FANCAST: The X-men (Updated)

FANCAST: The X-men (Updated)

A week or two ago, I did a shorter X-men cast...And, some members wanted more characters...So, for the last week or so, I have been working on a much larger cast, where I have new characters, or I have changed picks from the last one!
By, tweeeeenkies3! Enjoy :)

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By tweeeeenkies3 - 1/31/2012

Professor X: Colm Feore

WHY: I have been doing a lot of research for new picks, for characters, and I went through multiple people, while casting Xaver. I went with Colm Feore.
He is definitely the spitting image of Professor X. He has that squared jawline, great cheek bones, and very "smart" look, which is what you need while casting Xavier! He is a fantastic actor, with a great voice for the role!
I think he is just perfect!

Cyclops: Matthew Fox

WHY: For Scott, I went with the great actor, Matthew Fox! Best known for his work on the hit show LOST...While casting Cyclops, I had a couple of actors I thought about, but only two stuck out to me. The first one was too short, while this pick is a great size for the role!
He is tall (Standing at 6'2), has the perfect face, hair, and body. Though I never wanted Scott to be too big, I think Matthew looks great for a movie version of him! Plus, he is a great actor!

Jean Grey: Rachel McAdams

WHY: She has grown so much over the years, into one of the best actresses around, at this moment! She has shown she can handle almost any genre. She can do comedy, drama, serious, some action, you name it, she can most likely pull it off! I did change her hair and eye color, to match Jean, to show how perfect she looks...And, it worked! She looks utterly gorgeous, rocking the red hair! I think with some combat training, a script, and some CGI, we would have the PERFECT Jean Grey pick!

Storm: Naomie Harris

WHY: I chose, Pirates of the Caribbean actress, Naomie Harris! She played the goddess/nymph Calypso is Pirates, and she was just great....I think if she can pull of whatever accent that was, she could also do African! She was also in the movie 28 Days Later, and she pulled off some great dramatic and action parts! She has proven herself as an actress, and is just perfect. She is only 35, so she is a good age for the role of an African mutant/goddess!

Wolverine: Jon Bernthal

WHY: Jon Bernthal! I used him in my X-force cast, and I did keep him...I think his character on The Walking Dead, has shown the correct attitude needed for Wolverine! The episode, where he beat the crap out of ED, really showed he has what it takes to pull off Logan's true personality! It is really difficult to find an actor, who is 5'3, and perfect...Christian Kane is perfect, but has become somewhat overused...So, I use this pick, because only me and one other user has this pick!

Emma Frost: Sara Foster

WHY: While casting this, I wanted a much more unknown pick, who has great potential to be great...I went with actress and model, Sara Foster!
I have seen her play a vein "bitch" character before, as well as a more heroic figure...So, I think she could pull it off! She definitely has the correct look. The blue eyes, goden hair, perfect body...She is Emma Frost!

Iceman: Dave Franco

WHY: For Iceman, I wanted someone who could be serious and comedic...So, I chose Dave Franco! He has the perfect look! He is not overly handsome, but not ugly....I think it is a perfect combination for Iceman's character! After watching a lot of his stuff, I figured he would be perfect! He has everything down, he would just need a good team of fellow mutants, CGI, and a kick ass script!

Beast: Michael C. Hall (Original Pick)

WHY: Yes, I used Daredevil as Beast! And, I don't care. He is perfect. Sure, he would be a cool Daredevil, but for me, he looks, sounds, and acts much more like Beast! He has the dark, brooding voice, that fits Beast's character so well! Plus, he is a smart guy, from what I have heard...He sure can play the smart type! If he were to beef up some, he would be great!

Angel: Ryan Phillipe

WHY: Ryan is my new choice...I had Jamie Bamber in my X-force cast, but he did not fit with this cast...I think Ryan has the perfect "pretty boy" face, that works very well when you are dealing with this type opf character. The pretty boy, rich, slightly arrogant character! After I watched him in the Lincoln Lawyer, I thought he would be a great pick...He was definitely this character.
Except, Angel is not evil!

Rogue: Caitlin Stasey

WHY: My new pick for Rogue! I was tired of Ashley Greene, though she is not a bad pick, I needed to find a new actress...So, I did my research, and found this wonderful young woman!! I watched her in her best known action movie, "Tomorrow, When the War Began:....She was stunning! She knows how to get down and dirty, that's for sure...She pulled off great drama, action, and was very convincing in the role. So, I used her!
She could probably rock the dark brown hair, and white streaks!

