Deathlok Deathlok is a fictional cyborg published by Marvel Comics. He first appeared in Astonishing Tales #25 (Aug. 1974), and was created by Rich Buckler and Doug Moench. At least three subsequent Marvel characters have used the "Deathlok" identity since then. The original story is about a suburban family man who is unwittingly made a test subject for technology research that slowly turns him into a living computerized assasin (cyborg) for the government.
Thanks to the success of Marvel's ever-expanding universe, the studio has not hesitated yet on bringing together all aspects of the superhero world to their fans. Hit the jump to see my opinion on why the cyborg demolisher may potentially be next on the list.
Why dont we have a deathlok movie? Or at least on tv?
McGuigan is out and Hafstrom might be in…
The director says he hopes Marvel's cyborg assassin is his next project.
Mikael Hafstrom may take the helm of Marvel's movie based on the cyborg assassin from the future.
Wizard magazine reports that the Deathlok script has been finalized and the movie is moving forward...
According to a hypester, Kevin Feige has confirmed Paul McGuigan as the cyborg's Director...
The Deathlok film will get a fresh look from David Self.
Don’t expect the Deathlok movie until at least 2006. But in the meantime, here’s a review of an early script.