VENOM: Every Big New Reveal From The Latest Issue Of Total Film Magazine - SPOILERS

VENOM: Every Big New Reveal From The Latest Issue Of Total Film Magazine - SPOILERS

VENOM: Every Big New Reveal From The Latest Issue Of Total Film Magazine - <font color=red>SPOILERS</font>

The latest issue of Total Film Magazine has an in-depth feature on Venom so we have new details on you about Tom Hardy's dual roles, plans for Carnage, fresh intel on Riot, sequel plans, and much more...

While there's no denying that a lot of comic book fans are unhappy with Sony's Spider-Man-less version of Venom, excitement for the movie is slowly starting to build and the trailer released during Comic-Con played a pretty significant role in that. Now, the Marvel Comics adaptation has been given the spotlight in the latest issue of Total Film and we have plenty of highlights for you here today 

I've been a little sceptical about Venom in recent months but there's a lot here which actually sounds pretty damn good, especially Tom Hardy's approach to playing both Eddie Brock and the symbiote as well as new details on characters, plans for a "Venom-verse," why it's viewed as a standalone movie (which also sets the stage for the future), and just how many sequels Hardy has signed up for.

So, to check out all that and comments from Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, and director Ruben Fleischer, all you guys have to do is click on the "View List" button below to check out the full list.

Tom Hardy Definitely Isn't A Longtime Venom Fan

"I'm not going to lie, I just thought he was a black Spider-Man," confesses Hardy when he's asked just how much he knew about Venom before being cast as Eddie Brock. "I didn't really read comic books, so my information was limited. But I was given loads of comics when I got involved. All the comics! And more importantly, I had my son as my guide. I was versed in the way of Venom by a 10-year-old. I consulted the oracle, there. And he would steer me on."

Riz Ahmed Doesn't View Carlton Drake As A Villain

Carlton Drake is the leader of the Life Foundation and believes that the key to saving humanity is bonding them with symbiotes. It may sound like a typically crazy plan belonging to an insane bad guy but Ahmed has another take. "Honestly, I don't see him as an evil megalomaniac," he explains. "He doesn't see himself that way. No one thinks they're the bad guy."

"There's a strong case for what Carlton is trying to achieve, which is trying to ensure that humanity has a future. And he's looking at the big picture." As for whether or no he looked to any real-life inspirations to bring the character to life, the actor adds: "It's more about bringing the Carlton Drake of the comic books up to date in a contemporary reality." 


Venom Is A "Lethal Protector"

"It's very much a pure Venom story," says Fleischer referring to the iconic Lethal Protector series, "which is something that we've done with this film - try to make it as much Venom's movie as we could. You know, we have limitations in the inception of the movie... And then also the title, Lethal Protector. At that point, Venom has achieved this antihero quality. But he's not just a pure villain. As it says, a lethal protector. So he's a violent he's somewhere in between."

Tom Hardy's Dual Roles

"Tom brings so much complexity, and I would say danger, to the roles and characters he plays," says Fleischer. "Those are two inherent qualities of Eddie Brock and Venom, the complexity and the menace. So getting to watch Tom live between these two characters who are sharing a body and having to navigate these two forces simultaneously was really impressive and fun to watch."

It turns out that playing those dual roles is what attracted Hardy to the movie as well. "For me, it was the multiple personalities, because to play that, on a kind of epic level, a superhero level, that was the big draw."


Eddie Brock And Venom's Voices

Talking of dual roles, a lot has been said about the voices of both Eddie Brock and Venom in the movie and Tom Hardy has finally explained his approach to both characters. "I like to just play, and be playful, really, and just have fun," he says pointing to Warrior and "a little bit of Woody Allen neurosis" as his inspiration for Eddie. "At some point, he's going to become at one with this creature that's living rent-free in his body, and come to terms with it. So we had to have a range in his voice."

As for Venom, "Initially, when I read it, I was like, 'He's outlandish and big.' I wanted to something that would stand out, so that he was enigmatic and charismatic, as well as being dangerous and scary." As a result, he looked at the likes of Redman, Buster Rhymes, and James Brown for ideas.
"There's something electric and soulful, but at the same time, primal about those voices." 

