LOGAN & BOBA FETT Director James Mangold Believes Extreme Fan Backlash Will Lead To Films Made By "Hacks"

LOGAN & BOBA FETT Director James Mangold Believes Extreme Fan Backlash Will Lead To Films Made By "Hacks"

Over the years, we've seen plenty of people respond to creative decisions in movies in an ugly fashion, and now Logan director James Mangold explains what he believes will happen if such behavior persists.

Whether it’s Star Wars or a comic book movie, whenever a new film in a popular franchise comes out there is a chance fans will lash out over creative decisions. Sure, on these occasions, you will certainly find some constructive criticism, but unfortunately not all responses will fall under this category.

For instance, when Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released, we did see fans express their problems with the film in a calm and reasonable manner. However, there was - and still are – a number of so-called fans who have responded with an unhealthy fervor that far too often involves disgusting behavior like hate speech.

The response to The Last Jedi alone has even seen groups campaign for remakes or edits that cut out female characters among other things. So, it’s not hard to imagine why actress Kelly Marie Tran would quit social media after about six months of harassment, or why director Christopher McQuarrie said he is no longer interested in helming big tentpole films like Star Wars.

With these intense reactions in mind, Logan director James Mangold, who is also reportedly set to direct a Boba Fett film, took to his Twitter to discuss what he believes such backlash may lead to.

Specifically, he says by treating the act of directing these blockbusters like the “equivalent of writing a new chapter of The Bible,” we’ll reach a point where “hacks” and corporate heads are the ones making the creative decisions. Thus, he asks that we act  "the way Yoda might" and not like Darth Vader.

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