5 Things I Would Like to See In The BATMAN Reboot

5 Things I Would Like to See In The BATMAN Reboot

Here are the top five things I would like to see in the inevitable Batman reboot, including some of the characters and villains I believe should be featured in future movies.

Regardless of whether anyone wants it or not, we are going to get a Batman reboot. It may not happen until after the Justice League movie (if that even gets made) or it may come before, which wouldn’t surprise me at all, but it will happen because it’s WB’s cash cow right now. Personally, I don’t want to see Batman in anything but the Justice League movie until at least 2016 and maybe even longer than that, but that isn’t likely to be the case. We might as well prepare for it and start hoping for some things to happen with it.

Let me just start by saying that I like the Christopher Nolan movies. I really do enjoy them, but his movies really leave out some large elements of the Batman character. Most of these can be chalked up to his “realistic” approach to the Batman character. That is okay, but it’s time to move on and get a different approach to the character. With that being said, I would like to present my ideas for what I would like to see done in the new Batman movie series. Here are the Top 5 things I would like to see in the Batman reboot…

5. The New Series of Movies Need to be Part of a Shared DC Universe

I had a hard time figuring out where I wanted to place this one on the list. I think it is very important and something I would really like to see, so I almost put it at number 1. However since it isn’t crucial to the character, I decided to put it at the end of the list. Anyways, this has some importance not only to Batman, but to the DC movies in general. If WB is serious about the Justice League and having a shared universe, then they must connect their movies. Not only could this connect Batman to the other heroes, but it could also allow for Batman to be a sort of bridge to all the other characters. He is after all probably the DC hero with the most connections to the other heroes. WB needs to make this happen.

4. Have Robin and Batgirl, but With Some Changes

Robin and Batgirl were both absent from the Nolan movies, which is understandable, but I would like to see them in the rebooted series. And John Blake does not count at all. These characters provide a nice dynamic for Batman, and really give him some depth as a character. They really are like his son and his daughter, which provides an emotional connection for Batman outside of Alfred or a love interest. I think if Robin and Batgirl are going to be included in the reboot, there needs to be some updates to the characters. Both characters need to be older than their comic counterparts when they started. I would say that both need to be at least 16-18 at the start, but I would prefer closer to college age for both characters. This change is necessary to make Batman seem less like he is saying “Hey kids, there is free candy in the Batmobile!” For Batgirl, I see her as a college age girl who wants to join the GCPD, but her father won’t let her and she decides to model herself after Batman to start fighting crime instead. Soon after, having seen that she can hold her own, Batman decides to take her under his wing and have her as a sidekick. I see Robin slightly differently than Batgirl though. It should be Dick Grayson and he should lose his parents of course, but I again want to see a college age Grayson. This one I see more of a case where after the deaths of his family, Grayson is directionless and turns to crime. However, Batman recognizes him and sees the potential in him after fighting him and decides to mentor him as Robin. The other change I would like to see is an update to Robin’s costume. That classic look would just be a little awkward and, quite frankly, disturbing. Maybe something more akin to the “Arkham City” costume could work.

3. There Needs to be More Fantasy Aspects in the Reboot

Nolan’s “realistic” take precluded the more fantastical aspects of Batman, which is very prominent in the mythos of the character. A good chunk of Batman’s villains are fantastical in nature, including Ra’s al Ghul who Nolan used, but left out the fantastical aspects of. Without these fantasy elements, we can’t have villains like Clayface, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, or Mr. Freeze. I really would like to be able to have those villains in the movies. So obviously from that standpoint, fantasy elements are very important. Another reason this is important is the Justice League. Most of the Justice League and their villains are fantastical in nature, and since Batman is a part of the Justice League he is going to be dealing with fantastical elements there. It really would be stupid and make zero since if Batman was hyper “realistic” in his own series, but dealt with fantasy elements in the Justice League. There would be a really awkward disconnect there. Fantasy elements are a must here.

2. Batman is the World’s Greatest Detective and is Extremely Intelligent, and it Needs to Show

This is one thing that the Nolan movies really screwed the pooch on. At no point in any of those movies did Batman seem like the World’s Greatest Detective, or even a competent one. Even the little bits of detective work he did never seemed “detective-like.” So this is something that obviously needs to be improved in the reboot. One of Batman’s biggest strengths is his intelligence and detective skills. Often times this is how he beat foes like The Riddler, and also how he discovers who is behind something or what a villain’s plans are. He even a lot of times defeats physically superior foes like Killer Croc by just outsmarting them. It is a huge part of his character and is part of what makes him so great. I would really love to see him beat someone in large part due to his detective skills and intelligence, while obviously showing how he used his detective skills to figure it out. This needs to be a large part of his character in the reboot.