There Was No Motion-Capture Suit For Tom Hardy

If you're wondering why we never got to see Hardy wearing a motion-capture costume when Venom was shooting, it turns out there was actually a very good reason for that. "It wasn't motion-capture, because the eyeballs on the creature, on Venom, and the mouth, they don't match with my eyeballs and mouth," the actor laughs. "So the mo-cap treatment went out of the window pretty quickly."

"Facially, your eyes and teeth and tongue are not going to match with this,"
he continues.
"And you need a 7ft tall basketball player in a Lycra suit for the physical shots." 

The Movie Features An Odd Couple Relationship

Hardy may not be a Venom expert but he's clearly passionate about the character and explains that we should expect a very unique relationship between Eddie Brock and his newfound symbiote. "I was like, 'This is a great character, because he's a diverse antihero. He's not a good guy, and he's not a bad guy.'"

"He's connected to this alien who's not from this planet. They've got to figure out an ethical framework between the two of them, and neither of them 
are run-of-the-mill types. There's this kind of Odd Couple [relationship] between the two of them. I enjoyed the Jekyll and Hyde nature of that, in a superhero world."

Tom Hardy Is Responsible For The A-List Cast

Many fans have questioned how on Earth Sony managed to land such an impressive cast for Venom but the movie's director credits choosing Tom Hardy to play the movie's lead for being what led to the rest of them saying yes to the Marvel Comics adaptation. "I mean, when you start your casting with Tom Hardy, it sets the bar as far as what kind of film you're trying to make," Fleischer says. 

"I think Tom being at the heart of it was a big pull for everyone," Ahmed agrees.
"I've known Tom for many years now. Our paths crossed really early in our careers, about 10 years ago. We always kept in touch periodically. It was great to reconnect with him."

A New Take On Anne Weying

In the comic books, Anne Weying is Eddie Brock's ex-wife but her big screen counterpart will be a District Attorney and a strong character in her own right. Asked what drew her to the role, Williams credits Hardy. "A huge part of the appeal of this project was to get to work with him. I think Anne is a strong character, and very intelligent. I wanted her to be born of the #MeToo world, and I worked hard to convey that with her wardrobe and dialogue."

Fleischer has nothing but good things to say about working with the actress, adding:
"She just brings to much empathy to her characters. And especially within the dynamic between Anne and Eddie in our film. She grounds it so much."

You May Have Seen Tom Hardy On The Comic-Con Floor

"I really enjoyed it," Hardy says of his Comic-Con experience last month. "I managed to get a mask on and walk around with my son, so it was great being with him to really enjoy it. I had a dad experience, as well as being there with Venom. It was a double whammy of pleasure."

As for how he managed to disguise himself, the British actor adds:
"I went through Yoda, Deadpool, Spider-Man. I may have done a stint as Venom. I may have done a unicorn and a llama. It was really hot. I was trying to find something I could breathe through and see through as well, so I could keep eyes on a roaming young man. In the end, I just took it off, because I was like, 'You know what? I can't breathe.' I walked around. No one really notices you anyway!"

It's A Mixture Of Horror And Comedy

With Hardy saying that Venom will "do whatever he has to do to get to [his] goal." it's clear that he won't be afraid of breaking some rules. However, Ahmed made a very interesting comparison when it comes to the movie's tone. "I think it's an interesting mix of tones, actually. It walks that fine line. It's that mixture between horror and comedy we saw in Zombieland that worked so well."

No One Knows What The Rating Will Be

While there have been reports that Sony is aiming for a PG-13 rating for Venom, those involved with the movie don't really seem to know whether it will end up with that or an R. "We're curious to see where it'll land," says Fleischer. "But we pushed the envelope as far as we possibly could in terms of just making it the most true to the comics version of the film that we could. He's a character that goes around biting people's heads off and eating brains. So we tried to respect that as much as we could."

