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In this first look at Gerry Conway's ("The Death of Gwen Stacy") Amazing Spider-Man #17.1, Hammerhead and the Hobgoblin plot to take over New York City's gangs, but there's one person who obviously has a real problem with that; Spider-Man! Hit the jump to check it out...
Speaking at the recent Cape Comic Con, John Wesley Shipp might have revealed the official title of the upcoming spinoff. Could it be the one The CW ends up using?
Not too long ago, WB revealed the slate for their DC Cinematic Universe. I've thought A LOT about this and have gathered ideas and opinions in my head since then. As a result of that, I want to get these ideas out somewhere and decided to do it here on Hit the jump to see what's been going on in my mind for the past few weeks.
With the ongoing DC vs MARVEL debate amongst fans of both companies on who is better at in a specific field, I have compiled scores to determine the winner.
Curious about what adventures Earth's Mightiest Heroes embarked on between Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron? Well, you can find out here, as Hawkeye flies the team into battle against a whole wave of HYDRA agents! Hit the jump to check it out...
The first full-length trailer of the upcoming Fantastic Four adaptation is coming soon. Check it out.
DC Comics has just announced that each comic they release in the month of July will include a Teen Titans Go! themed variant cover. Hit the jump to check out the first Teen Titans Go themed covers for Batman #42 by Dan Hipp, Harley Quinn #18 by Ben Caldwell and two more!
In the first installment of "What Did I Just See?" I give my reaction to the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, as well as speculate about a few apparent and not so apparent images and lines in the trailer. If you love DC and Batman as much as I do, I'm sure you have some thoughts too. Let's see how similar we are...
Listen to Marvel's former president have a laugh at their rival's cinematic plans, and him talking about one of his original creations coming home, and their original plans for DAREDEVIL.
Another potential Marvel television series may be in development! It has been revealed that Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley (12 Years a Slave) has closed a deal with Marvel to help adapt a new superhero property! Come check it out!
Round 3 of the ComicBookMovie march-madness. Click the jump to see the winners and losers of the second round, and cast your votes for the winners of the second round.
My take on an adaptation of The Ultimate Spider-Man Comic Books!
The actress announced as Elizabeth Bradddock uploaded a hot new photo on her account which seems to be her costume in the upcoming X-Men movie. Athough a bit weird, it seems FOX is changing its own tide. Hit the jump to see it!
The final issue of Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman's Thor hits shelves next month, and promises to reveal the true identity of the new Goddess of Thunder. While this preview doesn't tease that, it does feature Thor, Angela, Scarlet Witch and go head-to-head with the Destroyer.
Within the past few months, I've noticed a slight pattern that has been practiced involving some pretty major spoilers on the site that I hope doesn't become a usual thing on the site; this site is a very useful and informative site, but this pattern could become a potential problem for the viewing experience of others.
Round 2 of the ComicBookMovie march-madness. Click the jump to see the winners and losers of the first round, and cast your votes for the winners of the second round.
Hello Kinghulk back again with a new Editorial, this time with details of my plans for what was planned to be an Online Alternate Universe that us fans would post on CBM that never came to full fruition.
With Avengers: Age of Ultron right around the corner, many fans have been wondering just how much of the original cast we will be seeing in the future sequels. Chris Hemsworth himself reveals that he's contracted for 3 more films and seemingly confirms that he's in both Infinity War movies. Hit the jump for more info...
Jonathan Hickman has been building up to Marvel's earth-shattering event for years now, and Secret Wars will finally kick off on Free Comic Book Day next month. Hit the jump to check out a preview of the zero issue, which will be available for free on the first Saturday in May.
There isn't much known about the the Arkham Knight and what his role will be in Rocksteady's upcoming video game, but now a new tie-in comic is set to explore the villains mysterious past. Hit the jump to check it out.
A page from DC's upcoming Free Comic Book Day offering, "Divergence", has leaked online; and it reveals the identity of the mech-suited Dark Knight that will be featured in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's post-ConvergenceBatman comic. Click on once you're okay with major SPOILERS...
The latest Ant-man trailer tells us a lot more about the last movie in Marvel's Phase 2. So why not delve a little deeper by hitting the jump and taking a look at six things you maybe missed from what could very well be one of the biggest films of the year.
This week The Weekly Planet team are all about Daredevil on Netflix. Plus, we get into details of Marvel's plans for casting a new Spider-Man, Aquaman's potential director, David Ayer's Suicide Squad and more! Hit the jump to support the show.
The upcoming Secret Wars event promises to shake up the fabric of the Marvel Comics universe, and one of these new variant covers for issue #1 teases a Battleworld smackdown of epic proportions as old and new incarnations of some top characters face-off. Click on to check 'em out...