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Time is running out for the critically-acclaimed Marvel animated least on Netflix. Both seasons are listed to expire, at two contrasting dates, in December. If you plan on re-watching the series, or you're interested and haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend to give it a watch! - TheLemsterPju
Hulksta here, with a theory as to what's the grand master plan for the villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Read on for more details! - Hulksta
The official teaser for a certain blockbuster instantly made headlines as soon as it was recently launched. With so much hype surrounding the trailer, one must ask: Was it worth the wait? - Darkknight2149
Hit the jump to find out what I thought on this first look at the highly anticipated Marvel Studios movie! - neihofft
Don't worry, this is not a Marvel fan-boy wining. I loved the trailer. It's just one thing that is not even afecting my hype. - BaronZemo
Along with Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. are set to make an appearance on the popular talk show. Could we also see the debut of the long-awaited trailer for Captain America: Civil War? - KindanNo
The upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 2 Collection promises to be a must-have item this Christmas, and the Blu-ray cover artwork by Matt Ferguson (@Cakes_Comics) has been revealed, and it all looks downright awesome. Hit the jump to check them out... - JoshWilding
Some cool movie concept art featuring some of your favorite Marvel heroes has just surfaced, check them out. - SpiderHam
I think you all know what happended here. BUT YOU WILL READ THIS ANYWAY! - Quick1029
This is my take on how the Avengers: Age of Ultron could have been a better movie. Hop in to check it out! - Razorface
Watch the Avengers in action... in mini Lego form, this hilarious new fresh take on the Avengers is a joy to the eyes, with good humor, perfect animation, and awesome action scenes this mini-movie is a very fun watch! - Whitefang
Ladies & Gentlemen, the impossible has been made possible - Quick1029
Andrew "Lashes" out, Fitz gets emotional and HYDRA is still everywhere... like damn ants! Check out my review. - boboMELOSHE
While DC is behind & Marvel is ahead in movies, in the gaming world it's the opposite with DC ahead & Marvel behind. Now Marvel has announced Avengers Academy game with the same title as their comic series. Is this the game Marvel fans were hoping for? - LEVITIKUZ
We all knew that Robert Downey Jr. got paid a ton for Avengers: Age of Ultron, and we know that he's going to get paid a lump sum of money come Captain America: Civil War! However, how much money did all of his "teammates" earn? Hit the jump to check it out! - NightWatcher
While not entirely mishandling the juggling act that is 5 simultaneous storylines, "Among Us Hide" isn't the best episode to ever hit the small screen. That being said there are some massive reveals about a particular Inhuman you don't want to miss. Check out the review! - boboMELOSHE
Finally revealing what happened on the mysterious alien planet, '4,722 Hours' provides some of the most emotional and suspenseful content of the season so far. Check out my review below! - boboMELOSHE
With two Infinity Stones yet to be found and five films remaining before the Infinity War begins I look at when we can expect Stones to be revealed and when they will fall into Thanos' possession... - mook
It's that time of year again. Only a few days left until Halloween. What better way to celebrate than by watching this great Fan-Made trailer by YouTube user, Alex Luthor? Watch as the Marvel universe and X-Men universe combine to face their biggest threat, zombies! - Kr08
Marvel’s Phase 3 has been revamped to include three new films. What are they? Hell if I know, but I'm going to give my two cents as to what it could be. - Hulksta
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