Hardy also isn't sure and could see the rating go either way. "You want to reach as big an audience as possible with one of these
movies, because they're good fun. My son steered me onto Venom. There would be things I would probably cover his eyes for. It depends how sensitive a nine-year-old's parents are. It's not my place to say. I don't really know what [rating] they're going to give it. But, it can pivot to either/or, if that makes sense. The IP lends itself to gore, and it also lends itself to a black comedy action thriller, as well." Personally, I'm betting it ends up being PG-13...

The Movies That Inspired Venom

Comparing Venom to Zombieland does seem somewhat appropriate but for a better idea of what we should perhaps expect from this one, Hardy names a lot of movies as serving as inspiration. "I think, you know, we've taken inspiration from An American Werewolf in London. The tonality of that, and the humour in An American Werewolf in London, and the violence and aggression."

"I remember, also, when I was a kid, the original Ghostbusters. I'd also think about Beverly Hills Cop...God, I'm giving away my age. well, I remember if from the '80s. I don't know if it's dated now, but there was a certain edginess to the comedy as well."


More Details On Riot

We know that other symbiotes will end up playing a significant role in Venom but what of lead villain, Riot? All Ahmed would say is that, "It's certainly a film where all the characters, at least emotionally, have to face themselves and make decisions about what kind of person they want to be."

That's frustratingly vague but Fleischer would go on to shed some more light on what we should expect. "Without going into too
much details, we tried to make [the other symbiotes] look as cool, and evoke the comics as much as possible. With Riot, who is our featured symbiote, there's some distinctive qualities to his character from the comics that we definitely channelled."

"The look of his eyes, his hands, his colour, and his bearing are unique from Venom,
he adds. "So we made sure that he stands out, and try to make him looks as close to the comics as we could."

Plans For Carnage And She-Venom

Fleischer says that "There are other villains in the movie too - we're definitely planning a big world with these characters." However, what of Carnage, a character Woody Harrelson is rumoured to be playing? "I think it'll be really fun for fans to go see the movie and see for themselves," is all the filmmaker would divulge, making it clear that Cletus Kasady's possible role is a closely guarded secret.

Now, comic book fans will know that Anne Weying ultimately becomes She-Venom so is that something we might see here? No one was saying but Williams did say 
that, "She-Venom would be a dream come true!"

It's A Standalone Movie

Despite all that talk of Venom somehow fitting into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Spider-Man's world, Fleischer is reluctant to commit to any firm plans for the future despite the groundwork being laid for a bigger Venom-verse. "We definitely are thinking about this world as a big evolving world, and we want it to have the option of going in different directions. You'll have to see what groundwork has been laid."

Despite that, the filmmaker is adamant that the movie is very much a standalone adventure...for now.
"The movie's just all about Venom. so that's what we're focused on. It's introducing Eddie and Venom. And then as to where it goes from there? We'll have to see..."

Tom Hardy Is Up For A Sequel

The movie's director may be reluctant to commit to talk about the future but Hardy has no problem sharing his excitement for a follow-up. "I'm open to whatever you want to do with it," he says. "We've signed up for three of them. So it's very much an open case. We'll see what people's responses are to it. I think it's an awesome character. I love playing both of them. It's an amuse-bouche, and for Sony, it's the Venom-verse launched in isolation, as it were."

"We all prepped for it to be a standalone universe. So whatever Sony want to attach to it at a later date, it's a fulcrum piece. But let's see what happens when it lands."


Tom Hardy Isn't Interested In Marvel Vs. DC

Hardy is now among just a handful of actors to have played characters from the Marvel and DC Universe but don't think he's paying too much attention to the rivalry between the two companies (or more specifically, their fans). "I'm quite mercenary," he laughs. "I'm not a fully paid up member of any group. It's really awesome to have played in both camps. It's a real honour."

"And I got really cool ones," he concludes. "I got Bane and Venom, and I've got Mad Max as well. I've got some nice cosplay under my belt, some cosplay scalp, as it were..."

What do you guys think about these new Venom details? Are you now more excited for the movie? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts on that in the comments section down below.

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