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A fancast for the rebooted Green Lantern flick from DCU set for the year 2020...
Check it out after the jump, to see a wonderful but interesting fan made art of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, you will get an eye full...
Who in this world can do battle against Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Black Adam?... 2 other marvelous candidates rise to possibly take on the mantel of Shazam!
Why and how did Agent Coulson arrive, rise to prominence, die, and resurrect before our eyes? Find out here!
I recently got a VERY good idea from fellow CBM user SauronsBANE for an Iron Man 4 reboot. So, I used my nifty photoshop skills to throw together an amazing poster. Click the jump to check it out...
WB/DC has in habit to cast really unexpected actors in their superhero roles. I’m trying to do a much original fan-cast this time around. I did a fan-casting for almost every character we might see in the next few years in the DCCU, enjoy...(Fixed Pics)
Given that Margot Robbie is ''close'' to joining in David Ayer's Suicide Squad, I decided to give a try on what would she look like as Harley Quinn with my lousy Photoshop skills. Have a look, and tell me what you think.
We saw part 1 of his costume, now see Charlie Cox in classic Daredevil suit that brings him straight from the pages of the comics after the jump!
Huy "Wee" Dinh is a Art Director by day, fan boy by night.
Check out his works after the jump PLUS a link to the source.
We're throwing a quincenañera for this entry #15 of the HUY DINH art tribute as we keep on highlighting the artist's best work yet!
My "Fan" teaser poster for THE FLASH!!!!!!!!
Part three of the story finds the Second Shift recruiting help in order to investigate the mysterious sector 1408.
While Marvel may be taking a back seat to DC in many ways & places, fear not as HUY DINH highlights your favorite Marvel (& TMNT) heroes after the jump! check it out!
Now that Marvel got the right to Punisher back, I really hoping for a Punisher TV-show. It could be on Netflix just like Daredevil. I used Frank Grillo as Frank Castle (yes I know he plays Crossbones in the MCU). Enjoy...
Fan made Live action Nightwing series now online!
Check it out this fan made loaded poster for the most anticipated comic book movie ever, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, after the jump.
Lucky number 13 is here as the entry volume for HUY DINH's art keep going with even more of our favorite heroes by the great artist, check it out after the jump!
Actors to consider for the upcoming film as Commissioner James Gordon
Check out my cast for Geoff John's kickass storyline.
Check it out after the jump to see this amazing piece of art in all of it's glory as Batman, Wonder Woman & Superman share the spotlight in this sketch made by a talented fan
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