WONDER WOMAN Soundtrack Details Reveal Plenty Of Potential Plot SPOILERS

WONDER WOMAN Soundtrack Details Reveal Plenty Of Potential Plot <font color=red>SPOILERS</font>

The full details for the upcoming Wonder Woman soundtrack have been revealed, and as is so often the case, the title of each track sheds some light on what we should expect from the movie...

Warner Bros. has revealed details for the Wonder Woman soundtrack and Rupert Gregson-Williams' (Hacksaw Ridge) score provides some new intel about the movie. It sounds like it won't waste any time taking the Amazon warrior to the battlefields of World War I, while "The God of War" points to a confrontation between Diana Prince and Ares somewhere around the halfway point of the movie.

"Trafalgar Celebration" indicates that we could get a happy ending of sorts, but these titles are pretty vague and only really offer up a very vague idea as to what we should expect from Wonder Woman.


The soundtrack goes on sale on June 2nd and you may also notice that Sia has performed a new song for the movie titled "To Be Human." That will more than likely play over the end credits, but it's surprising that it wasn't used in place of Imagine Dragons in the recently released final trailer!

What do you guys think of these potential Wonder Woman plot spoilers? Sound off in the usual place.

1. Amazons Of Themyscira
2. History Lesson
3. Angel On The Wing
4. Ludendorff, Enough!
5. Pain, Loss & Love
6. No Man’s Land
7. Fausta
8. Wonder Woman’s Wrath
9. The God Of War
10. We Are All To Blame
11. Hell Hath No Fury
12. Lightning Strikes
13. Trafalgar Celebration
14. Action Reaction
15. To Be Human – Sia (feat. Labrinth)

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