do something with these abilities. You can find a purpose.” Which is exactly what Danny had been struggling to find throughout his whole life.
So towards the end of Defenders, Danny has certainly become a lot more grounded, and driven, and more purposeful character. And I certainly think, moving forward into season two, that superhero outfit would be something that Danny Rand finds extremely alluring, and cool, and after seeing Daredevil in his getup, I definitely think he may be persuaded to find one himself. What it looks like, who knows? I’d like to see a mashup of all of the kind of outfits."

With no sign of a costume in The Defenders, it will have to be season two of Iron Fist that delivers it. Chances are Marvel won't let fans down again, especially as the lack of a suit for the hero was one of the biggest criticisms the show faced. There's no way that could have been missed and with a new showrunner in place, it's inevitable that big changes are coming to the show. What do you guys think?
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