1. We Need Some New Villains. Also Some Already Used Villains Could Use Some Proper Treatment…

Batman has probably the largest and most diverse rogues galleries in all of comics. It is time that this is used to its fullest potential. I really would like to see some new villains used from this gallery. These include, but are not limited to, Black Mask, Clayface, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Hugo Strange, Hush, and Killer Croc. There are many others that I wouldn’t mind seeing, but these are the main ones I would like to see. Now I wouldn’t mind seeing some already villains coming back, even though I would prefer the new ones. The Joker is one of my favorite villains of all time and would be necessary for Harley Quinn to be in the mix. Scarecrow would be okay to come back as more of a main villain. There are also some villains who have showed up before, but got the shaft and deserve some better treatment. Poison Ivy, The Riddler, and Mr. Freeze really got screwed and deserve to get another chance in the movies, especially Freeze. I would love to see Mr. Freeze again with a back story like the one he had on “Batman: The Animated Series.” Also I would be cool with Penguin getting another shot, but a little more faithful to the source material this time. Two-Face done right as a main villain would be okay too (he was done well in “The Dark Knight”, but didn’t have enough screen time). To me this category is the most important thing that needs to be done in the Batman reboot.

So that is my list of what I would like to see in the Batman reboot. What do you guys think? Are these things you would like to see? What else would you like to see? Please comment below.
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Durf - 9/12/2012, 4:26 PM
@Joker: I agree that they don't necessarily have to do cameos or post credits, I just want them to do something to connect them.

Thanks for commenting sir
Durf - 9/12/2012, 4:26 PM
@53: noice
Durf - 9/12/2012, 4:32 PM
That actually could work Joker. I really like that. It definitely connects without blantantly "ripping off" Marvel. Props
jjk2814 - 9/12/2012, 4:34 PM
I agree with the fundamental points of this article. Mostly the inclusion of Robin, Batgirl, and this inclusion of more 'comicbook-y" elements
CharlesLord - 9/12/2012, 4:56 PM
Awesome job Durf. Mob Boss Two Face FTW
Durf - 9/12/2012, 5:01 PM
Yeah Two Face as the badass mob boss is what i want to see

@Kamen: yeah that would be sick dude!
marvel72 - 9/12/2012, 5:02 PM
i would like to see a more comic book costume unlike nolan's body armour.

maybe introduce robin but he needs to become nightwing soon as possible because i can't stand robin,i feel the same way about bucky.they only became cool when they became nightwing & winter soldier.

i agree with everything else you said.
Durf - 9/12/2012, 5:08 PM
@72: thanks bro. Yeah the costume is one of the things I thought about putting in. If this had been a top 10, it would have been in here for sure.

I think the Nightwing thing would be pretty cool too
Ghostfire - 9/12/2012, 5:09 PM
Although the nolan trilogy was a great take on Batman, these aspects are what could've made the trilogy perfect.

For the reboot, these aspects are needed, bad. The trilogy failed to show the world's greatest detective, the shared universe, and most importantly the fantasy aspect that makes the bats mytho's so awesome. Believe when I say if, they fail to include any of these in the reboot, as much as it hurts me, I'm done with any live action Batman film.

Great job Durffy! Keep it up!
Durf - 9/12/2012, 5:16 PM
@Ghost: Thanks bro. I totally agree...and..um..what?
Tainted87 - 9/12/2012, 5:25 PM
Here's my problem... the solo movies.

Why can't we have movies that feature a whole bunch of characters, hmmm? I mean what is really stopping non-fans and non-readers from enjoying a movie that doesn't focus on ONE character, and makes an effort to move FORWARD in a story, similar to the way the rest of the world doesn't get put on hold because a hero is having a crisis of conscience and long period of discernment?

Identity Crisis reintroduced Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man. Didn't make him a cool character - just made him a superhero whose wife was murdered by a psychopath. You really don't need a whole lot of backstory on characters like them, and hell, if the viewer really wants to know about Deathstroke, then s/he can pick up the comics.