Gambit: Gaspard Ulliel

WHY: While casting Gambit, I was looking for someone who was dashingly handsome, suave, and could kick ass...I chose Gaspard Ulliel, and french actor. Though he is french, I think that could totally translate over to a cajun accent! He is 27, so a little bit older than my Rogue pick, which is just fine with me! He looks young, and has a great look.
Totally Remy! I think he could pull it off, with great ease!

Colossus: Liam Hemsworth

WHY: I did not want to use a 30 year old actor, because I have a 20 year old as Kitty, and that would be just creepy....So, I chose the fantastic young actor, Liam Hemsworth! He was ALMOST Thor, but he didn't get the chance to break out of the teenage girl themed crap....I think he would fit well here. Sure, he is not overly large, but good god, he is almost there! With some physical training, and even voice training, for a Russian accent, he would be great!

Kitty Pryde: Shailene Woodley (Original Pick)

WHY: This is 100% original! I did not want to use Lyndsy Fonseca anymore, because she is used so often, so I started researching good, young actresses, around the correct height. I fell upon a movie called The Descendants, released last year...Shailene had a lead role, and she was FANTASTIC! She has been nominated for oscars, and has won multiple awards for her performance!
She was stunning in it! She deserves great roles, and I think this role would fit her so well. She is Kitty!

Nightcralwer: Jamie Dornan (Original Pick)

WHY: I chose Jamie Dornan, who is original...I used him in my X-force cast, and kept him! I have only watched him in Once Upon a Time, but he was so great! He can pull off dramatic roles, so I think he should put his hands into some action! I think Nightcrawler fits him very well! He has a great body and facial structure that is exactly like Nightcrawlers!...He is not too skinny and not large. I think he should be a very lean character! With some physical training, along with voice training he would be perfect! He is british, so I think he could pull off a German accent well!

Psylocke: Maggie Q.

WHY: I have seen so many of Maggie's movies, and watched her perform martial arts, and sword work...She is amazing! I started watching her in Nikita, right after christmas, and I decided she is the perfect Psylocke! She can work with swords, can kick ass, and can add depth to the character very well! She is not original, but it is a great choice, so why fix something that isn't broken?
I even change her hair and eye color to purple, for a better visual, so you can see how she looks rockin' the purple hair!

Havo: Trevor Donovan (Original Pick)

WHY: I thought about using him for Angel, but decided, he was good for Havok as well! Watching him grow as an actor has been great! He started off playing only playboy, douche bags, but can truly pull off most characters! He is a fantastic young actor! He has a great face, body, voice, and skills acting wise! I think him and my Polaris pick, Jessy Schram would work very well together, as well!

Polaris: Jessy Schram (Original Pick)

WHY: My original pick for Polaris! I wanted an actress who was not very well known, but fantastic! She is great in Falling Skies...She has a very innocent face but is able to kick some ass, which would play well with this character! Watching her in Once Upon a Time was great as well. She pulled off some amazing dramatic parts, and I think it would be great for her.

Dazzler: Alyson Michalka

WHY: One of the ONLY Disney stars to break loose from Disney, and actually become talented!
I chose this actress, because of her role in the show Hellcats. She was great. She is in the perfect shape, that would be needed for Dazzler. She is toned very well, and has the correct body shape.
Plus, she is an actress and dancer, which would just contribute to this character, because she is an actress and singer! I think she is perfect!

X-23: India Eisley (Original Pick)

WHY: My original pick for X-23...I used her in my X-force cast as well, and had very good feedback, so I did keep her! She looks EXACTLY like X-23! The eyes, the glare, the face, the hair, the body...EVERYTHING! She also was in training for the new Underworld movie, so she is fit already!

Deadpool: Devon Sawa (Original Pick)

WHY: Original as well....I used him in my X-force cast! Devon has grown into quite the actor over the years! He has proven he can do action (Nikita) and do comedy (Nikita as well!)...He has a goofy nature while keeping hii kick ass stature, which is great for Deadpool! I think he is a great pick!

