Hellsing Fancast

Hellsing Fancast

Hellsing could easily be adapted into a film with the right crew and cast...

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By KamenRiderComic - 8/19/2011
In my opinion the manga series Hellsing can be easily adapted into film with the right script, cast, and crew. So first off here is my fancast for Hellsing starting off with...

The Hellsing Organization:

First off the miscellaneous soldiers and Wild Geese members can be played by extras so it wouldn't be a hassle to round up those actors. Now onto the core members of the Hellsing organization.

Alucard/Vlad The Impaler/Count Dracula-Cillian Murphy

Why: The name I see must tossed around for the role of Alucard is always Adrien Brody. But I never thought he quite fit the role, sure he had some physical characteristics as our resident vampire but thats about it. To me Cillian would be able to bring the multi layered personality of Alucard to the big screen.

Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing-Tamsin Egerton

Why: I first saw her in the short lived Camelot series on Starz, and I really enjoyed her performance as Guinevere. To me she has that aristocratic and confidant air that makes her perfect for the role of Integra

Seras Victoria-Talulah Riley

Why: Talulah is a great actress, I think she can pull off the innocence that Seras Shows in the beginning of the series, but gradually mature as the movie plays out.

Walter C. Dornez-Bill Nighy

Why: Nighy has always been a favorite actor of mine and has shown that he can play the older, smooth, gentlemen that serves as a foil to his costars insanity. He is also the right age and has a slight resemblance to Walter.

Walter C. Dornez (vampire/rejuvenated)-Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Why: I wanted to find a good actor that could also (if only slightly) pass as a young Bill Nighy and Levitt just seemed to fit.

Pip Bernadotte-Jamie Bell

Why: Bell was the only reason I enjoyed The Eagle, I first saw him King-Kong. Another actor I considered for Bernadotte was oddly enough Rupert Grintt.


The Major-Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Why: Hoffman is one the greatest actors of our age, and I think he can pull off insane and sinister just fine to play the Major. He has also had his fair share of playing bizarre characters in the past.

The Captain-Til Schweiger

Why: Great actor and he has the hulking physique The Captain is known for.

The Doctor-Christian Oliver

Why: I have honestly not seen any of his films over than "The Good German" and he was great in that. If I remember correctly he was also in Speed Racer...which we all know was horrible.

Tubelcain Alahambra-Oscar Jaenada

Why: In my opinion his character in "The Losers" could of been better, yes he was awesome but they should gave him more lines etc. I think doing a film like Hellsing with it's large fanbase would give him more exposure on an international level.

Rip Van Winkle-Olga Kurylenko

Why: Kurylenko has the youthful look that Rip Van Winkle is known for and is a capable actor.

Now onto Schrödinger...I could honestly not find an actor that would fit this role. So if you have any suggestions leave a comment below!


Alexander Anderson-Liam Neeson

Why: Neeson is no stranger to playing a badass, throw in some religious extremism and you've got the perfect Anderson.

Enrico Maxwell-Tom Felton

Why: He's known for playing a conniving, power hungry snake in the grass, so playing Enrico wouldn't be to much of a stretch for him. This would also be a chance for Felton to show his acting skills in a more mature and deep role.

Heinkel Wolfe- Garret Hedlund or Mia Wasikoska

Why: Due to "it's" androgynous appearance it was kinda hard to cast Wolfe. So I chose an actor and actress.

Yumie Takagi-Keiko Kitigawa

Why: I loved her in the drama Buzzer Beat and would like to see her in a more serious role.
Hellsing - 8/20/2011, 4:05 AM
I usually don't care much about height and stuff but Murphy is too short in my opinion to play Alucard but he's got the talent and charisma some thing is absolutely essential so I guess it could work and wait what Brody is a fan favourite, thats just plain wrong. Your Walter pick is spot on, gotta give you kudos for that and Can JGL do a British accent if he can then he should be great as Walter rest of the cast is solid too.

But knowing hollywood and how they raped Priest wouldn't be surprised if they moved the story away from England to the States, and create a love triangle between Alucard, Inegra and Victoria. But as you can tell Hellsing approves of this cast and I hope if hollywood ever gets around to making this they don't [frick] it up.
Hellsing - 8/20/2011, 4:55 AM
Emma Watson would be pretty good choice for Seras Victoria
Vafrous - 8/20/2011, 8:49 AM
Sweet cast.
CrossOver - 8/20/2011, 10:06 AM
Alexander Skarsgard for Alucard. Im sure he could pull of darker hair.
MrSuperheromoviefan - 8/21/2011, 12:32 AM
Alucard should be taller.
I haven't see Tamsin Egerton and Talulah Riley.
Bill Nighy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are great choices.
For Bernadotte should be someone physical bigger. Bell is too small.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Til Schweiger, Christian Oliver, Oscar Jaenada, Olga Kurylenko and Liam Neeson are great choices.
Tom Felton doesn't feel like Maxwell. He can play the dick, but I can't see him as Maxwell.
Garret Hedlund and Mia Wasikoska are bad choices.
Keiko Kitagawa is an ok choice.
Where're Zorin Blitz, Tubalcain Alhambra, Schrödinger and the Valentine Brothers?
Good cast

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