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The Batman movie franchise actually began in 1943 with serialized matinees in glorious black and white. Then, the more colorful and cornball 60's Batman TV series spawned a movie that wasted valuable theater time as well. But in modern times, Tim Burton's goth Batman (1989) truly started to see the vision--even with the choice of comedic actor Michael Keaton in the lead role, and Jack Nicholson as "The Joker". While still a bit over-the-top, the flick made enough money to get sequels started and Burton returned with villains Catwoman and The Penguin for 1992's Batman Returns. But then Warner Bros left us with Joel Schumacher and replacement Batmen Val Kilmer (Batman Forever - 1995) and George Clooney (Batman & Robin - 1997). With a "flamboyant" director at the helm, the focus became neon and nipples, and too many villains mixed in. A perverted desecration of the batsuit, complete with nipples and codpiece finally killed the franchise. After an 8-year hiatus, Warner Bros rebooted the Bat-films with 2005's Batman Begins. Director Christopher Nolan took a more serious take with Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne. The re-energized franchise led to the biggest comic book movie of all time (currently) with 2008's The Dark Knight. As of this writing, the franchise is secure, and several more sequels are guaranteed.

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There were more big changes in store for Detective Jim Gordon and company during tonight's episode of Gotham, but the show is now taking a hiatus until April 13th, leaving us all to wonder what's coming next. Well, thanks to this promo, you can get an idea of where thing are going...
This latest behind-the-scenes look at Batman prequel Gotham focuses on Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue as they tease the lengths Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock will go to fight corruption in their city. Can they save Gotham without the help of Batman? Hit the jump to check it out...
Including new interviews and footage from Monday's episode of Gotham, this featurette for "Everyone Has A Cobblepot" focuses on the growing tension between Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue), but what exactly is causing that? Hit the jump to find out...
After the gruesome events of the latest episode of Gotham, will Fish Mooney be able to escape the clutches of the Dollmaker aka Dr. Francis Dulmacher - played by The Amazing Spider-Man 2's Colm Feore.
The Comic Book Guys talk Comic Book TV from Agent Carter to The Flash, Constantine, Arrow, Gotham, and The Walking Dead! Also, an X-Men Movie Chat! (WARNING: Contains Adult Language)
The Scarecrow has assembled classic Batman Rogues Poison Ivy, Riddler, Harley Quinn, Penguin, Firefly, Two-Face and the mysterious Arkham Knight in one final bid to take Batman and Gotham down once and for all. Batman: Arkham Knight arrives on next gen consoles 06.02.15.
Smosh Games have given Rocksteady's first installment in the Arkham franchise an Honest Game Trailer. Poking fun at the game as well as praising it. They also take a few digs at Marvel's games as well as previous DC games.
Jackson Gordan a student at Philadelphia University has designed himself a functional Batsuit that can withstand punches, machetes, and baseball bats. Hit the jump to check it out.
The New 52 is currently delving into elements of The Joker's past we've never seen before with more about his mysterious origin said to be revealed in Batman #39. Before that though, hit the jump for a look at what we know so far and what this may mean for the character in the future.
You never may have thought you'd hear this news, or you may have thought you'd hear it sooner. Seems Rocksteady wants to take the Batman Arkham series down a dark(er) path than previous installments. Click the jump for more information.
After (possibly) meeting The Joker last week, tonight's episode of Gotham introduced us to a very early version of the Red Hood. Next week we'll get to meet Dr. Dulmacher (guest star Colm Feore, The Amazing Spider-Man 2), a villain better known as The Dollmaker. Check it out!
DC Universe Online will delete players hard earned armor soon due to a glitch in their latest DLC find out more!
When I look at people's fancast's for DC movies, I see many of the same actors cast in the roles. I'm posting my own article to showcase the top over used picks for DC heroes and villains.
Get your weekly fix on comic books with related movie, TV, and comic book news, seeing Team DC and Team Marvel duke it out to find out who won the week, and fan suggested brawls. This week on Stan Lee's World of Heroes The Comic Book Show, hosts Jennifer Zhang, Matthew Hiscox, and Lucas Ackerman discuss who would win in a fight, Wonder Woman or She-Hulk.
"Darkness. No Parents." The Lego Movie may have been snubbed in the best animated feature category at last night's Academy Awards ceremony, but they did nominate "Everything Is Awesome" for best original song, and Will Arnett appeared dressed as Batman during the live performance.
The soon-to-be Bruce Wayne won the Razzie Redeemer Award for his meteoric resurgence in Hollywood as a director, writer, and actor. Check it out.
In a new featurette for next week's episode of Gotham, Ben McKenzie (Jim Gordon) and Donal Logue (Harvey Bullock) tease the mystery behind the Red Hood. Does he have anything to do with The Joker? Hit the jump for a first look at the video which also contains some new scenes...
Fox has released three sneak peeks from the "Red Hood" episode of Gotham. The first sees Barbara Kean attempting to give Selina and Ivy a makeover, in the second Jim and Harvey watch the Red Hood gang in action, and in the final one, Penguin has a slight drink problem.
The Dark Knight rarely receives too much criticism, especially for the main villain, but there is one thing some fans complain about: Did the Joker Have a Plan?
As the season finale of Gotham nears a new epic trailer for the Gotham's remaining first season gives us a look at next Monday's episode, "Redhood", while also taking us back to past episodes. Take the jump to check it out!
A full batch of promotional images for episode 18 of Fox's Gotham, "Everyone Has A Cobblepot", gives us our first glimpse of Colm Feore (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) as Dr. Dulmacher. There's also shots of the retuning Nicholas D'Agosto as Harvey Dent, & more.
Gotham possibly introduced The Joker tonight, and next week's episode of the series may just offer up another part of the Clown Prince of Crime's origin story as we get to see the debut of The Red Hood Gang in Gotham City. Hit the jump for a first look at the appropriately titled "Red Hood"...
Is The Joker really coming to tonight's episode of Gotham? Fox certainly want us to believe so as they've released a new teaser for tonight's instalment which promises that it "is going to put a smile on your face" as "Tonight's episode if NO JOKE." Hit the jump to check it out!
A DC Television centric episode of DC All Access features an exclusive clip of tonight's episode of Gotham along with more details from Tuesday and Wednesday's episodes of The Flash and Arrow! Take the jump to check it out!
A review of Batman Year One a Frank Miller tale that has had lasting influence to this day