Domino: Eliza Dushku (Original Pick)

WHY: Yes, I have lost Olivia Wilde as Domino....Though I still think she is a great pick, I figured out she was not original...Sadly. So, I went with an original, kick ass, beautiful pick...Eliza Dushku. Yes, I use her as Catwoman, but if she were to play any Marvel character, it would HAVE TO BE Domino! She is perfection. She has the perfect body for Domino. I wanted someone already trained in hand-to-hand combat, and weaponry as well! Eliza does her own stunts, and can beat the poop out of anyone...She is the best!

Fantomex: Luke Evans (Original Pick)

WHY: My original pick for Fantomex!
I used Luke as Fantomex, in my X-force cast, and I am keeping him! Though he is not British, he is Welsh, which is actually pretty close, and he could pull the accent off easily.
This one was hard to cast...My intial pick is already Superman! Damn. But Luke is fantastic as well...He can act, do action, and can play douches rather well.

Wolfsbane: Rachel Hurd-Wood

WHY: I chose actress, Rachel Hurd-Wood, in the role of Wolfsbane...
Rachel is known for her role as Wendy Darling, in the 2003 movie, Peter Pan! Now at 21, I think she would be the perfect Wolfsbane, in the current comics! In Tomorrow, When the War Began, she pulled of some great action, and worked well in a team. I think her British accent could easily be made into an Irish accent...She is also gorgeous, and rocks the red hair!

Elixir: Alexander Ludwig

WHY: I chose young, 19 year old actor, Alexander Ludwig, in the role of Elixir! I chose him based off of his performance in Race to Witch Mountain...He was fantastic, especially since it was his first leading role. Now that he has grown up some, and has been working out, a lot, I think he would be a great pick for this character!
The once snobby teenager, turned mutant! Plus, him and Rachel would work well together!

Pixie: Kathryn Prescott

WHY: I chose the young, British actress, Kathryn Prescott, as X-men's pink haired fairy mutant, Pixie! Yes, Pixie is welsh, but someone British would be ok with me! I went through multiple actresses, but my 3 remaining picks were, Emma Watson, Pixie Lott, and Kathryn!
In the end, I decided that Emma was overused, Pixie was not experienced enough, and Kathryn was perfection! She has such a sweet, yet dark look, which would play well with this character..Especially Pixie AFTER she lost part of her soul...I did do some manipulating, on the photo, to make her red hair, pink! She dyed her hair blood red for her hit show, Skins!

Lifeguard: Teresa Palmer (Original pick)

WHY: I chose the young actress, Teresa Palmer, as X-men's awesome character, Lifeguard! Her adaptive powers are amazing...I think Teresa could make a smaller role, great, just because she is an amazing actress!
Lifeguard is Australian, and I casted an Australian...Amazing!
Plus, she is an excelent action actress (Proven in I am Number Four)...I think she would definitely bring this character to life!

Namor: Jason Behr

WHY: I chose 38 year old actor, Jason Behr, to take on the role of Namor, Marvels first mutant!
After watching Jason in Roswell, Skinwalkers, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I thought he was perfection! He has a very squared jaw, great build, for namor, and tense eyes...I think he would be great!
He can handle action very well...I think he could do this role very well!

Boom Boom: Amber Heard

WHY: Though Amber is lead material, I don't think there is any other character in the X-men, other than Boom Boom she could pull off... I think she is the perfect pick, because of her personality in Drive Angry, and her looks, that she naturally has...She is just sexy! She could pull off the more skanky tyoe character, if needed. She is the epitome of Boom Boom!

Cloak: Eugene Jones

WHY: For Tyrone, I wanted someone young, not well known, but extremely talented!
I used my first pick, Eugene Jones, from TowelHead! He was a great actor in that, and I think he could pull off this character, rather well! I think he has a great look as well...He is not overly large (Muscularity wise), but he is not skinny, which is a great contribution for Cloak's character!

Dagger: Amanda Michalka (Original pick)

WHY: I went original on this one, and use Amanda Michalka, Alyso Michalka's little sister!
I chose her for Dagger, because of her dance background. Tandy (Dagger), is a dancer, and that is how she is able to move the way she does. I think Amanda has broken out into the true world of acting, and has become fantastic! She could definitely pull this character off! It also helps that she is gorgeous!


