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An Excellent Fan-Made Avengers Movie Poster!
Good enough to hang on your wall!
Amber Heard To Play Mystique In X-Men :First Class?
According to Production Weekly, The Jonses' actress may be up for the role of a younger version of the shape shifting mutant in Mathew Vaughan's prequel. There's also word on who Rosamund Pike may play, and it ain't Emma Frost!..
Daniel Radcliffe jealous of Tobey Maguire's Spiderman role.
Potter actually wanted to be a superhero…
Arkham Asylum 2 Coming Later This Year?
Will the arkham asylum sequel release later this year?
VIDGAMES: Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions First Look!
A first look at the new spidey game!
Sandra Bullock gets Lynda Carter's Endorsement to Play Wonder Woman
Lynda Carter gives Sandra Bullock the thumbs up to play Wonder Woman!
Iron Man 2 Cups Hit 7-Eleven!
Iron Man 2 ties in with 7-Eleven!
Rocksteady talks Batman Arkham Asylum 2!
Rocksteady talks about plans for the sequel!
The Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths Trailer
The trailer for the upcoming DCU animated movie! Coming in the spring of 2010.
How Transformers ROTF Should Have Ended!
freakin hilarious..........
Smallville Teasing the Death of Superman?
Check out this pic for the "Metallo" episode of Smallville!
Johansson Auctioning Off Iron Man 2 Premiere Tickets!
Plus! A chance to meet Scarlett...
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