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Comic Book Movie

A unique take on some fan art, which is influenced DC's television output. There are multiple references to DC's TV shows and characters, including Gotham, Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. Click on to take a look and see if you can spot them all...
Ideas...where do they come from? The simple ones come easy but the bigger, more complex ones -- they come from an altogether Stranger place. Read on for a collaboration between two cbm.com users.
"I'm not going to stop the wheel.. I'm going to break it." - HBO has just released a brand new trailer for the fifth season of their hit fantasy series, Game Of Thrones, at today's Apple Event featuring a ton of new footage of our heroes, villains, dragons and more! Come check it out!
My Take on What could be done between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios over Spider-Man!
An honest attempt at recreating the Avengers: Infinity War Trailer shown at Marvel's Phase III event.
Here is a cool fan-made teaser for The Suicide Squad Movie. Enjoy and please Like!
Of course this crossover is exciting, so I drew this.
Up until now, none of the fan-made artwork we'd seen for The Force Awakens had any official images/footage to draw from, but obviously that all changed yesterday afternoon. Take a look at this great fan-poster which takes inspiration from the most indelible shots in the trailer.
Remember that amazing fan-made poster for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which assembled "The Trinity"? Well, a similar piece has now found its way online and it puts the focus solely on Ben Affleck's (Gone Girl) Dark Knight. Hit the jump to check it out...
Julia Voth has starred in TV shows like Project: SERA and Package Deal, but Marvel Studios (or possibly Sony Pictures) would be wise to give the actress a starring role in a future movie based on these two very cool masked and unmasked Spider-Woman digital paintings...