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Magneto is not the father of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, and they're not mutants! So, just what are they exactly? In this first look at Rick Remender and Daniel Acuna's Uncanny Avengers #3, we get to see "The Twins" from Avengers: Age of Ultron attempt to find out...
BATMAN: Arkham Knight
With the days to the release of Batman: Arkham Knight counting down. Its obvious that more news will be revealed. We all have seen what Red Hood looks like in the new Batman Arkham game and what his toy collectible looks like from a picture taken months ago. With the DLC pre-order pack revealed by Gamestop, we know that Red Hood has his own playable side story. Check out what else has been revealed!
A continuation of a previous article that I had submitted. It doesn't quite cover all the characters from the comic series, but it does touch on all the major players. Here's part two of Attack on Titan.
This April, the silent Inhuman king rises from the ashes. Thought you knew Black Bolt? Think again! Prepare for Uncanny Inhumans #0, the epic prelude to a brand new ongoing series from the chart-topping Death of Wolverine creative team of Charles Soule and Steve McNiven...
The CW Have released a new video interview with iZombie exectuive producers Rob Thomas & Diane Ruggiero-Wright taking us inside Tuesday's new episode, The Exterminator, along with a new from the same episode. Take the jump to check it out!
Lately, I've been hearing a lot about how the trolling operation between Marvel and DC fanboys differ. Apparently one side is hypocritical and the other isn't. Let's figure out if there is any truth to that.
Shots will be fired and shields will be thrown, but only one man will come out of this battle the victor! Who will it be? The hardcore vigilante or the Captain? Hit the jump to check out the first few explosive pages of the fight!
Former Thunderbolts member The Ghost has returned, but in this first look at Amazing Spider-Man #17, Peter Parker is much busier worrying about how he's going to break the news to Aunt May that he's no longer in a relationship with Doctor Octopus' girlfriend, Anna Maria...
The latest Star Wars comic book from Marvel is Kanan - The Last Padawan, a series which explores the past of Star Wars Rebels' lead character when he was a youngster. In this first look at issue #1, we see him fighting during the Clone Wars. Hit the jump to check it out!
Earlier on Marvel unveiled the rest of their All-New, All-Different Avengers, and now we have the full roster of characters that'll be making up Charles Soule's new Inhumans series. It seems Fantastic Four's Johnny Storm/Human Torch has found a new family...
DC has release the first look at the cities involved in their upcoming event Convergence. Among the location involved are cities from the popular video game Injustcie: Gods Among Us, and Mark Waid's Kingdom Come. UPDATE: DC has released a trailer for the upcoming event.
Marvel has officially unveiled the final three members of their new Avengers roster, as well as the creative team that'll be working on the series this May. Joining Ms. Marvel, The Vision, Nova, and Thor will be "an" Iron Man and... well, you'll have to click on to find out!
In this article I list three crossovers in Television I would love to see. Hope you enjoy!
Fans of 80's pop culture Rejoice, as the acclaimed Sci-Fi epic novel Ready Player One which is filled with 80's references written by Ernest Cline, has found its directer and it's none other than Steven Spielberg. Click for more details...
The dead will rise again, thanks to the three new Ultimate Night of the Living Dead comics from Double Take set in the 1968 film universe. Get your first glimpse at the new comics and find out who will be breathing new life into the classic horror franchise!
Legendary offers us our first look at Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift. They're also launching two original titles, including their first female action hero and two original graphic novels that are taking Michael Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat and Krampus from the screen to the printed page!
Following yesterday's cover reveal, Marvel has unveiled another couple of members of their new Avengers team. The Vision is one (as you can see from the thumbnail), but click on to find out who the other is. Did you guess correctly? 3 more to go...
A little while back we got four NYC-themed variant covers for "Ant-Man", and three other comic series. Now, it seems as though Marvel wants to keep that trend going with the release of four new NYC-themed variant covers! Hit the jump to check them out!
First Round. 64 Baddies Battle it Out!
March Madness invades the MCU.
Vote and decide the 2015 MCU Tournament Champion.
Though the creative team and five members of the roster still remain a mystery, we have our first look at the cover to the debut issue of Marvel's new Avengers title, which will be available on May's Free Comic Book Day. Captain Marvel & Thor lead the charge...
This week The Weekly Planet team are all about the best Spider-man stories of all time. Plus we get into DC's Batgirl cover, the reveal of the Reverse Flash, Justice League news and a Star Wars: The Force Awakens exclusive! Hit the jump to support the show.
Given his rise to prominence with films such as Saw, The Conjuring, and more recently, Fast & Furious 7, would talented director James Wan be up for helming a DC Comics movie? Hit to jump to find out!
I posted a similar article to this a while back, but I've decided I am going to re-do it more thoroughly this time. Here's a fan-cast based on the hit manga/anime series Attack on Titan!