Daredevil Release Date: February 14, 2003 - 20th Century Fox
Blinded by toxic waste when he was a young boy, Matt Murdock's (Ben Affleck) remaining senses are enhanced to an amazing degree. A lawyer by day, he fights crime at night as "Daredevil" -- dealing out out justice to those who have escaped the judicial system.
While speaking to reporters at the Theory of Everything premiere in New York last night, the actor who'll bring the Man Without Fear to Netflix spoke about Marvel's dark vision for the show, as well as Matt Murdock's addiction to fighting crime.
We brought you a written recap of the Daredevil panel at the New York Comic-Con this past Saturday, but now you can watch it in full - minus the footage which was shown of course - with plenty of new details revealed we previously hadn't covered courtesy of the cast and crew.
Though it's not official, the PlayStation 3 version of Netflix has a premiere date listed for Marvel's Daredevil, and it's a lot closer to the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron than you may have suspected. Will we see a tie-in of some sort between the two? Read on for details!
In the final piece of Daredevil news from this year's New York Comic Con, we have plenty of details on the Marvel and Netflix series, including the characterisation of Matt Murdock and The Kingpin, casting for the other shows, and how it will all play out like a 13-hour movie...
Two extremely lengthy and in-depth descriptions of the Daredevil footage have found their way online, giving us a much better idea of the fight scenes, the Man Without Fear's costume, and plenty of information on The Kingpin, Matt Murdock, the tone, and much, much more!
The actors who play Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, Ben Urich, The Kingpin, The Owl, Vanessa Fisk and Wesley all talk here about their roles in the highly anticipated Netflix series, revealing some intriguing new details about their characters and the 13-part Marvel TV series.
We've had concept art and casting news, but Marvel have now released two official images from Netflix's upcoming Daredevil series! Featuring our first look at Charlie Cox (Boardwalk Empire) as both Matt Murdock and fully suited up as the Man Without Fear! Check it out...
There had been a lot of speculation surrounding who Rosario Dawson would be playing in Daredevil, with suggestions ranging from Elektra to White Tiger. However, we now know that she will in fact star as Claire Temple, a character strongly hinted to be the MCU version of Night Nurse...
Scenes from Daredevil have been shown off at the New York Comic Con moments ago, and you can read a description right here! Meanwhile, a number of new characters have been added to the Netflix series, with the actors playing Ben Urich, The Owl and Vanessa Fisk all announced...
Misunderstood and underrated, but with light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a new television show, TheDarkKryptonian explains why Daredevil is not only one of his favorite characters, but one of the greatest characters ever written.
The first official photo lands in roughly three hours time, but Marvel have now revealed a piece of concept art - clearly paying homage to Frank Miller - from their upcoming Netflix series starring Daredevil and it appears as if Matt Murdock won't be wearing his classic outfit. Check it out!
The Daredevil panel is gearing up at York Comic Con, and they're bound to release some exciting first-looks from the upcoming Marvel series. But in anticipation of that, the official page has launched over at Netflix, with a brief synopsis and an updated version of the series' logo.
Netflix has hired John Paesano to score the soundtrack to their upcoming Marvel series, Daredevil. He recently scored The Maze Runner. Come share your thoughts.
Marvel have revealed which cast members from Netflix's Daredevil are coming to this year's NYCC and confirm that they will be signing a piece of concept art by Joe Quesada, guaranteeing we'll get a first look at the suit. The title card for the series has also been revealed...
Marvel's television executive Jeph Loeb discussed the upcoming Netflix Daredevil television series and reassured fans it would avoid the mistakes that the feature film made.
In yet another sign that the upcoming Netflix series will be sticking closely to Frank Miller's critically acclaimed comic book run, Marvel have today announced that The Hunt For Red October's Scott Glenn has been cast as Stick, the Man Without Fear's mentor. Read on for details!
Daredevil showrunner Steven S. DeKnight discusses his take on the Man Without Fear ("He’s literally one bad day away from becoming the The Punisher"), praises the cinematographer, reveals Netflix's role in developing the series, teases plans for season two if it should happen, and much more!
Marvel have been shooting Daredevil in New York for some time now, but we've yet to see an official still or so much as a glimpse of Charlie Cox (Boardwalk Empire) in full costume as the Man Without Fear. Well, a first look sounds like it's now very close as the show is coming to NYCC '14...
Today's edition | Danny McBride as Lobo?!?Blood, violence and swearing in Marvel's Daredevil Netflix series. Superhero movies and the 2014 summer box office. How much longer will The Walking Dead comic continue?
Vincent D’Onofrio starred in Men In Black and Full Metal Jacket, and his next venture is Marvel's upcoming Netflix television series, Daredevil. In a recent chat with Mens Journal he discusses where he finds his inspiration for The Kingpin (Wilson Fisk).
What's up people? Welcome to the MetaComix Podcast! Today I'll be introducing my new co-host, along with discussing some news, a pretty cool topic, and then reviewing a couple of comics!

True Blood star Deborah Ann Woll has finally been spotted on the set of Daredevil dressed as 'Karen Page.' She was seen filming a scene with Elden Henson (“Mighty Ducks”), who is playing Foggy Nelson in the upcoming Netflix series. Check them out!
Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos talks here about assembling Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist into The Defenders, where they're at with casting, the grounded costumes and making Daredevil darker than the movie, and whether these shows will cross over with the movies...
While she doesn't give an awful lot away about her role in the Marvel and Netflix series, Deborah Ann Woll has talked for the first time about being cast as Karen Page in Daredevil and discusses how her role in True Blood differs to that of Matt Murdock's future love...
The Full Metal Jacket actor doesn't give too much away about the Netflix show or his Kingpin character in an interview with Screen Crush, but he does say that we'll come away with a "new way to look at Wilson Fisk". He also teases a possible movie crossover..