Magneto: Anthony Stewart Head

WHY: Yes, Gile is my pick! In Buffy, though he was good in a few episodes Anthony showed he could play evil characters...I think it would be great here, because he is not really evil, just the anti-Xavier! Ane, even though he is not German, I think his British accent could be changed, easily! So, I think he could do it! He is easily my favorite choice in this role!
I would love to see him break out into another huge role again!

Mystique: Charlize Theron

WHY: I know, I used her in my Sailor Moon cast...But, I don't care! She is perfect for Mystique! She is 36, so a good age for a mutant who is nearly immortal, and is around 100, now. She has done some great action in her time (Aeon Flux and Hancock). She has the perfect look for what I picture movie-verse Mystique would look like.
Not muscular, rather skinny, because she can naturally kick butt, does not have a hugge pair of breasts, because she is just gorgeous, and has the most appealing face for the role!
She is great!

Scarlet Witch: Gemma Arterton

WHY: I wanted a very euro-exotic looking woman, who could act, and was drop dead gorgeous! I chose the beautiful actress, Gemma Arterton! I love her in everything I have ever watched her in! She has become a new favorite actress of mine! This would be a great role for her to show a different type of acting...To show off her dramatic, and action skills, along with her supernatural beauty!
She rocks the Scarlet red as well!

Quicksilver: Cam Gigandet

WHY: I honestly DON'T LIKE Cam...He is not that great! But, he fits this role pretty well...He can play douchey, cocky, bastards pretty well, so I used him! I have watched many of his movies, where he usually plays a villain type role, that is great, when casting Quicksilver! I think him and Gemma could pull off being twins, even though he is 28, he looks much younger than that!

Toad: BJ Novak

WHY: I watch him in the Office, and he just looks dirty...That is why I chose him. He has a dirty look, and just looks like you can't trust him! That is perfect for the Toad. Nasty.

Pyro: Riley Smith (Original Pick)

WHY: Original! I think he is an ok actor, but this is not a LARGE role anyways...I think he could do it, based off his looks and what I have seen him do as an actor. He just looks like Pyro!

Sabretooth: Alexander Skarsgard

WHY: I love him as the villain type character, in True Blood...He has shown great progress as an actor, and should totally take on a CBM role! I think his character in Straw Dogs was perfect. He played the psychotic killer pretty well, and I think he could do it again, except this time, with more action!
He is great!

Avalanche: Shane West (Original Pick)

WHY: I hate this character, actually haha! I chose, Shane West. He is a great actor, who can pull of this type of character. He has that natural bad guy look on his face, and it makes me angry, just like Avanlanche makes me angry...It is perfect! I really like him in Nikita though!

Mister Sinister: Viggo Mortensen

WHY: I did not use the fan pick, I used a more original pick...I chose Viggo Mortensen. He is a wonderful actor, of Welsh descent.
I think he has a very evil, and SINISTER look, that would work so well for a character like Mister Sinister! I have seen him play a villain before, and he was wonderful....I think he could do it again, except he would have powers, and be a little more insane!

Apocalypse: Arnold Vosloo

WHY: Again, I went more original, instead of using the fan favorite!
I chose the South African actor, Arnold Vosloo, because of his roles in The Mummy! He was a great actor in them, and could definitely play this role very well if given the chance!
He can pull off the action as well, so that is just a huge plus on his part!

If you want me to add anyone, just tell me, and I will!


Thanks :)
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MrBlueSky - 1/31/2012, 3:55 PM
Very nice cast, man. I love Viggo for Mister Sinister. My pick for him is Christopher Eccleston (very underrated actor). Have you taken my advice about doing a Green Lantern cast? Mine will probably be up by tomorrow.

Also, thumbs up!!
tweeeeenkies3 - 1/31/2012, 3:59 PM
@MrBlueSky...Thanks, man!

I love your pick as well....Very good, and original!
Great pick!

