Why SUPERMAN Movie Fans Have No Need to Worry

Why SUPERMAN Movie Fans Have No Need to Worry

Forbes writer, Mark Hughes explains why all Superman & DC fans should not be worried about the inclusion of other heroes in BATMAN v SUPERMAN:DOJ. Hit the Jump to see what he had to say.....

As we all know, Mark Hughes has been quite vocal with his opinions on Batman v Superman, In his latest article, he explains why all Man of Steel fans should not worry where WB's are taking the most iconic character in history.....

For months now, we've seen Superman fans asserting that Superman is being forgotten or pushed aside, that Warner appears to be abandoning Superman's franchise altogether, and that Superman's portrayal is suffering from lack of respect or faithfulness while headed toward even worse disrespect in the forms of mockery and beat-down at the hands of Batman.

The general conclusion these fans have reached is that Warner intends on turning Superman into a sort of patsy, with Batman being the dominant character and representing arguments "debunking" the ideals Superman stands for, in a series of nothing but team-up movies that essentially ignore Superman.

Warner knows that teaming up Superman with Batman in the next film and then having him star in Justice League means the Superman franchise is about to get a huge boost. If Thor can get a big enough boost after The Avengers to nearly match Superman's box office, and Captain America - a guy dressed up as an American flag and supposedly representing old fashioned ideals and moral sentiments - can end up surpassing Superman and almost everyone else at the box office in the aftermath of Marvel's shared-world post-Avengers marketing machine, how much do you think Warner assumes Superman will make after a Justice League boost?

Don't bother getting your calculator out, I'll just tell you the answer is "a lot." If Superman enjoyed the same sort of boost Thor received, that would put Superman's next lone outing at more than $950 million.

But even Superman only got half the God of Thunder's box office bump, that would still push Superman over the $800 million mark when flying solo. Realistically, though, it's likely that Superman would perform far better in the aftermath of the coming team-up films.

WB's may have a different plan to Marvel's successful franchise to include Team-Up movies which would allow them to introduce DC characters a lot faster than doing one character based films. DC fans would be more than happy to see more of their favorite characters on the big screen.

I would love to see a Flash/Green Lantern Team-Up movie as well as a Wonder Woman/Aquaman movie. Which ever way they decide, It's going to be....one hell of a ride.

So what do you think?

Which characters would you like to see in a Team-Up movie?

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GeoffJohns - 6/7/2014, 6:32 AM
Klone - 6/7/2014, 6:34 AM
I'm more worried about them making Superman an idiot and useless without his powers to glorify Batman, not really the financial stuff.
JasonBlue - 6/7/2014, 6:34 AM
MrReese - 6/7/2014, 6:38 AM
I believe in Snyder.
McNyagano - 6/7/2014, 6:39 AM
Re-writing another editorial on MOS after rewatching it again. I feel I was a bit harsh on the film. It should be up next week. Good find man:)
MightyZeus - 6/7/2014, 6:42 AM
I was not worried about Superman. I am however worried about the casting and the characterization of Lex Luthor, Batman & Wonder Woman.
Vegeta - 6/7/2014, 6:43 AM
ReeferInferno - 6/7/2014, 6:43 AM
Sure they've already said they're going to fight so it would be pointless unless they find some bs way to have batman win. I really wish they got rid of frickin Snyder.
shabat - 6/7/2014, 6:44 AM
Good stuff. Can't wait for Monday!!!
ReeferInferno - 6/7/2014, 6:44 AM
And I'm worried that this will feel like an Iron Man 2 or Amazing Spiderman 2 where it's really just set up for the next movie.
MexicanSexyman - 6/7/2014, 6:45 AM
@shabat, what do you think the reveal will be?
Nubase - 6/7/2014, 6:46 AM
there is no way that superman will be cast aside by batman, that why this batman is the 8 year veteran, he has had his battles in gotham city so we will not see his origins, his past in this DCCU, perhaps we will see glimpses of his past if anything thing happens in gotham but superman is very much the focal point in this universe, WB/DC would not have gone to all the trouble in making MOS.

The only differnace is that they are creating the universe in another way, they are basing it on the fact that batman, wonder women are already on earth before superman showed up and his arrival has made them aware and intrigued, it also alerts lex luthor and also will alert cosmics threats like darksied and doomsday.