I want a story where Batman is involved, just like everyone else. Where Brainiac, Metallo, and Bizarro aren't simply concerned with Metropolis. Where Mongul just so happens to eradicate Coast City, not because he cared about Hal. Where Grodd couldn't give a damn about the Flash, and Merlyn's dealings weren't only stopped by Green Arrow.

I don't want a Batman reboot.
soberchimera - 9/12/2012, 5:32 PM
Hugo Strange as the villain in the next film, he was awesome in Arkham City. But focus more on him trying to take Batman's place.
nowtheresaBATman - 9/12/2012, 5:40 PM
No Robin. No Batgirl.
Ranger14 - 9/12/2012, 5:47 PM
I agree pretty much with everything, though I'm somewhat on the fence with Robin and Batgirl. If it is done well, yes. I guess that should go without saying, but...yeah.
InFamouslyCool - 9/12/2012, 5:49 PM
He wants to see some corny ass robin and batgirl. LOL
ThatOneDude - 9/12/2012, 5:50 PM
HUSH... and make it a two part!!
themayer88 - 9/12/2012, 5:51 PM
YES YES YES. All great ideas. Great article friend
silverdog - 9/12/2012, 5:51 PM
agree with all, specially with having the bat-family. no matter how smart or tough he his, batman can't be everywhere at the same time. having some of his agents can work for more complex stories and bigger threats to gotham. and please.. no bombs in the reboot.
90caliber - 9/12/2012, 5:54 PM
I agree that Robin shouldn't be a child, but they don't have to change Robin's story so drastically. He can still be adopted by Bruce at a young age and just not become Robin until he's older. That would have even worked in Nolans stories. If Bruce had adopted a 13-16 yr old Dick Grayson in TDK we could have got a real Robin/Nightwing 8 yrs later in TDKR
Spidey91 - 9/12/2012, 5:56 PM
no more Batman for a while please.
c'mon DC,give me some Flash,f*cking Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man are going to have a movie before the Flash.
koolaidbag - 9/12/2012, 5:57 PM
My thoughts are d.c. needs to just adapt the arkham series......
Durf - 9/12/2012, 6:05 PM
@Nomis: Your reading comprehension is awesome!

5. Ok, your point is? I guess your saying that there should be no Justice League because we might have to mention some other cities, and that is EXACTLY like Batman Forever. Cool, I guess...

4. How does wanting an older Robin and Batgirl have anything to do with that? Also "It should do fine against cats." "It was a big dog." "I got to get me one of those." Yes, fine work by sir Nolan there.

3. Um, yeah I said I want to have those characters done again, but CORRECTLY and NOTHING like that. But, yeah good call

2. Yeah, but that is not what I am talking about. I want him to actual detective work. You know with forensics, fingerprints, and etc. You know, like what the World's Greatest Detective would do!

1. That explains it: You think Nolan is the only person who can do Batman
batmanmovie2012 - 9/12/2012, 6:06 PM
agree on all but number 5.
Durf - 9/12/2012, 6:10 PM
@InfamouslyCool: I guess if that is corny, then yes I guess. I meant it more as just an older Robin and Batgirl, but the story would probably be better than mine. I'm not a screenwriter, if I was I wouldn't have to write this editorial here.

@90caliber: Yeah the story might be a little too drastically changed, but I wrote that part more for a way to make the age change. I just didn't want a 9 or 10 yr old Robin/Batgirl. It just comes off a little Pedo-Bear ish

@Spidey91: I agree, but we will be getting a Batman reboot soon I fear

@koolaid: That would be cool
SFCamerica - 9/12/2012, 6:11 PM
These changes/additions are a must and would be "dope".
SFCamerica - 9/12/2012, 6:14 PM
How Nomis gets that from your article Durf is beyond me. Get your tongue out of Nolan's crack, he didn't even make "Batman" movies.
MaxFaraday - 9/12/2012, 6:17 PM
I disagree with your #2 point: Batman/Bruce Wayne was shown as quite a bad ass in the detective field, especially in The Dark Knight. Taking a piece out of a wall and analyzing bullet fracture patterns to find the finger print that pushed the original bullet in? Sounds pretty "world's greatest detective" to me. Let's not forget the scene where Harvey is threatening a crazy for information and Batman already knows who he is. Uhh, you think he just made it up? I believe he had to do some detective work for that. Getting info on the city cops to see who might not be trust worthy in a car with that one guy. Kinda detective-y.