And, I am actually thinking about it!
It could be a lot of fun!
MikeZ - 1/31/2012, 4:07 PM
- While Colm Feore would visually look the part of Professor X, I honestly haven't seen any shows where he acted the part. You know what, I went on the SHH message boards and saw someone cast Colin Firth as Professor X. I could see that somewhat, based on roles in Love Actually, St. Trinidad's, and Nanny McPhee. Nevertheless, nice choice.
- Great Cyclops... I think. Fox gets cast in this role too much, and I kinda like a somewhat younger Cyke, but not too young. Of course, his character in Lost was part of a love triangle with a Wolverine-type figure. And he's definitely taller than your old choice Jason Ritter.
- Saw a TV spot for The Vow and a trailer for 2004's The Notebook, and there is some good possibility for Rachel to play a great Jean Grey. She lacks boobs, something that Rumblebeast and DDD will likely hound you over, but sometimes if the character plays the part, it shouldn't matter. Also, nice hair manips, unless that shot came from axelbratoski's cast.
- I'm becoming increasingly receptive to Jon Bernthal as Wolverine. However, I've got Stephen Dorff (Blade) in my fancast coming up. Like I said, 5'7", voice, personality, grittiness (check out the trailers for Kidnapped and Brake), and look. Still, Bernthal, man, that's really putting me at odds with Dorff.
- Sara is tall and boasting some boobage (not alot, but I've seen shots elsewhere boasting some serious knockers!), although she might make a more suitable Enchantress, because she's just too evil looking, just like how I feel about Eva Green as Scarlet Witch. Not to say I wouldn't give her a chance! I've been impressed with her performance on 90210.
- If Michael C. Hall can shake off the psychotic trappings of Dexter, then I could see him as Beast. Dexter already knows plenty about scienctific thingamajigs. Of course, there's Dark Beast, and we know what could work with that.
- Like I told you before, I once had Ryan Phillipe for Angel when I did my X-Men 4: Days of Future Past cast. He played billionaire wunderkinds in Cruel Intentions and The Lincoln Lawyer, what's not to stop him from playing Warren? Great casting!
- My only complain with Caitlin Stacey is that she's on the short side. If you're going with the Ultimate take where Rogue is 5'5", that's another story.
- A Cajun accent is a mix of French and a southern drawl. So I'm pretty sure Gaspard Ulliel is far from a bad pick for Gambit.
- I just found out from OptimusPrime114 that Armie Hammer, a guy I had pegged for Colossus, has Russian ancestry. So I can understand why I started with the dude. Although Liam is considerably younger and just as tall, so I'll go with him for now.
- Aly definitely has the fit physique and the vocal chords, so she's definitely a plus for Dazzler!
- Oh, now I've also thought about Eliza as Domino! Great original pick, I might add!
- Jason Behr, from what I heard, isn't that great an actor. The movies he's done have all tanked, and he hasn't been doing anything since Dragon Wars. I don't know, it's sticky, and everyone's a fan of the guy. What do you think of Sam Witwer, though? I saw his work in Being Human and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and he did hit me there as Namor. Also, he's 6'1" and built like crazy. Here's a shot to melt your insides.

- Okay, just a suggestion, but I would switch Amber Heard and AJ Michalka around, seeing as they'd fit the characters better. Also, spoiler alert, Amber Heard is my pick for Rogue, based on her performance in the movie you mentioned, Drive Angry
- Since Apocalypse is from the African regions, as is Arnold Vosloo, I can't say I disagree with the casting choice.

The rest of the choices are good. And if you plan on doing this again in the future (no need to do it now), you could add more characters like Bishop, Bolivar Trask, Cable, Cannonball, Graydon Creed, Hellfire Club, Jubilee, Robert Kelly, Stephen Lang, and anyone else I might have forgotten. Nonetheless, A+ as usual.
MikeZ - 1/31/2012, 4:08 PM
@ MrBlueSky

I can't wait for your Green Lantern cast. Deliver hard.
tweeeeenkies3 - 1/31/2012, 4:25 PM
@RoadDog...Thanks, bud!

I think Com could pull off a different role, than his ussual stuff..I have seen him play this type of role before. He is good.
So thanks!

I agree with you on Fox.

I agree, that if an actor/actress can pull of the role, sometimes boobs, and other physical contributions don't matter as much!
So, I think Rachel could deliver...Yes, I did do the manipulation on her hair, and eyes.
Also on Kathryn Prescott (Pixie) and Maggie Q. (Psylocke)

I think Sara could be a very good Enchantress!
Interesting and inspiring!
But, I don't think she looks THAT evil haha! I think she looks more vein, but she could pull it off, for sure!

