James Bond Fan Score (Homage)
A theme I made as a homage to James Bond.
Fantastic Four Theme (Fan-Made)
My musical take on the world's first super family! Hope you all enjoy!
Thanos-Themed Fan-Soundtrack Score LORD THANOS
Bow down to the mighty Thanos and listen to this newly composed score composed by YoDawg. Read for more!
X-MEN Theme Mutants Shall Rise Fan-Made Score
The X-Men have always intrigued me as one of the most interesting teams in media and comics. I've decided to make a theme just for them! Come give it a listen!
Superman Fan-Score- It's a Bird, It's a Plane!
An idea I had for a Superman track. Hopefully you all enjoy what I've made! Hit the jump to give it a listen!
BATMAN Fan-Made Score/Main Theme
Hit the jump to hear my musical interpretation on one of the most iconic and legendary figures in media and comics. I hope you all enjoy it!
THE FLASH Fan-Made Main Theme Soundtrack Sneak Peek
So Warner Bros. is most likely planning to expand their cinematic universe into a Justice League film, which means we'll most likely be seeing The Flash in the mix. In spirit of DC Comics, I'm in the process of making a main theme for the scarlet speedster. Read on for more!