RUMOR: Marvel Studios/Disney Behind Deadpool Film Delay?

RUMOR: Marvel Studios/Disney Behind Deadpool Film Delay?

So what about that planned movie featuring the Merc With A Mouth? Is there more going on behind the scenes than we thought? Well, according to The Daily Superhero there is. Find out more after the jump!

Well this should come as a surprise! According to The Daily Superhero, Marvel Studios/Disney may be the reason behind the ongoing delays of Fox's planned R-Rated flick. Director Tim Miller and Lauren Schuler-Donner have addressed the inevitable delays in the past, ranging from Ryan Reynolds being unavailable to trying to get the studio on board... Well, apparently the latter may very well be true. As usual, the site has asked to take this with a grain of salt. According to their insiders, Marvel and Disney apparently aren't too keen on an R-Rated adaptation of the character and are instead asking for a PG-13 adjustment of the script. The site notes that the reason behind this request is due to the "increased popularity of the character".

What could this mean for the future of Fox's upcoming string of films? We've heard Tim Miller has shot a test-reel and Ryan Reynolds is ready to go, but things sure seem messy behind the scenes. As of right now, we can only wait and see what happens. What do you guys think? Sound off below!
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thor2273 - 2/27/2014, 1:26 AM
Deadpool needs to be R and have free range
thor2273 - 2/27/2014, 1:30 AM
@SnidelyWhiplash well at least he got a game
UltimateTypeface - 2/27/2014, 1:31 AM
I reckon Marvel is smart enuff to realize some properties are for adults only.

Crikey - they have Marvel MAX in the comics.

PG Deadpool can still appear in other films but he needs to be R rated in his own film.

Also Punisher needs to R Rated
TelaVizion - 2/27/2014, 1:38 AM
This is fake cause Marvel doesn't have that kind of "say-so" over other movie properties
TelaVizion - 2/27/2014, 1:40 AM
Also R rating isn't need outside of "street cred"

You can have enough blood, action and cursing in a PG-13 movie. Usually its 1 small thing that'll push a movie a studio want to be PG-13 into the R rated area. Something small and stupid like 8 decapitations over 7.
TelaVizion - 2/27/2014, 1:41 AM
The new Robocop didn't even need the R rating and it still had it's gross factor and a body that was blown up and missing limbs
StrangerX - 2/27/2014, 2:15 AM
Disney needs to stay the [frick] out of this. Deadpool is the only Fox Marvel project I m looking forward to seeing, along with X-Force.
Reasonnnn - 2/27/2014, 2:22 AM
This doesn't make sense since FOX, not Marvel/Disney, own the movie rights. They can make Deadpool into Baraka with laser eyes and a closed mouth if they wanted to. Oh wait.
Reasonnnn - 2/27/2014, 2:22 AM
aka this is fake bullshit
ManOfKrypton - 2/27/2014, 2:24 AM
Disney to piss off! Ever since they bought Marvel their phase (phase 2) of films have been Sh!t!!!!

Lozzy - 2/27/2014, 2:27 AM
This is so fake!! If marvel had that kind of power they could stop FOX from making any Marvel film.
SonGoku - 2/27/2014, 2:27 AM
sameoldthing - 2/27/2014, 3:02 AM
Sad really.
Deadpool & a few other characters like The Punisher need the R-rated treatment.
Anything less is a joke. Wolverine should also be only R-rated but they watered him down.
Young kids can watch Spidey & such..Deadpool needs to be crazy & violent.
loki668 - 2/27/2014, 3:08 AM
Deadpool + "R" Rating = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I think we can handle an adult Deadpool film (awesome) more than we could handle a PG 13 Deadpool. It would be the one time that something, toned down on violence, could CAUSE more violence.
SuperCat - 2/27/2014, 3:10 AM
Not eager to see a Deadpool movie but I'll watch it if it's ever made.