I think Michael C. Hall is pretty versatile...I think he could probably get rid of his Dexter persona, and play Beast! So, I am glad you agree!

Oh yeah! I forgot you used Ryan as Angel...I will make sure I take out the "original pick" thing!
And, he was great in the Lincoln Lawyer...So thank you!

Though I was not shooting for ultimate Rogue, we can go with that lol!
No, I think she is great, even if she is a tad short...She looks taller than she is. Most models do.

I totally dropped Armie...I lost my respect for him, after he ws busted with weed.
I know it sounds weird...I just have this HUGE problem with any form of smoke.
But, I am glad you like Liam!

I am very happy you like Aly as Dazzler!

I am ever happier you like Eliza as Domino...I have had her in the role for the longest time, I just never used her, because I thought people would get pissed off, because I also have her as Catwoman.
So, I am glad you like her!

I personally like Jason Behr...He is pretty good!
I am sure there are better...I think an unknown would be best!
But, he is definitely best based off looks!
Your pick, Sam Witwer is a great choice!
I love him on Being Human!

Actually, I wouldn't mind Amber as Rogue at all...Great pick!
I thought about her as Husk, actually...But, I think she fits Boom Boom a little better than Amanda.
I think Amanda has a very Dagger-esque look...

I am glad you also like my Apocalypse pick!

I would also love your feedback on my Pixie pick...
What do you think?

Thanks again!
RunDTC - 1/31/2012, 4:33 PM
love the Mortensen/Sinister pick.
tweeeeenkies3 - 1/31/2012, 4:36 PM
@RunDTC...Thanks, my friend!
RobGrizzly - 1/31/2012, 6:28 PM
I love it! I'm big on Matthew Fox as Cyclops as well.

Some of these are kinda weird (Toad and Angel), but a lot of these are inspired choices. Sinister, Sabertooth, Shadowcat, Domino, and many of the core X-Men team

great work!
tweeeeenkies3 - 1/31/2012, 6:33 PM

I do think my Toad pick is pretty out of place, compared to the other actors...
But, why is my Angel pick weird? HAHA!

I am glad you like my picks!

Thank you!
nowtheresaBATman - 1/31/2012, 6:53 PM
I liked your Toad pick...

Awesome original pick for Gambit!!

Alexander Skarsgard for Victor Creed is perfect.
Sabretooth's one of my all time favorites & has never gotten the proper treatment. Tyler Mane was as exciting as a cat turd & while I like Liev S. as an actor it didn't remind me of the real Sabretooth at all. Alexander's got the look & the blood lust(he's had some practice for that;)

India Eisley looks like she was born to play X-23.

I love Viggo as Mr.Sinister!!!

I would pick Rachel Nichols over Rachel McA.for Jean Grey though. She was one of the only bright spots in that GIJoe debacle & well she looks like a Pheonix to me :)

I was glad I got to see your X-cast this time !!!!
It's a good one.
nowtheresaBATman - 1/31/2012, 6:56 PM
oh yeah who's the fan fav for Apocalypse? I can't remember....
tweeeeenkies3 - 1/31/2012, 6:57 PM
@nowtheresaBATman...Thank you very much!

I am glad to see you like my Toad pick!

I am glad you like my Gambit pick also!

Alexander is perfect!
I hated Liev as Sabretooth. What a load of dog crap he was!
I hated him.
So, I am glad I did justice with this one!

India really was born to play X-23!
She is amazing!

I am glad you like Viggo as Mister Sinister!

I love Rachel Nichols!
She would be a cool pick, for sure! I wouldn't mind that at all..
I just think Rachel Mcadams has a wider range acting wise...

Thank you again!
tweeeeenkies3 - 1/31/2012, 6:58 PM
@nowtheresaBATman...Jason Isaacs from the Harry Potter films is!
tweeeeenkies3 - 1/31/2012, 7:19 PM
Here is a better picture of Kathryn Prescott rocking the pink hair:

It is very much like Dark Pixie, after she lost half of her soul...
I did do the color changes...Her hair was black, now it's pink!
And, her eyes were grey-ish/black, now pink and black...
MikeZ - 1/31/2012, 8:16 PM
@ tweeeeenkies3

Your pick for Pixie isn't that bad. I seen her used before in DDD's fancast, and that guy can cast! Not bad.
tweeeeenkies3 - 1/31/2012, 8:18 PM

I knew someone used her...But, I had no clue it was DDD!
He is fantastic!
No one has used Kathryn as Pixie in so long.
They all moved on to Emma Watson...Sad .
DDD - 1/31/2012, 8:19 PM
Fantastic update TWEEENKIES!

