Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange Doctor Strange is a Marvel comics character and "Master of the Mystic Arts," created by Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, who first appeared in Strange Tales #110 (July 1963).
The character has featured in several forms; animated television series; a tv movie, and direct-to-DVD animated film. In 2011, Marvel had the good Doctor listed as one of the properties they would be developing into live action movies.
There have been plenty of details from Marvel president Kevin Feige recently, and today he has discussed the commencement of shooting on a number of Phase Three projects; plus, get an update on the production of Captain America: Civil War.
Three guys and an American TV producer from Liverpool return in a secret cinema to finish off this season of Essentials podcast with an "apparent" exclusive on Benny’s upcomming Dr Strange!
Offering an idea of when Doctor Strange will take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's timeline, Kevin Feige also talks here about whether the other Phase 3 movies will be told in order and if they're planning to drop the origin story aspect of these stories. Read on for details...
Marvel Studios' president of production has now offered some new details on the long-awaited Doctor Strange, including the Sorcerer Supreme's sanctum and The Ancient One's race and gender.
We still don't know what kind of tone Doctor Strange is going to have, but if Marvel does decide to go down the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko route, here's hoping the end credits sequences looks as impressive as this fan-made effort (which is set to The Flaming Lips' "W.A.N.D."). Check it out!
Marvel aren't coming to Comic-Con, but they did take part in a panel at CineEurope in Barcelona today. New details about the battle between Iron Man and Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War were revealed and concept art of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange was shown...
It was already confirmed late last year that Marvel's Doctor Strange will begin shooting in the UK, but now, Director Scott Derrickson via twitter revealed that he's heading over to London to get one step closer to Dr. Strange's big screen debut! Check it out!
After the events of Secret Wars, the Sorcerer Supreme will be getting a brand new ongoing series from writer Jason Aaron and artist Chris Bachalo. This will be a very different version of the character than we're used to seeing, and could well inform Marvel's upcoming Doctor Strange movie...
This brief, but pretty awesome fan-made teaser for Doctor Strange mashes up footage and dialogue from various properties, and even includes a shot of Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One. A stripped down, music box version of The Doors' "People Are Strange" is also used as an effective score...
We already know that Benedict Cumberbatch will play Doctor Strange and that Tilda Swinton is circling the role of The Ancient One, but it has now been revealed that Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave) is set to star as the movie's main villain...with a twist! Read on for details.
The Punisher has recently just joined thew MCU. With the TV division becoming bigger and more diverse, I decided to make a pitch and/or wishlist for a certain day-walking vampire. Things are looking up for more heroes to be added to the Netflix medium and Blade is a prime candidate to be the next inductee.
The recent casting of the wonderful Tilda Swington as the Ancient One in Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' sparked some controversy among some fans. This is due to the fact that the character of the Ancient One is an old asian man and Swington is an white woman. Therefore, here's an analysis of the history of white-washing and racism in Hollywood movies.
With recent revelations about the casting of The Ancient One in Scott Derrickson's upcoming Doctor Strange movie, I've taken to speculating on just what we're going to see in that movie. Hit the jump to read my thoughts on why we might be about to meet Death in the MCU.
Well, this is a surprise! We've heard a few different names thrown around for The Ancient One in Doctor Strange, but now The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Tilda Swinton (The Grand Budapest Hotel) is in talks for the role! Hit the jump for further details...
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Could we see the Sorcerer Supreme make his grand entrance on TV before the Doctor Strange movie next year? Apparently the plan is for him to show up in Iron Fist in some capacity, though it's not certain Benedict Cumberbatch will actually be playing him...
Joblo are one of the most reliable sources on the internet when it comes to news about upcoming CBMs. And now they've struck again, giving us some new details on various upcoming Marvel movies. Come and check it out, but beware of minor spoilers.
We talk about the contracts of actors and directors all the time, but what about Marvel's head honcho Kevin Feige? How long does Marvel Studios have the mastermind behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe under contract for? Come find out what Feige had to say!
Nothing earth shattering here but Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson has taken to Twitter to share a new snap of location scouting for the Phase Three Marvel flick.
One Reddit user has taken to the web to report a (possibly dubious) cast of Doctor Strange, as well as detailing how the Scarlet Avenger may factor in to future sequels.
There were a few shake-ups among the release dates of Phase 3 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies when Spider-Man entered the fray – let’s take a look at the current state of things with this infographic
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Benedict Cumberbatch was asked last night if his Sorcerer Supreme will be using his own English accent or an American one. Hit the jump for his response, as well as comments from Felicity Jones and Lupita N’yongo on becoming part of the Star Wars franchise...
As the Marvel Universe Expands, we will begin to see a shift from Science and the Cosmos to the realm of the Mystical. Hit the jump to read Part One of this series, where we take a look at Magic in MCU's Phase One!
On Monday, Marvel and Sony announced that Spider-Man would be joining an MCU movie before July 2017. Generic Dave gives his two cents on where he should appear and why.