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The official teaser for a certain blockbuster instantly made headlines as soon as it was recently launched. With so much hype surrounding the trailer, one must ask: Was it worth the wait? - Darkknight2149
New Civil War trailer! F**k Yeah!!! - SpaceBar2000
The first Captain America: Civil War trailer tells us a lot more about the next long awaited Marvel project, with the inclusion of all sorts of Easter Eggs and perhaps even a Ms. Marvel nod. So why not delve a little deeper by taking a look at some things you may have missed... - MrSundayMovies
Every step, every turn they face a criticism. Why? - YafiszKhan
Check out a preview of Titans Hunt, issue number 2 from the creative team of Dan Abnett, Stephen Segovia, Hi-Fi and Paulo Siqueira. Can Nightwing get to the bottom of the mystery centering around Garth and the secret history of the Teen Titans? - MarkJulian
The Jessica Jones Netflix series is packed with Easter Eggs and References to Marvel Comics and the extended MCU in general. Hit the jump for a look at connections to other heroes and villains, comics, story lines and of course the appearance of Stan Lee himself. - MrSundayMovies
Livewire arrives on the scene as Supergirl bonds with Cat Grant. Does the show's mediocrity continue? - Darkknight2149
'Cause it's gonna be the future soon. - Quick1029
Marvel has released a first look at Kieron Gillen, Jason Aaron, and Salvador Larroca's Darth Vader #13 as "Vader Down" continues! The Rebels have the Sith Lord surrounded, but they're going to regret that decision in an explosive way as you can see after the jump... - JoshWilding
If anyone makes a "Chill" joke, you will have to suffer my wrath. - Quick1029
In the world of the Comic TV Universe, there are people we love and people we would luv to love and then there are people you just want to kill. Who would you choose? Follow the jump to see the choices. - IllBeatUTwo
The miniseries event of Dark Knight 3, releasing in less than a week, won't actually end Frank Miller's Dark Knight episodes. While it remains in development for now, Miller has some interesting words to say about his desire for new stories with his Batman. - Batarmor
Marvel has today released a new look inside Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat #1, the highly anticipated new series from Kate Leth (Adventure Time) and Brittney Williams (Lumberjanes)! Talk about perfect timing what with Jessica Jones hitting Netflix today, eh? - JoshWilding
Marvel has broken numerous film records, so it was only a matter of time before they decided to enter TV - Quick1029
I think you all know what happended here. BUT YOU WILL READ THIS ANYWAY! - Quick1029
Marvel and Chris 2 are back, along with newcomer Chris 3. - Quick1029
Thor: Raganarok has found its mane competition with the announcement that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will release on November 3, 2017. - blackandyellow
What is the most intimate score, according to me, from a comic book movie and the four next to it? - YafiszKhan
A fancast for a Netflix series based on Jersey City's resident Inhuman Kamala Khan. - UltimateCookie
You read right. There is now a new SHAZAM in the latest issue of Justice League: The Darkseid War (SHAZAM) and it changes everything you thought you knew about the hero and what gave him his powers. Check it out! - Kr08
Marvel and writer James Robinson have come right out and spoiled a massive death from the first issue of Squadron Supreme, which will be hitting shelves this December. If you've been following the events of Secret Wars, you might well guess which "hero" goes down... - RorMachine
After checking out Perception's work for Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, I decided to do some digging, and I came across some very awesome designs, and graphic reels from various films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! For those interested, hit the jump to check them out! - NightWatcher
Well, Phase Two has finally started and the reactions range from great to mixed. - Quick1029
Ladies & Gentlemen, the impossible has been made possible - Quick1029
Reactron and Maxwell Lord make their debut as Supergirl struggles to differentiate herself from her more iconic cousin. Does this week's episode improve upon the flaws of what has come before? - Darkknight2149