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Comic Book Movie

Find out about Lex Luthor Jr.'s LexCorp at the company's website. Continue on for the URL. What do you think about Jessie Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor Jr. as opposed to Lex Luthor? Do you think there's an older, more imposing Lex Luthor running around the DCEU? - MarkJulian
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice photographer Clay Enos has taken to Twitter to reveal an amazing new shot of Ben Affleck suited up as Gotham City's Dark Knight, giving us a great look at the costume as the hero stands tall ready for action next to the Batmobile. Check it out! - JoshWilding
The latest installment of DC All Access features a great interview with Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice costume designer Michael Wilkinson, who discusses in detail his process while designing the Trinity's iconic suits and also shows off amazing concept art! Check it out! - KingPatel
New York Comic Con is just about ready to begin and people have already started to snap pictures of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice's setup, and the collectibles they have on display. To get your first look at Lex Luthor's figure, and more, click HERE! - NightWatcher
There are rumblings that we'll be getting a new poster for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this weekend during the New York Comic Con, and while we wait for that, a new photo shows an awesome display being assembled at the annual event. Hit the jump to check it out... - JoshWilding
Viral marketing for Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman kicked off earlier this week, with the spotlight placed on the film's villain, Lex Luthor. Today, it continues as New York Comic Con has teamed with none other than LexCorp for a special treat for fans attending the event. - UrichLeeds
It seems viral marketing for Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman has kicked off with a new look at Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) via a revealing faux interview with the character. There's plenty of interesting stuff - including a Kord Industries name drop! Take a look... - RorMachine
Revealing how his Lex Luthor will compare to Gene Hackman's portrayal from the classic Superman movies, if at all, Jesse Eisenberg talks here about reading the comics in preparation of Dawn of Justice, and why he's glad he didn't do so beforehand. Check it out after the jump! - DCMarvelFreshman
Marvel and Disney may need to get their act together when it comes to Black Widow merchandise, but it's become clear that there will be lots of Wonder Woman booty up for grabs next March! The latest is this incredible statue based on Gal Gadot's likeness in Batman v Superman... - JoshWilding
Well, you didn't expect it to be R-Rated, did you? The MPAA has officially classified Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as a PG-13 movie, but what did it do to earn that rating? Well, you can find out after the jump, though some of the reasons might just surprise you... - JoshWilding