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Between the poster boys of DC and Marvel, Batman and Spider-man, respectively, attest the same number of cartoons. Were you aware how similar those are? "You will."
After an unexpected turn of events, Spidey has nothing left to lose in this latest sneak peek clip from the four-part Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors Contest Of Champions event. Come check it out now!
Ahead of the July DTV release of Justice League: Gods and Monsters, Machinima is releasing a prequel web series in June. Apparently, confidence is high as a second season has already been greenlit for 2016. Read on for details that were revealed during Machinima's Heroes Rise press event in NYC.
Disney XD has released three clips from the "Ant-Man," "Burrito Run," and "Attack of the Synthezoids" episodes of Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors! When exactly these episodes will air in the U.S. is uncertain, but regardless, come check it out!
"I think that the greatest special effect is caring about a character. A lot of movies seem to forget that, and they bring out a lot of fireballs and then wonder why the fireballs don’t have that much impact.."
An initial teaser for DC's latest animated feature leaked online recently, but now a brand new official trailer and synopsis have been released. Take a look at some very different versions of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in this alternate reality tale after the jump.
With Tommorrowland set to hit theaters on May 22, director Brad Bird is beginning the first leg of his press tour. Naturally, one of the first questions asked was how are things going on The Incredibles 2. Here's his answer.
In this new Batman vs Robin clip, Sean Maher (Serenity/Firefly) provides the voice of Nightwing, while Stuart Allan is the voice of Damian Wayne. "I was trained by Bruce Wayne and ever time they met, he kicked Ra's al Ghul's ass."
Cartoon Network's Uncle Grandpa: Good Mornin' landed at retailers today and we've got two copies to give away! CLICK HERE to see some hilarious clips from the show and find out how to win! probably.....not what anyone was expecting.
Well it seems Disney is in full force when it comes to these live action remakes. Cause now it seems that disney is giving the go ahead on a live action film based on everyone's favorite resident of the hundred acre wood. Do you want to see who Disney got to develop it? Come take a look.
The Comic Book Guys talk DC Animated Universe's THRONE OF ATLANTIS! Plus, DAREDEVIL on Netflix, the FANTASTIC FOUR Trailer, and SUPERMAN's new powers! (WARNING: Contains Adult Language) For more visit
DC All Access has your first look at WB Animations' latest effort, Batman vs Robin, which sees Gotham's protector and his assassin-trained son take on the shadowy Court of Owls. This film is a direct sequel to Son of Batman.
It's been nearly two years since Pixar last released a film, but the wait for a new one is almost over. Check out this brand new trailer for their latest animated feature Inside Out, which gives us a closer look at some of it's characters!
Adi Shankar’s "Bootleg Universe" is apparently going to keep moving forward - tackling new properties and mediums. After Power Rangers, Punisher, Venom, Judge Dredd and James Bond, Captain Planet may be next.
Come on, grab your friends. Warner Bros. is bringing the adventures of Jake the Dog and Finn the Human to the big screen with the help of Cartoon Network and the producers of The LEGO Movie. Hit the jump for more details.
Aside from the initial promo poster, this is our first proper look at Jon M. Chu's upcoming live-action adaptation of the Jem and the Holograms cartoon. It's not the greatest quality, but take a look and let us know if it's truly (truly, truly) outrageous enough...
As expected, Phil Lord and Chris Miller won't be directing The LEGO Movie sequel, something which is sure to disappoint fans of the first movie as much as its recent Oscars snub! They will however still write and produce, and you can find out who will be in the director's chair here...
"Darkness. No Parents." The Lego Movie may have been snubbed in the best animated feature category at last night's Academy Awards ceremony, but they did nominate "Everything Is Awesome" for best original song, and Will Arnett appeared dressed as Batman during the live performance.
Fancy winning a free copy of the LEGO Justice League Vs Bizarro League? Check out our LEGO Bizarro Name Generator & Trading Cards and read the rules for entry.
We were expecting something relating to the upcoming Disney XD Guardians Of The Galaxy animated series this week, and now Marvel has revealed the first cast member. Vin Diesel won't be returning to provide the voice of Groot, but click on to find out who will be uttering those 3 immortal words...
CBM's Nate Best quizzes Lee Mendelson, the producer behind Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown which just landed this week on DVD (for the first time ever)! Find out who his favorite character is, how he got involved with Peanuts, Garfield and more after the jump!
CBR has debuted the very first look at the next original animated movie from DC/Warner Bros. Animation, Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts. In it, the Caped Crusader and some of his friends go up against the Penguin and his "Animalitia": Killer Croc, Cheetah, Man-Bat and Silverback.
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Many of us were shocked that The LEGO Movie wasn't so much as nominated for best animated film at the Oscars, but everything was awesome for the brilliant flick at the 68th British Academy of Film and Television Awards. Click on for the complete list of winners.