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What if Superman was adopted by the Waynes instead of Batman?
Got Some more fan art and X-men redesigns
Director Eric Lettman and Occulus Films mentioned they were working on a Joker teaser for a fan film series The Padded Room this holiday and well, it looks like it's ready to go! What do you think!? Let them know after the jump.
Just a desktop image featuring the central characters introduced so far in the MCU.
For my 1st article I've decided to cast the DC cinematic universe, with new/different choices of course
There was a leaked photo of BvS on a shirt for the crew members, so I decided to recreate it as much as I could. Tell me what you guys think and I hope you all like it!
What if the Avengers went to war with the X-Men? Here is yet another Epic Trailer from Alex Luthor!
Ever dreamed about what if Star Wars clashed with DC & Marvel? Well here are 2 epic trailers!
From the guy that brought you the Epic Marvel vs DC trailers, comes an Epic Batman v Superman teaser. Enjoy...
My Fancast for a remake of Highlander
After the descriptions of the Avengers: Age of Ultron Lego sets, now we have a look at the descriptions for the other Marvel and the DC sets that include Deathstroke, Batman, Miles Morales, Batman, half of the Teen Titans, Batman, and more. Oh, yeah, and Batman.
Dream teams for the civil war, Whose side are you on?
(I didn't put a lot of thought into putting characters on any side placed them as i saw them fit.) What according to you will be the teams?
A fancast for the upcoming Inhumans movie.
More fan art that I've done these last 2 months.
Looking for a person to perform the voice of Harley Quinn in a Joker short film.
I'm here to bring you some nostalgia.
with my unique touch, hope you like it.
Hey guys and gals here's my pitch for a Spider-Man reboot set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, give me your feed back
Someone has put together a trailer for Avengers Age Of Ultron to make it look like the comic con trailer that was shown in July.
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