MATT FOX...PERFECT! Now yer talkin"!

You've changed and made this into a

I'm warming to BERNTHAL as WOLVIE!
It's not a TERRIBLE choice!

Yup, LIEV as SABRETOOTH was absolutely
wrong casting! SKARSGARD is PERFECT!
The dynamic between CREED & LOGAN is
the short wide badass against the tall,
blond, ferocious feral freak!
BERNTHAL- 5'10"....SKARSGARD- 6'4"
What a visually "astounding" onscreen
battle that would be! WOW! And SKARSGARD
can act his ass off, in difference to
TYLER MANE'S extremely tall flailing and
grunting (And not much acting!)

I've used RACHEL MCADAMS as JEAN, myself.
What she gives up in boobage, she completely
makes up for in sheer acting finesse!

tweeeeenkies3 - 1/31/2012, 8:27 PM
@DDD...Thanks, man!

We were just talking about you!

I am happy that the response to my new Scott pick is good!
He is a fantastic actor!

I am glad to see my casts have warmed you up to the idea of Bernthal as Wolvie!
Kane is still wonderful!

Liev and Tyler BOTH SUCKED.
Tyler=Like you said, all grunting, and jumping about with no sense at all.

Liev= Constant and redundant lines, that just PISS YOU OFF TO HEAR!
Over and over....

And a Bernthal and Skarsgard battle=Nerd orgasm

I didn't know you have used Rachel before!
I am glad you see how I see it...Her booblessness is hidden by her outstanding acting!

Plus, apparently you have used Kathryn Prescott as Pixie beofore...You are so freakin' smart!
I had no clue you have used her!

I am glad you would watch this, if it were a movie!
DDD - 1/31/2012, 8:31 PM


That is another casting coup!
What have you been eating lately?


Stephen DORFF is short, muscular, has
the straight features in the face, and
can act his friggin' butt off!
And that voice...I can just picture him
saying, Watch yer tongue, BUB...OR I'LL
DDD - 1/31/2012, 8:35 PM
I seriously meant everything I said, TWEEEEENKIES@!

This is one of the finest, well thought out, well put
together fancasts I've ever seen!

DDD - 1/31/2012, 8:39 PM
I'd love to do the dialogue for WOLVERINE in an X-MEN
movie. I'm actually a trained scriptwriter and
it would be a blast to write some kickass lines

lmsao (laughing my silly ass off)
nowtheresaBATman - 1/31/2012, 8:52 PM
@Tweeeeenkies3 how about Christopher Judge as Apocalypse? he's going to be in TDKR.

I like your pick a helluvalot better than Jason Issacs...he plays a wicked villain though...maybe Hellfire Club?

Both Judge & Vosloo have connections in past roles involving ancient Egyptian stuff. Mummy & Stargate.
DDD - 1/31/2012, 9:10 PM
It was actually JOSH WILDING@ who came up with
KATHRYN PRESCOTT because he's from WALES and
KATHRYN is a WELSH actress.
DDD - 1/31/2012, 9:10 PM
I meant to say PIXIE is a WELSH
MikeZ - 1/31/2012, 11:27 PM

Someone likes my pick for Wolverine? And you lumped him in with Jon Bernthal and Christian Kane. You're a gentleman and a scholar!

It just hit me that one day after seeing him in a few movies and looking at his height page at He's gonna be 39, but I think he's a rock solid choice along with Bernthal and Kane.

@ nowtheresaBATman

HailToTheKingBaby actually cast Judge as Apocalypse in his X-Men cast, along with Mads Mikkelsen as Mr. Sinister. Just a friendly reminder.
DDD - 2/1/2012, 1:25 AM
Wow. STEPHEN DORFF is 39, he's
sure a young-looking 39.
tweeeeenkies3 - 2/1/2012, 3:17 AM
@DDD....Why, thank!

I am really happy that you liked the results of my cast!
That is really nice to hear!

