CBM's Public Square

Our site's liberal "Free Speech" policy, unfortunately, allows for a LOT of negative shenanigans. So we've resurrected the "Public Square" with a unique automated reporting system to combat trolls and identify inappropriate comments needing deletion. Here you will find our "Hall of Shame," where abusers are labeled for bad behavior. To get out of the hall of shame you must go un-reported for a period of time. If you find yourself here a lot you are at serious risk of being disabled.

Abuse Labels and Their Meanings:
Annoying Wanker - Whiners, Firsters, Spammers, Crybabies, Tattletales.
Crazy Psycho - Nutjobs and Crazies.
Mean Bully - Namecalling, Insults, Threats, Racism, etc.
Perverted Weirdo - Crude Language, Lewd images.
Troublemaker Troll - Inciters, Impersonators, System Gamers, Revenge Reporters.

PLEASE NOTE: Only report offensive comments (or chat) as described by the descriptions above. Do NOT report persons for having a differing OPINION!!! Users who abuse this system will also be disabled.

The Hall of Shame

Perverted Weirdo (19) , Troublemaker Troll (5) , Annoying Wanker (3) , Mean Bully (2)
29 Total Reports
(15 Comments, 0 Chat)
Last Report: 9/2/2014
Perverted Weirdo (5) , Mean Bully (4)
9 Total Reports
(8 Comments, 0 Chat)
Last Report: 9/1/2014