TheRationalNerd - 2/27/2014, 3:21 AM
This news is weird since Marvel/Disney aren't incorporated with Fox? The mouse can't be more powerful than the fox he just can't be! lol
jazzman - 2/27/2014, 3:21 AM
this is bullsh!t Marvel Studios/Disney dont have a say its more to do with FOX Studio. the real reason is since FOX introduce the character in X-Men Origins Wolverine that movie was a PG-13 they wont jump ship and make the character a R-Rated just like that. Also FOX dont trust Ryan Reynolds as a leading man cause all his comic book movies that he starred in bombed big time.
McNyagano - 2/27/2014, 3:22 AM
Why are people believing this bullshit? Marvel has no say in what Fox does with their properties.
davideodus - 2/27/2014, 3:24 AM
TheRationalNerd - 2/27/2014, 3:38 AM
If anything I'd picture a Deadpool film being more bloody and destructive over language. For a PG-13 film they pushed The Wolverine to be a close R-rating. (Just in case if this happened to be true in a twisted parallel universe somewhere out there.) I think Disney would be really pushing it. Just because Deadpool appears in Ultimate Spider-Man they way kids can watch him doesn't mean that's the character we ALL must see on screen together. I agree that the Phase 2 movies have been pretty "meh" so far because they've been lacking that general "Wow Factor" that sold me within the beginning of Phase 1. I don't think that they're rushing films out or anything because they have a good amount of years to do so for each franchise. But yeah, I think TWS will sell me again. But I just hope they seriously sit back and think about the "now" of these franchises instead of eagerly planning to place out other sequels (not that I'm against seeing a full trilogy at all) but I just really want them to sit back and look at where they went wrong and where they went right in their past films. Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Captain America: The First Avenger and the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier are my favorite genre if marvel movies. I felt the quality was/is going to be more nurtured. Guardians, Thor and the Avengers are entertainment based films to me. Nothing too serious but the conflict is well known to keep audiences interested.
Kurne - 2/27/2014, 3:42 AM
I just wonder how they'll fit him in the X-Universe. Apparently he's in the X-Force script as well... And of course, I don't expect his solo movie to take the universe all that seriously (pros and cons). Especially if they're going to put him next to Wolverine (again) or Cable.
charlie2094 - 2/27/2014, 4:01 AM
This is kind of why I'm fine with Fox keeping X:Men, I would not want to see a PG-13 Deadpool, would lose so much. Deadpool's one of the few who would absolutely work best as a higher rated film, just like the game was 18...

A PG-13 film could maybe work, especially if they really push it like they did Wolverine, but honestly would be a disservice to the character

Not sure if this is true, but honestly wouldn't be surprised, Deadpool is a pretty big character for Marvel now can see them wanting to push a pg-13 version
McNyagano - 2/27/2014, 4:13 AM
Why would Marvel ask Fox not to do an R rated Deadpool film when Fox released an R rated cut of the Wolverine? That makes no sense whatsoever. Fox can do what they want as far as I know. They own the rights.
Liverpool4life - 2/27/2014, 4:42 AM
The R-rating is so overblown. A great mind can write a great script. Good storytelling is not defined by gimmicks to arouse baser instincts in a few fanboys. Spurting blood, excessive vulgar language and naked women are merely some false standard for quality. Wolverine was fine the way it was. Deadpool can be done PG-13.
marvel72 - 2/27/2014, 4:48 AM
i call bullshit,if another studio wants to make an r-rated movie they're aloud,disney nor marvel studios can say anything about it.

i thought this was gonna be over deadpool not being a mutant & there was gonna be an issue over rights.

@ mcnyagano

i own the unleashed edition of the wolverine with all the added blood & extended scenes & its got exactly the same rating as the normal cut in the uk.
GliderMan - 2/27/2014, 4:52 AM
Pasto - 2/27/2014, 5:03 AM
And circle hits the square.
Kang - 2/27/2014, 5:36 AM
Hmm, sounds a bit fishy. I can see them doing this with Punisher (which is just as bad) but they don't have the rights to Deadpool, so I'm having a hard time believing this. Either way, they can stick a PG-13 Deadpool AND Punisher where the sun don't shine.
ManCalledSting - 2/27/2014, 5:54 AM
Taken with a grain of salt, but it's sounding the the Disney effect Is taking hold. Family friendly action comedies, babies!!!!
Desrow - 2/27/2014, 5:58 AM
Disney never gonna make R Rated movie .
MrSotoMan - 2/27/2014, 6:27 AM
What the [frick]? I love how every Marvel ass kisser here is like "PG-13 can work with Deadpool", take your stupid "I didn't read the comic" opinion up you're ass!