That would be really awesome if you were to do the dialogue for X-men!
Especially since you are a trained scriptwriter!

JoshWilding@ is a smart guy then!
Kathryn is the perfect pick!
She is the perfect mixture of cute and fun, and dark, and serious!
She would make an awesome Pixie!
tweeeeenkies3 - 2/1/2012, 3:19 AM
@nowtheresaBATman...I actually don't know Christopher Judge, so I can't really give my true opinion on that one!

I am glad you like Viggo more than Isaacs in the role!
I do too!
Hellsing - 2/1/2012, 3:29 AM
This is pretty good cast its nice a good young actress like Kathryn Prescott get cast in fan cast's I haven't seen her in anything since Skins. Rest of your cast is good too I commend you on your original picks for Shadowcat(very sexy too!), Gambit and Rogue good choices. Not sure about Liam Hemsworth acting ability as I haven't seen him act but yeah in general this cast is good.
tweeeeenkies3 - 2/1/2012, 3:44 AM
@Hellsing...Thank you!

I am glad you like my more original picks on here!
And, Shailene Woodley (Kitty), is VERY sexy!

I think Liam is great, you should check him out!

airrun2000 - 2/1/2012, 4:06 AM
Nice picks, good job.
tweeeeenkies3 - 2/1/2012, 4:10 AM
@airrun2000...Thank you!
Kakarot - 2/1/2012, 4:25 PM
A lot of really good ones here! I love Devon Sawa as Deadpool! Never would've thought of it, but he's a funny chill dude who could definitely also play badass. Your Rogue pick has caught my interest... I've never heard of her until now and she looks like a pretty good pick to me! Great, great stuff dude.
tweeeeenkies3 - 2/1/2012, 4:45 PM
@Kakarot...Thank you, bud!

I love Devon Sawa as well! He is great and very kick ass in Nikita!
He has great comedic timing, and I think it fits Deapool very well!
And, Caitlin is a great young actress...If you want to see anything with her in it...I definitely suggest her movie, Tomorrow, When the War Began...She kicked majot butt, and knows how to get down and dirty!
tweeeeenkies3 - 2/1/2012, 6:27 PM
@SpidermanMarvel...Thanks bro!

I am glad you like my new and old picks!
Eliza is great, isn't she?
Lewis25 - 2/2/2012, 11:09 AM
A lot of your picks are great, like: X-23, Deadpool, Domino, and Apocalypse.

I haven't seen Feore in much besides Riddick and Thor but I think he might be good as Xavier. My choice is Gary Sinise, I think he is an underrated actor and would be great as Xavier.

Bernthal would be good as Wolverine, though I still prefer Christian Kane, and the Steven Dorff pick is growing on me.

I don't know your Emma Frost pick so I don't know if she would be good or not. MY choice is Melissa George.

Michael C Hall as beast might work but I like Keifer Sutherland, his voice is perfect for beast.

I haven't seen your Gambit pick but I hear he is a good actor, he has the look and french is half of a cajun accent so I think he would be good.

I haven't seen Liam in much but I don't see him as Colossus. I would cast Ryan Hurst, he plays Opie in the first season of Sons of Anarchy. I think he is the right size and can play that Gentle giant character.

I don't see Anthony stewart Head as Magneto. I like Thomas Kretschmann as Magneto but I think he might be a little too short, he is 5'9" but I think they could make him look a little Taller. he is a great actor and plays a great badguy.

I love Charlize theron and she would be fantastic as Mystique.

the rest are good.

MrBlueSky - 2/2/2012, 11:16 AM
Green Lantern's up. Check it out here. Justice League International will be up soon.
Ghostfire - 2/3/2012, 4:18 PM
Awesome cast. I actually think Amber Heard would make a good Rogue but Caitlin is a great pick.

Having Charlize, Amber, Gemma and Eliza in an Xmen movie will only happen in my dreams..


Great job Tweenks!
tweeeeenkies3 - 2/3/2012, 6:57 PM
@GhostFire...LOL! Thank you very much!

Amber would be a great Rogue, now that I think about it!

The women in this are all in my wet dreams lol
soundwave129 - 2/4/2012, 10:05 PM
Matthew Fox as Cyclops is brilliant! Gotta say though, no one can top Liev as Sabretooth. Still in my top 20 CBM performances.
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