New GOTHAM Character Images Offer Up First Look At Barbara Kean And More

New GOTHAM Character Images Offer Up First Look At Barbara Kean And More

A new batch of character images have been released from Gotham, offering up a new look at Catwoman, Bruce Wayne, Sarah Essen, Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Barbara Kean, Fish Mooney, The Penguin, and Alfred the Butler. Check them out!

GOTHAM traces the rise of the great DC Comics Super-Villains and vigilantes, revealing an entirely new chapter that has never been told. From executive producer/writer Bruno Heller (“The Mentalist,” “Rome”) and starring Ben McKenzie (“Southland,” “The O.C.”), Jada Pinkett Smith (“Hawthorne,” “Collateral”) and Donal Logue (“Vikings,” “Sons of Anarchy”), GOTHAM follows one cop, destined for greatness, as he navigates a dangerously corrupt city teetering on the edge of evil, and chronicles the birth of one of the most popular super heroes of our time. GOTHAM will air Mondays (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) this fall on FOX. Pictured: (L-R) Robin Lord Taylor, Jada Pinkett Smith, guest star Cory Michael Smith, guest star Clare Foley, Donal Logue, Ben McKenzie, Camren Bicondova, David Mazouz and Sean Pertwee.

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MrSotoMan - 5/12/2014, 6:02 AM
Wow.....everything looks worse everyday....
SKOne - 5/12/2014, 6:04 AM
Yeah, lets keep complaining about a show everyday about a few publicity images and a trailer. I know what we need, another NCIS, Law & Order, or singing competition show.
SuperCat - 5/12/2014, 6:04 AM
LOL @ MrSotoMan. Doesn't look that bad. They look ok, I guess.
MrSotoMan - 5/12/2014, 6:07 AM
@SuperCat- Everything looks terrible, everything.

It is probably me, but why did they give Gordon this black over coat that obviously resembles a cape? I mean did you read that interview with the producer? He honestly doesn't give a shit about Batman, he just wanted to make a show about the city. He doesn't like Batman.

So yes, I think this show will be bad. When a producer states that they don't care for somewhat of their material they are given, it means a lot is going to change for creative liberties just for the sake of it.

I'm [frick]ing sure Gordon will be responsible for every Batman villain and Batman will just have to clean it all up in the future. No point, since Gordon should be Batman, I mean he has the raspy voice in the show and he is chasing down and beating up criminals left and right.
SuperCat - 5/12/2014, 6:11 AM
LOL! @ MrSotoMan

I'm still going to give it a chance. I'll watch 2 episodes before I decide if I'm gonna stick with the show or not.
Brainiac13 - 5/12/2014, 6:14 AM
I'm hoping the stories will be mind blowing.
Alfredo27 - 5/12/2014, 6:14 AM
actually Id be down for another Law and Order, if you dont like Law and Order SVU you aren't human
Brainiac13 - 5/12/2014, 6:14 AM

I'm still going to give it a chance. I'll watch 5 episodes before I decide if I'm gonna stick with the show or not.
jpeace4 - 5/12/2014, 6:17 AM
they do not sell brightly colored clothes in Gotham
Brainiac13 - 5/12/2014, 6:17 AM
Truth is......I always get to see them late....when their in the second/third season.

I'm still on Ep 15 of Arrow and still haven't seen any AoS. Just too damn busy! :(
QuestionDAnswer - 5/12/2014, 6:19 AM

I suggest you watch it first, and if they sh!t all over the Batman mythos, then you have my permission to complain.
Jollem - 5/12/2014, 6:20 AM
aos: take notes
MrSotoMan - 5/12/2014, 6:22 AM
@MarkOfTheDemon- I don't need your permission to complain, they already did shit on the Batman mythos.

MrSotoMan - 5/12/2014, 6:24 AM

Obvious shitting. What? HIS NOSE IS SIMILAR TO PENGUIN!
TelaVizion - 5/12/2014, 6:24 AM
Y'all already knew people wouldn't like this show. It only got made to be WB/DC's answer to S.H.I.E.L.D.

I think more people would accept it more if it was modern day. Still focused on the police of Gotham, but have Batman in the shadows. Interrupting a few cases here and there, and talking to Gordon hidden in the shadows. This way they could cast a no name actor to play Bats/Bruce. And the villains could be who they are, not who they once were.

FOX might give it a second season. We'll see.
J619SD - 5/12/2014, 6:25 AM
I think it looks bad personally. Relying way too much on Batman's Rogues to promote this thing. Looks like their version of Smallville, except we will never see Bruce/Batman do anything.
Doopie - 5/12/2014, 6:26 AM
it might be a horrible mess, i hope not. i don't think anything we've seen shows it to be shit yet though. the proof will be in the watching as with all these shows/movies
AlexanderLykins - 5/12/2014, 6:27 AM
It's before he let's himself go.
nibs - 5/12/2014, 6:29 AM
"actually Id be down for another Law and Order, if you dont like Law and Order SVU you aren't human"


you know that batman mythos you're so concerned with? turns out it's fictional
ProfessorX - 5/12/2014, 6:29 AM
Doesn't look anywhere near as good as Constantine, but I'll still give it a watch.
nibs - 5/12/2014, 6:31 AM
The penguin is played by comedian neil hamburger?