Remember, Michael Keaton's Batman looked at newspaper clippings while eating cold soup.
Durf - 9/12/2012, 6:17 PM
@SF: Not sure how anyone can get that from my article. lol
Durf - 9/12/2012, 6:19 PM
@Max: Point well seen. I think I would just like to see more of it because it just really wasn't consistent in the Nolan movies. He did almost zero detective work in the other 2 movies. That is all I was getting at.

lol, @Keaton's Batman
TheOneAboveAll - 9/12/2012, 6:25 PM
What I would do is just adapt Arkham Asylum with Kevin Conroy as the Joker and mArkhamil do a dub of his voice. I would include a cameo of John Jones (Martian Manhunter) but not a visual one, just a side mention from Harvey Bullock mentioning that Detective John Jones is taking care of the Riddler case while Batman is stuck in Arkham. I would take out Poison Ivy and Killer Croc from the story but leave everything else, as it would give much more emphasis to the actual plot and his detective work back at his mini Batcave trying to figure out Joker's plan etc.
Durf - 9/12/2012, 6:28 PM
@Peter: agreed. They really need to fix that

@Kamen: lol

@TheOneAboveAll: I would be cool with an Arkham Asylum adaptation
Ghostfire - 9/12/2012, 6:29 PM
Can't you see that some people just want a Batman with a Who intro.. Jeez have some courtesy dammit!
Durf - 9/12/2012, 6:33 PM
@Ghost and @Steve: lol, nice work
LOL - 9/12/2012, 6:36 PM
Nolan didn't have Batman's Detective persona down pat in terms of consistency... more than half of the time, he had Lucius use the gizmos and was basically more gadget oriented, too heavily dependent on them than the Batman in the comics that can pretty much track shit ala Sherlock Holmes and not relying too much on gadgetry all the time. That's what let me down for the most part on Nolan's Bat trilogy... it was just a guy wearing a Batsuit saying dialogue in a throat cancer voice. The voice always jars me out of the damn scene, and I can't take him seriously whenever he uses it. Bale's a great actor (method or otherwise), and while the movie trilogy was OK for the most part, that voice REALLY annoys the hell out of me. And that crack in the 3rd movie when he asked about the stupid chanting WEEKS after hearing it regularly made me facepalm at what should have been obvious in the first place.

@Noomis, those comment of yours alone means you haven't understood/read the actual comics since the inception of Batman in DC if all you're touting about is another rehash of Nolan's unBatman Batman.
Ghostfire - 9/12/2012, 6:36 PM
Some people just want this...
googleplex - 9/12/2012, 6:36 PM
great article man. but i have an issue with your point about his detective skills. personally i'm tired of people saying he doesn't use his detective skills. he finds the shooter of those two guys with a shattered bullet, discovers the identity of catwoman (which should be difficult considering she's a master thief in this continuity) and created a plan to seize mob funds with marked bills. sure it uses advanced technology and the bullet thing wouldn't work in real life but all detectives in real life use the best tech available and you can't complain about it being unrealistic when you just said you wanted more fantasy elements. also it's more than in pretty much any other batman movie both live action and animated.

also i was confused by the comment on wanting it fantasy based. doesn't that go without saying with the shared universe?

again great article but that was my own annoyance about what a lot of people complain about.
KingG - 9/12/2012, 6:41 PM
I agree with these statements, as amazing as the TDK trilogy was, they need to try provide more fantasitical aspects. And I wouldnt mind seeing other villains also.
paulyd3 - 9/12/2012, 6:42 PM
how about doing something balls out like close tot he comics - Batman Arkym Asylum or Sany corrolla Batman dead end and Worlds Finest.

how about having actors that can pysically opull it off like Marvel did with thor
Durf - 9/12/2012, 6:45 PM
@googleplex: I guess my big issues is the lack of consistency when it comes to the skills he uses. It just isn't consistent and not showcased THAT much.

The fantasy thing and the shared universe thing aren't necessarily the same. Some want JL AND a Nolan style Batman. That is the disconnect I was getting at.

Thanks for commenting bro and I completely understand your frustrations

@yoss: Thanks bro, and I totally agree
CPBuff22 - 9/12/2012, 6:45 PM
Five Things I want to See in a Batman reboot.

1. Robin and later Nightwing
2. Batgirl
3. A Batmobile that isn't a tank
4. Riddler
5. An Adam West Cameo
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