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I have a serious problem with Marvel Animation. Ever since Disney acquired Marvel Studios, the films have flourished, while the animated television branch has failed in my opinion. I have a plan and proposal on how to fix this abysmal output of animation. - ComicsBornAndBred
The newest member of the DC/CW universe made her debut this week. Available on CW Seed the first episode of the Vixen animated miniseries set in the same universe as live action shows Arrow and The Flash while interesting was all to brief. - speedyg33
Famed artist Alex Ross created three sketches to be used as posters and the DVD/Blu-ray cover for Marvel’s animated film Planet Hulk. Take a look at the unused art and the piece that inspired the final cover… - speedyg33
“Hooked on a Feeling”, “I want you back”, and “Come and Get Your Love”, just a few examples of hit tracks featured in last summer’s blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy. With the high cost of licensing these types of hits, you wouldn’t expect the same quality of music in a cartoon would you? - speedyg33
Watch the first 4-minute episode of the new, animated CW Seed series, Vixen. If the animated series garners enough viewers, we should expect Megalyn Echikunwoke's Mari McCabe to show up on either The Flash, Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow for live-action 'superheroics'. - MarkJulian
From the Production Company that brought you Robot Chicken and BoJack Horseman we get a NSFW red band trailer for their upcoming stop animation feature film Hell and Back. Check out this raunchy R rated clip guaranteed to have you laughing out loud NSFW… - speedyg33
With an August 25th release date just around the corner Warner Bros. Animation and DC Comics have dropped a new clip from their animated feature LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Justice League Attack of the Legion of Doom! Check it out after the jump.. - speedyg33
Recently, Republican presidential candidate hopeful Donald Trump made the absurd claim that he's Batman. Well, the Jimmy Kimmell Live! show tried their best to show what that nightmare would look like, and it's disturbingly hilarious. Take a look... - MarkJulian
Fans of James O’Barr’s comic book series The Crow know a live action movie has been stuck in development for a while now. Now we’ve learned that wasn’t the only project left on the table. Turns out The Crow had an opportunity to become an anime series. Hit the jump to learn more. - speedyg33
In November of last year it was announced that Toy Story 4 was in development for a 2017 release date. They told us back then that the film would be a love story, but not much else information was given, now we know more courtesy of John Lasseter at D23, Come and take a look, see what he said. - Mrcool210
Earlier this week, the first official poster for DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda 3 finally debuted. Come check it out! The franchise's third installment features Jack Black's Po reuniting with his biological father, voiced by Bryan Cranston. The movie hits theaters next January! - KingPatel
Disney's upcoming TV sequel to their 1994 classic The Lion King has found its Simba & Nala. The film has also brought back more than a few familiar faces including James Earl Jones as Mufasa. Come check it out! Plus, hear a snippet of one of the first songs & watch a clip! - KingPatel
Dragon Ball does it again! Resurrection 'F' not only brings back super-baddie Frieza but makes the DBZ franchise current again connecting last year's Battle of Gods with an all-new series yet to air in the U.S. entitled Dragon Ball Super. (Recent reports have Super lacking in the animation department, but we will see how that progresses.) - thecbguys
What’s more fun than a Thor vs the Hulk slugfest? How about scantily clad Lady Thor vs a horde of zombies lead by a Zombie Hulk! - speedyg33
After taking over the box office, it seems like the next objective for Minions are taking over the streets of Ireland? That's what it looks like when a giant inflatable Minion is rolling down the streets of Dublin. Click to check it out. - LEVITIKUZ
Before Michael Myers voiced Shrek, the late great comedian Chris Farley originally was going to voice Shrek in the film Shrek. For the first time, come see recorded dialogue Farley had voiced as the orge Shrek WHO LIVES IN A SWAMP, DOWN BY THE RIVER!!! Click to check it out. - LEVITIKUZ
In the early 1990s SNL comedian and actor Chris Farley was set to voice the title character in the modern day animated classic Shrek which he ultimately was replaced in after his death. Now lost audio of his performance has been found. - Steve993
Director Robert Rodriquez gives us an update on the status of his live action adaptation of the cartoon classic Jonny Quest, and shares how the tone of the original Cartoon will shape his vision for the movie. - speedyg33
While many people enjoyed Pixar's The Incredibles, the people over at CinemaSins have put together a video consisting of everything wrong with this superhero film! Even though it might not seem possible to pull something wrong out of this film, after watching this video, you'll be proved wrong! - NightWatcher
Brighten your day with this fun animated clip of Harley Quinn singing her mischief filled version of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” from Disney’s Frozen. - speedyg33
If Batman banged his head really, really hard, you'd have The Stinger, the character that Kevin Conroy voices in a second season episode of Turbo Fast. In the following exclusive interview, Kevin discusses The Stinger, Arkham Knight and his role in the Batman legacy. - EdGross
DC Entertainment & Warner Bros. Animation in joint-collaboration with La-La Lands Records have announced a limited edition soundtrack release date for the latest DC animated feature Justice League: Gods And Monsters. Come check it out! - KingPatel
Leave it to good ol' boys Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett to write a Justice League animated feature that's an instant classic. Much like their past work ranging from Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, to the Justice League series - this is DC animation the way it should be done. - thecbguys
As soon as it was announced at SDCC that DC were working on an animated adaptation of The Killing Joke, we all hoped that Mark Hamill would return to voice the Clown Prince of Crime. Well, now Collider has confirmed that that's exactly what's going to happen! - RorMachine
NBA superstar LeBron James has expressed interest in doing a Space Jam Sequel in the past. With the announcement of a deal to partner with Warner Bros. could Space Jam 2 be in the works? - speedyg33