SuperDude001 - 5/12/2014, 6:33 AM
I really want this to do well, I've wanted a Gotham Cop show for years, but there only thing I think this show has going for it is the good production values. Apart from that I think it'll fail. CW quality actors from what I've seen, and wayyyyy to much use of Batman's villains too early on. I mean who is gonna be left when this 10 year old Bruce finally becomes Batman in his 30s?? The only one close to his age is [frick]ing Poison Ivy!? I mean...I could've understood if they just made villains known for being old pop up in an episode or a Season arc as a big villain, like Harvey Dent/Two Face or Penguin or Mr Freeze, but including the others and possibly more just makes the show seem desperate. They should've just had normal criminals, made it an actual normal detective show with a young Gordon, just focusing on his character development and then slowly brought in the weirder villains in one off episodes and whole season villains who are the big-bad behind the scenes.
Sighhhh I hope this turns out well.
QuestionDAnswer - 5/12/2014, 6:33 AM

I said "all over."
feedonatreefrog - 5/12/2014, 6:34 AM
How does a separate continuity sh*t over anything?

A Batman show will never be in the cards, so I'm glad that we have this and not ...nothing.
Berserker187 - 5/12/2014, 6:34 AM
Still not sure on this
QuestionDAnswer - 5/12/2014, 6:34 AM

I don't really mind if he's not short, and fat.
ProfessorX - 5/12/2014, 6:36 AM
I agree with TelaVizion that it should have been set in the present and had Batman in the shadows. It could have played on the differing perceptions of Batman, like in the "Have I Got a Story for You" Gotham Knight short.
skullboy - 5/12/2014, 6:37 AM
Don't like the fact Penguin's nose isn't long. That's something the CW network would pull off.
WelcomeBackFrank - 5/12/2014, 6:38 AM
So... is Essen the black chick or is she the blonde like she is in the comics? Also, if Gordon's wife is the black chick than wouldn't that mean they're changing Barbra's race too?
thing94 - 5/12/2014, 6:38 AM
I don't watch S.H.I.E.L.D and I'm sure as hell not watching this LOL
Badmuffin - 5/12/2014, 6:40 AM
Not even the pilot and someone is ready to shit on this show? Seriously guys, find a doctor...
I think that will be the "shit show" of Warner/DC as AOS it's been for Marvel/ABC and this is annoying. You are.
Let's give to Gotham a chance.

AOS revealed a great show, with time, give time to the Gotham City police dep.
Doopie - 5/12/2014, 6:40 AM
bruce arguably becomes batman the moment his parents are murdered. he might not know he'll dress like a bat and have a bat cave, but he knows what his mission is.

why can't it be the same for a few of the villains too? why can't we see their roots and journey in becoming who they turn out to be?
MrSotoMan - 5/12/2014, 6:41 AM
@nibs- You know this site that we talk about fiction? It is a site where we talk about fiction.

@AlexanderLykins- Yes, which is a horrid idea.

@MarkOfTheDemon- Thats what makes the character. I mean would you mind if Spider-Man is short and fat? Or John Constantine was a midget? Yes he is playing the character, but thats not him, or would you find it laughable?
shabat - 5/12/2014, 6:42 AM
I would prefer this focus more on crime families and corruption in the GCPD and MUCH less on Batman's villians...but I'm obviously still going to watch this (just like everyone else on the first night). Also, I'm curious to see Gordon's reasoning into obtaining his most endearing weapon, the mustache.
NeoBaggins - 5/12/2014, 6:45 AM
Lol dudes on here all angry about the show. You woud have thought people had been asking for a Batman show and got this instead. No one was asking for anything. No one asked for this show, so its a nice freebie and it doesnt ruin anything because it usnt attached to anything. And most of all, Batman is not reduced to the small screen.

Awesome idea. If its bad its bad. But people act like their ready to riot and shove rolled up comics uo their asses.
Marxman12 - 5/12/2014, 6:47 AM
I have a feeling this will end up like Birds of Prey but I'll give it a chance before it gets cancelled.
Doopie - 5/12/2014, 6:47 AM
does anyone know how tall the Robin Lord Taylor is? he doesn't look that tall and if this is set 10-15 years before lil brucie becomes Batman, who's to say he doesn't gain weight in that time??
pepe - 5/12/2014, 6:48 AM
Its...its... Awful
QuestiontheAnswer - 5/12/2014, 6:49 AM
Looks interesting. I'll definitely watch this.
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