Deadpool IS R, he needs to be R! Why are you as a fan worried about if this movie makes money to warrant a 2-3 year wait for a sequel? Like what is it to you? There should be another rated R comic book movie, an X-Men character becoming R rated would be great if studios can just stop having that fear. Let go of the fear and take some intuitive for crying out loud.

They can make an R rated movie, market it correctly. I mean shit who cares if kids wanna see it, kids see loads of R rated movies, I mean [frick] I did for crying out loud when I was young. Don't Say A Word, Training Day Shaft, The Matrix Reloaded. Kids like the R rated shit, why do you think Mortal Kombat sells? Grand theft Auto? Call of Duty, Battlefield, shit every game that is M why does it sell? Cause parents let their kids play these games with enough trust that they won't try to mimic the content.

Get those PG-13 comments and kiss my ass with that crap! DEADPOOL NEEDS TO BE R! How about you READ IT before you judge the rating ass clowns
MrSotoMan - 2/27/2014, 6:32 AM
First off, DON'T BELIEVE THE RUMOR. Marvel/Disney does not own the film rights, FOX does, FOX has already done unspeakable things to Deadpool in X-Men Origins, they can literally do whatever they please without the permission of Marvel/Disney, as long as it doesn't breach contract and have Iron Man or any of the Avengers or Marvel Studios movies appear.

FOX does what they want. Is it possible they sent a query letter to FOX "ASKING" them to do it? Yes. Demanding? No. FOX, just make the [frick]ing movie.
ManCalledSting - 2/27/2014, 6:38 AM
Ummm I guess I'll call bull. Why would Fox care what Disney thinks?
cosmicman - 2/27/2014, 6:42 AM
why would fox care what marvel and disney say? they own the rights. A PG Deadpool won't work.

McNyagano - 2/27/2014, 6:46 AM
Wait, there's people actually believing this bullshit?!

Fox owns the rights, they can do as they please. Marvel/Disney surely has no power or say over the matter. If they did, I'm sure Marvel would have liked to have a word or two with Fox about Deadpool's treatment in Origins. This is more of a Fox thing because if I recall correctly, they said the 50 million budget was too high. This whole thing is just absurd. lol
MrSotoMan - 2/27/2014, 6:51 AM
FOX said numerous things about why they don't wanna make the movie.

Casting Choice
Elephant walked by their car

I mean it's insane. Truth is the rating shouldn't be the problem, 50 million is absurd for Deadpool and if Tim Miller cared so much he should make the movie on a lesser budget of 30 million (which is what FOX counter offered) cause literally there is no guarantee like with any movie that it will make money, plus if they want market that movie, 20 million of it must go to marketing which is why FOX might be holding off.

When Rothtard was in office at FOX, problem was rating, now that he is gone, problem is budget cause the director is too high and mighty not to make a 20-30 million dollar movie. Like how much money does it need, I'm serious! If District 9 can do it, don't give us shit Miller and you're producers that you can't do it with 30 million.
Bekss - 2/27/2014, 7:02 AM
If at least one person believe this then this world is stupid.
Marvel doesn't care for the other movies, and they're doing the Netflix series for hardcore fans, that R rated for sure.
McNyagano - 2/27/2014, 7:05 AM

Dude they can do it for less than 30 million. Heck a 15-20 million budget would do imo. I don't really see what the problem is here. Fox wants to water it down to a PG-13 so they can make more cash, it's really obvious.
xBlaze96x - 2/27/2014, 7:10 AM
So we might be getting a PG-13 Deadpool? Great...just great.
NoMore - 2/27/2014, 7:11 AM

Marvel/Disney can't do anything on Fox's movies, cannot make decisions about them. Otherwise Marvel/Disney would have prevented the use of Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of future past or all the idiots changes in X-Men or F4.

Shuler Donner has confirmed that Fox is still not convinced of this film, and this is the only cause.

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