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With Dwayne the Rock Johnson cast as Black Adam, and no mention of Shazam, I'm led to believe this will be his story... Here's my version.

3 years after their comic debut, the JLA team up on the big screen for the first time to battle there greA test threat
more of my fan arts!
Hey Guys Come Check out my joker and Flash Drawings.
Hit the jump to gaze upon an image of Catwoman I created for a friend.
Two fan posters I made for a Suicide Squad movie that I would like to see.
A few days ago in the comments, I asked for ideas for who could play Danny Rand in Marvel's upcoming Netflix show: Iron Fist. I never saw a name I liked better than Aaron Paul, so... enjoy.
An alternate fan cast for the Web Slinger
Created by Mr Prime.
This is for you Hip Hop fans and fans of the comic book genre. Come check out the blending of two of my favorite genres.
My FAN MADE trailer of "The Flash" & "Arrow" 2-part crossover.
Here is a cool fan-made trailer for Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok from Mr8866. Enjoy...
Come and check out my choices for some of the character's we'll be seeing soon on both the big and small screen, as well as a character whom I'm sure we'd all love to see in future
My top 10 picks for the best DC Trinity photos on DeviantArt
This 28 awesome Batman fan arts will amaze you.
I was tasked in school with re-creating a scene from a movie of my choosing. This is the result of that.
The "Rock and Roll All Nite (Guardians of the Galaxy Video Mix)" by Kiss TRAILER!
Both are incredibly powerful god-like beings, both see themselves above all others and both wear skirts, but who will come out on top in the ultimate battle for supremacy?
What would you do if God gave you powers? Well, Andrew "Andy" Prentiss use his powers to help others and bring faith to the world. The comics may have lasted only three editions, but the knight of the light is now immortalized in this Marvel's Illuminator fan poster I made.
What I probably would have done in terms of the Flash's part in the DC Cinematic Universe.
I know video game adaptations are notoriously bad, but with the right team I think Devil May Cry could make a solid transition from consoles to silver-screen. Here is my idea for a movie based on Capcom's long-standing game series. UPDATED AND EDITED
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