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Comic Book Movie

While we wait with bated breath for Warner Bros. to officially announce a Guillermo del Toro-directed Justice League Dark film, we can enjoy this fan-film produced by One Riot One Ranger Productions featuring Constatine, Zatanna and Deadman. Check it out.
Anthony McGrath and Mark Cushley are working on a short film with Tony Stark in his HulkBuster armor battling The Hulk. It isn't ready yet but test footage, and concept art created by Paul Dolan provides a tease. Just imagine how cool it will be in Avengers 2!
In 2012, when Dredd was released in theaters it tanked, but strong DVD sales and positive reviews from audiences and critics have kept hope alive for a sequel. Now, a fan-made musical is helping to keep interest in seeing more of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd.
More of my fanarts
Who is mad enough to put on a costume and fight crime? Superheroes are often born from early trauma or some freak accident, but what would it be like if these things were to really happen? Check out the latest doodle from Doopie after the jump.
We've seen quite a few of these already, and I'm sure we'll see quite a few more before an official trailer comes our way, but this fan-made effort from YouTuber Zelenks is pretty damn impressive indeed. Take a look after the jump..
The website, Comic Book Resources, have a feature, "The Line it is Drawn," which pairs artists with people providing suggestions. This week CBR wanted to know "What if Male Superheroes Had “Sexy” Variant Covers?" instead of female superheroes. Check it out.
You may have heard a "rumor" that the Star Trek Into Darkness actor was up for the role of J'onn J'onzz in WB's planned Justice League movie. Well, he isn't, but we do have a pretty cool fan-made depiction of what he might look like as the character.
A fan has actually put together a full movie (over 2 hours) made up of Tom Hiddleston's scenes as Loki in Thor, Thor: The Dark World and The Avengers. All of the deleted scenes featuring the character have also been included.
Amazing poster of Jason Momoa as Aquaman is epic!, check it out after the jump to see the Hawaiian actor as the king of the seven seas in this awesome and fantastic fan made art.