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Comic Book Movie

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has racked up over 17 million views on Facebook alone since being officially released last night, and we take a closer look here at some of the most awesome moments in gif form. Did you spot that huge The Dark Knight Returns Easter Egg?
Early rumors pegged Brainiac as the villain of WB's Justice League movie but with Avengers: Age of Ultron, has that all changed? Will non comic book fans be able to tell the difference between Brainiac and Ultron?
Some BIG trailers came our way recently, and though our first look at Zack Snyder's follow up to Man Of Steel was really just a teaser, we thought it strong enough to go up against the second trailers for Ant-Man and The Force Awakens. Which did you like best?
A new photo from the set of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has surfaced and it reveals something major regarding the fate of one of the characters in the new DC Cinematic Universe. Check it out! WARNING! MAJOR SPOILERS!
The first Batman V Superman: Down of Justice trailer officially landing tells us a tonne about the 2016 blockbuster. So why not delve a little deeper by hitting the jump and taking a look at six things you maybe missed including a look at whether Batman kills anyone in this movie. Which he may.
After an unexpected leak, the official trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is finally here, and we've rounded up 25 of the most visually stunning and revealing moments from the epic first look at Zack Snyder's Batman movie. Is this Caped Crusader really a killer?!
Warner Bros. were left reeling after the first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice leaked online last night, so Zack Snyder has taken to Twitter to release the official HD version of this epic teaser for the highly anticipated 2016 movie. What are you waiting for? Check it out HERE!
The first teaser trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice leaked last night, but the response has been mixed. What is it about this first look at the movie which is ultimately so disappointing? Read on for my thoughts and to cast your vote on the divisive preview...
We know the trailer will screen in select IMAX theaters this coming Monday, but if you weren't lucky enough to secure a ticket we have details on when you'll be able to see that AND the first official one-sheet for Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice online.
The last 30 seconds or so of the first Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer appear to have leaked, along with a couple of screengrabs. As well as a very tense face off between the Caped Crusader and Man of Steel, we get to hear what seems to be Ben Affleck's growly Bat-voice...