They are using the same formula are the Harry Potter movies, each movie will have its own villian, story but in the background the bigger threat is growing so will the justice league, don't worry superman will be the star of the DCCU.
MercwithMouth - 6/7/2014, 6:46 AM
If WB wants the next Superman solo to make more money...they need simply make a better movie.
ReeferInferno - 6/7/2014, 6:47 AM
And I'll say this as well, the more I try to watch MoS, the more I hate it, I swear most people who like it just enjoy the fact that we see Superman punching people really hard, but whatever.
Vegeta - 6/7/2014, 6:49 AM
MrReese - 6/7/2014, 7:02 AM

MercwithMouth - 6/7/2014, 7:03 AM
Oh, and incase @yoss is lurkin today... This one's for you buddy!

And there's more of that comin in a couple hours...
Klone - 6/7/2014, 7:04 AM
Opinion: If they failed badly in regards to Superman in the last film... then how will they do with WW... and all the rumors point to Snyder literally wanting to emulate a fictionalized version of Zuckerberg.
SuperCat - 6/7/2014, 7:06 AM
DrunkenNukem - 6/7/2014, 7:07 AM
The movie is in good hands...with really talented people...

Im not worried
AlexanderLykins - 6/7/2014, 7:08 AM
It'll be interesting to see what stories we get. We haven't seen villains besides General Zod and Lex Luthor. It'll be nice to see something fresh for once.
SuperCat - 6/7/2014, 7:12 AM
"Man is Steel" is still my all-time favorite CBM. I know. F*ck me, right?
SuperCat - 6/7/2014, 7:16 AM
Lol!! @0mega
billnye69 - 6/7/2014, 7:16 AM
I think it would confuse a lot of non-comic readers if after watching how powerful Superman is in MOS to get beat up by a normal human. People would be like.......O_o

Superman throws sonic-boom punches.
Batman throws whimpy human punches.
MercwithMouth - 6/7/2014, 7:17 AM

Don't worry...not everyone picks Avengers! Mine's Blade II... I get a lot of shit for it.
DrunkenNukem - 6/7/2014, 7:19 AM
@Merc..well not from me....thats one of my favorites as well...

I take Blade over Avengers or TDK, Dark Knight Rises any day..

If anyone doesn´t like...well i dont care
DrunkenNukem - 6/7/2014, 7:19 AM

@MAK..is coming for ya! lol
SuperCat - 6/7/2014, 7:22 AM
@ Merc

Love "Blade." Gotta say Cap 2 is my second favorite.

@ nukem

I knew a thread beat down was coming with that statement. Lol.
MercwithMouth - 6/7/2014, 7:25 AM
@Nukem @SuperCat

MercwithMouth - 6/7/2014, 7:27 AM
And MAK sittin there reading that MoS is your favorite...

SuperCat - 6/7/2014, 7:29 AM
Cheers to you too, @ Merc and @ Nukem!
DrunkenNukem - 6/7/2014, 7:30 AM
I remember the 1st time i saw Blade 2 on the theater..so badass..i wanted to chop someone´s head off....my school teacher´s head...
MercwithMouth - 6/7/2014, 7:31 AM

MercwithMouth - 6/7/2014, 7:33 AM

Sadly, when Blade II came out I wasn't really into the whole theatre experience. But the first time I saw it, I wanted to be Nomak. He will likely go down as my favorite villain ever.
DrunkenNukem - 6/7/2014, 7:33 AM

DrunkenNukem - 6/7/2014, 7:34 AM
@Merc...Nomak its [frick]ing creepy

MercwithMouth - 6/7/2014, 7:39 AM

I love Luke Goss. He's a beast. He was great is Prince Nuada in Hellboy 2 as well. He's my pick for Piccolo if they ever make another Dragonball movie.
DrunkenNukem - 6/7/2014, 7:44 AM
ohhh....he is the same guy from Hellboy 2?...i had no idea..

Akirta Toriyama should be involved in a Dragon Ball movie...
DrunkenNukem - 6/7/2014, 7:45 AM
*Akira Toriyama
DrunkenNukem - 6/7/2014, 7:46 AM
@0mega...Spidey vs Doc Ock fights were so great...

My favorite is the one that leads to the train scene
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