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300 still rules supreme at box office. - Galactus
The hunky star of 300, Gerard Butler, is to star in the remake of Escape from New York--taking the role originally played by Kurt Russell - Galactus
300 found box office glory beyond all expectations and raked in an estimated $70 million, shattering the March opening records... - ComicBookMovie
Standing at #1, atop a mountain of bloodied movie offerings, 300 slaughtered all competing films like a pathetic contingent of filthy Persians... - Galactus
Get ready for a Venom tribute trailer when you go to see the movie 300! - ComicBookMovie
Art School in Pittsburg, PA partners with Warner Bros and Dark Horse to create a nifty "300" website... - ComicBookMovie
The web-slinger joins forces with the Spartans of 300! - Galactus
The upcoming film based on Frank Miller's best selling Graphic Novel gets a outstanding Standing Ovation!
- U2er
Moviefone has posted 3 video clips from Warner Bros. action-drama 300, which arrives in conventional and IMAX theatres on March 9.
- Galactus
Director, Zack Snyder talks about the Pressures of bringing "300" to the Big Screen and living up to Frank Miller's vision. - U2er
Director Zack Snyder is out promoting "300", but also let loose some "Watchmen" news to our friends over at - ComicBookMovie
Gerard Butler gives the briefing on the 300 movie's background. - Galactus
Over 40 new 300 Photos!!! - Galactus
The Battle of Thermopylae epic film will be shown in 55 Imax cinemas starting March 9th. - Galactus
Watch the new “300” sneak peek spot now! - Galactus
“300” airs on February 8 at the Berlin International Film Festival! - Galactus
Empire Online has revealed four new U.K. posters for Warner Bros. Pictures' 300. - Galactus
Check out the new MySpace page launched for the bloody new film! - Galactus
Ultimate Fighting Championship's Chuck Liddell To Promote The Ferocious New Film! - Galactus
This action epic opens in theaters March 9.
- Galactus
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