The Punisher decides to take out the Merc With A Mouth once and for all in the latest bloody and brutal instalment of Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #4, while the 616 version of Frank Castle continues his war on crime alongside Rachel Cole-Alves in The Punisher #14.

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By Josh Wilding - 8/19/2012
• What if everthing you thought was funny about Deadpool…was actually just disturbing?
• What if he decided to kill everyone and everything that makes up the Marvel Universe?
• What if he actually pulled it off? Would that be FUN for you?
• The Merc with a Mouth takes a turn for the twisted in a weekly horror comic like no other...

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Written by CULLEN BUNN

• Cole becoming a Punisher.

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Written by GREG RUCKA
Pencils by MICO SUAYAN

BubblesShedAndBreakfast - 8/19/2012, 7:58 AM
Ok for once I agree with Liefeild! The art in the Deadpool book is not the best work Marvel can put out!
GAC - 8/19/2012, 8:00 AM
Liefeld has no business criticizing anyone’s artwork.
BubblesShedAndBreakfast - 8/19/2012, 8:02 AM
That's why I said for once I agree with him. haha.:)
Bodwulf - 8/19/2012, 8:14 AM
I'm sorry is that Shocker blasting Black Widow in the va jay jay?
Shocker vs Black Widow, What the heck?
longbowhunter - 8/19/2012, 8:22 AM
I hate that Marvel is cancelling The Punisher.
Pokeysteve - 8/19/2012, 9:36 AM
This kind of happened in Welcome Back, Frank. He killed them because they were stupid lol.
Deadpool101 - 8/19/2012, 9:41 AM
Are you people kidding me!!! This book is epic as hell. Deadpool kills the marvel universe is by far the best of that series
IIIAdamantiumIII - 8/19/2012, 11:59 AM
LOL now that's what I call a "SHOCKER"
Mucklefluga - 8/19/2012, 1:25 PM
No i dont want punisher to diiiiieeeeee. Even in a random universe mini-series.

And what!! They're cancelling Punisher!!!!
Santibruni - 8/19/2012, 1:33 PM
God, Im the only one who think's that the Punisher looks like Matt Leblanc? lol!
TheDpool - 8/19/2012, 2:03 PM
Shocking Meow Meow Shot ;)
Berzerker93 - 8/19/2012, 2:31 PM
Haha I was thinking that too
ATrueHero1987 - 8/19/2012, 5:26 PM
One thing I know for sure is that The Punisher will come back with a new series. Count on it. Over the years, great comic writers have worked on The Punisher: Garth Ennis, Jason Aaron, and now Greg Rucka. It's a little funny he always gets series over guys like Dr. Strange.
StSharp - 8/19/2012, 8:27 PM
Jason Aaron's run on Castle was great! I personally own Rucka's first Punisher hardcover, but I havent read it yet lol (Really just got it cuz of Bryan Hitch's amazing cover haha) Hope it's as good as any Punisher story!
Lebowski - 8/20/2012, 12:00 AM
Looks like Deadpool is about to kill Joey from the Friends universe.
jimoakley666 - 8/20/2012, 2:05 AM
This Deadpool books looks and sounds like complete and utter bollocks. Toilet paper with a cover.
pepe - 8/20/2012, 8:09 AM
Cr*p Comicbook!!! Deadpool would never stand a chance to most of the characters he´s killed of. And he does it so quickly.
@jimoakley666: My a*s is to good to wipe it with this fricked up Comic!!!
sameoldthing - 8/20/2012, 9:00 AM
No one should ever agree with Liefeld..he's the devil.
Punisher has had some weak artwork over the years at times & his creators never cried like a little girl because of that.

I would like to take Liefeld's tounge & stab his pencils into it,that would shut him up & find a better use for those than making his miserable "artwork".

Obviously Deadpool killing Marvel heroes is a What If? alternate time-line so he can kill whoever he wants..It not the "real Marvel Universe characters" just a crazy,storyline.

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