Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange Doctor Strange is a Marvel comics character and "Master of the Mystic Arts," created by Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, who first appeared in Strange Tales #110 (July 1963).
The character has featured in several forms; animated television series; a tv movie, and direct-to-DVD animated film. In 2011, Marvel had the good Doctor listed as one of the properties they would be developing into live action movies.
If you'd care to see the latest attempt to get Benedict Cumberbatch to confirm or just acknowledge that he'll be playing Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme on the big-screen, hit the jump and watch this interview
For the first time since the actor entered final talks with Marvel Studios, Benedict Cumberbatch has been asked about his titular Doctor Strange role. Check out his reaction after the jump!
Without going into great detail, actor Joaquin Phoenix has finally addressed rumors that he was almost Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme, and he also reveals certain comic books he's fond of. Check it out!
Even though Benedict Cumberbatch is all but confirmed to play Dr. Stephen Strange for Marvel Studios, hit the jump and check out how the Star Trek Into Darkness star may appear as the Sorcerer Supreme.
Though the interview took place before he emerged as the frontrunner for the role of the Sorcerer Supreme in Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch's (Sherlock) reaction to being quizzed about the role here could be very telling. Check it out!
Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) has been a fan-favourite choice to play Doctor Strange since long before he entered talks with Marvel recently, but this latest piece of fan-art may give us our best idea yet at how he'll look if and when he stars in the Scott Derrickson helmed 2016 release...
An extended Q&A with Kevin Feige has surfaced following Marvel Studios' Phase Three announcements, where the producer tries answering many burning questions from the press. Check it out after the jump!
Hit the jump and check out what Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige had to say about the newly-revealed Phase Three lineup, which includes Thor: Ragnarok and Inhumans, among several others!
A new report has revealed that Stephen Strange will be getting his own ongoing series for the first time in years, with a creative team locked in and ready to go for a launch next year. Hit the jump for more details.
According to Deadline, Sherlock and Star Trek Into Darkness star Benedict Cumberbatch is in "final negotiations" for the lead role in Marvel's Doctor Strange. Come voice your opinion.
The shortlist for Doctor Strange isn't so short, especially as Joaquin Phoenix and a number of other actors were added on Friday! Unless Marvel surprise us, we now have an idea of who may play the Sorcerer Surpreme, but which of them do you think is the best choice? Here's your chance to decide...
It's been a busy week for Doctor Strange casting rumours, but four frontrunners have emerged in the form of Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock), Colin Farrell (Seven Psychopaths), Keanu Reeves (The Matrix) and Joaquin Phoenix (Her). Wait, what?! Read on for details...
Drive and The Place Beyond the Pines star Ryan Gosling has shied away from superhero roles in the past, but The Hollywood Reporter now reveals that the dashing actor has met with Marvel Studios for Doctor Strange. Warner Bros. are also eyeing him for a lead role in one of their movies too!
A few reasons why I believe Timothy Olyphant(Deadwood and Justified) would be the perfect choice for the Sorcerer Supreme.
Following Ewan McGregor, five big name actors including Jake Gyllenhaal & Matthew McConaughey have reportedly made Marvel Studios' current shortlist for the Doctor Strange role. Check it out!
With Joaquin Phoenix bowing out of contention, a new potential candidate for the leading role in Marvel Studios' much-awaited Doctor Strange has been revealed to be Star Wars' Ewan McGregor!
Since Joaquin Phoenix departed Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange, Keanu Reeves (The Matrix) has become a fan-favourite choice to play the Sorcerer Supreme. Here, the actors responds to that support and reveals whether or not he would be interested in joining the Marvel movie...
Well, it seem we can continue speculating on who will play Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme as the studio has reportedly moved on from Her actor Joaquin Phoenix and continued its Doctor Strange search!
While Joaquin Phoenix is still considered a hot favourite to play the Sorcerer Supreme in Marvel's Doctor Strange, rumour has it that Ethan Hawke is a possible contender too. So, is he interested in reuniting with director Scott Derrickson? Absolutely! Hit the jump for details...
Remember the website, ThisIsInfamous? No? They're the website that have previously claimed that Jon Hamm was close to signing on for Dr. Strange, and then it was Jack Huston and today their dart has landed on Ethan Hawke ("Daybreakers").
Care to see how great Joaquin Phoenix may look as the Sorcerer Supreme in Marvel's Cinematic Universe? Hit the jump and check out this Doctor Strange concept poster by fanboy/artist AndrewSS7
As most of us expected, Doctor Strange has taken the July 8, 2016 release date that was previously announced by Marvel a while ago. Plus, like Ant-Man, it seems the production will move to Pinewood-Shepperton for a May 2015 shoot.
Though he's said to be in "final talks" for the role of Stephen Strange in Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange, others claim that he has simply met with Marvel and that Collider's report was very premature. Here, we have some possible details on why the Her star may end up passing...
It was revealed during last month's San Diego Comic-Con that Joaquin Phoenix (Her) was being eyed by Marvel for the lead role in Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange. Well, a new report claims that the actor has entered final talks and should soon be officially announced...
The Boardwalk Empire actor actually came very close to playing Star Lord in Guardians Of The Galaxy, but now a new report from ThisIsInfamous claims that Huston is still on Marvel's radar, and that he's one of the names in the running to play the Sorcerer Supreme.