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300 still rules supreme at box office.
The hunky star of 300, Gerard Butler, is to star in the remake of Escape from New York--taking the role originally played by Kurt Russell
300 found box office glory beyond all expectations and raked in an estimated $70 million, shattering the March opening records...
Standing at #1, atop a mountain of bloodied movie offerings, 300 slaughtered all competing films like a pathetic contingent of filthy Persians...
Get ready for a Venom tribute trailer when you go to see the movie 300!
Art School in Pittsburg, PA partners with Warner Bros and Dark Horse to create a nifty "300" website...
The web-slinger joins forces with the Spartans of 300!
The upcoming film based on Frank Miller's best selling Graphic Novel gets a outstanding Standing Ovation!
Moviefone has posted 3 video clips from Warner Bros. action-drama 300, which arrives in conventional and IMAX theatres on March 9.
Director, Zack Snyder talks about the Pressures of bringing "300" to the Big Screen and living up to Frank Miller's vision.
Director Zack Snyder is out promoting "300", but also let loose some "Watchmen" news to our friends over at
Gerard Butler gives the briefing on the 300 movie's background.
Over 40 new 300 Photos!!!
The Battle of Thermopylae epic film will be shown in 55 Imax cinemas starting March 9th.
Watch the new “300” sneak peek spot now!
“300” airs on February 8 at the Berlin International Film Festival!
Empire Online has revealed four new U.K. posters for Warner Bros. Pictures' 300.
Check out the new MySpace page launched for the bloody new film!
Ultimate Fighting Championship's Chuck Liddell To Promote The Ferocious New Film!
This action epic opens in theaters March 9.
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