VIDEO: Paul Bettany & Anthony Mackie Have Hilarious CIVIL WAR Over 'The Vision' Vs 'The Falcon'
Before they potentially go toe-to-toe in Captain America: Civil War, stars Anthony Mackie and Paul Bettany have appeared in a MTV comedy sketch in which they have a "Toystore Showdown" over which of their Marvel superheroes is superior. Check it out after the jump!
Mike Colter Dresses Up In New LUKE CAGE Set Photos
Sweet Christmas! Hit the jump and check out a few new paparazzi photos from the set of Marvel's Luke Cage Netflix series, which is still filming in Harlem, New York City, with leading man Mike Colter spotted shooting an intriguing scene in formal attire as the Hero for Hire.
Saïd Taghmaoui Talks WONDER WOMAN Role; Is He Playing A Superhero?
Hit the jump and check out what the newest addition to the Wonder Woman cast, Saïd Taghmaoui, has to say about his role in Princess Diana's highly-anticipated solo outing, how that role came about, what he had to endure in preparation, and also how long shooting will last.
Paul Bettany Talks ‘The Vision’ Allegiance, Russo Bros, And CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Script
Though we've seen whose side the Vision will choose (at some point) in Captain America: Civil War, Paul Bettany talks here about how we might see the character constantly changing teams, and the actor also discusses the movie's script, and more. Check it out after the jump!
Filming For DOCTOR STRANGE Has Moved To The UK
We hope you appreciated the early Doctor Strange filming coverage because it sounds like we may not get any new set photos or videos for quite some time, at least according to this new report and partially the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Benedict Cumberbatch. Check it out!
First WONDER WOMAN Set Photos Reveal Chris Pine As 'Steve Trevor' And A New Cast Member
Two of the first photos from the Wonder Woman set have found their way online in a rather unusual way, and they reveal not only a cool first look at Chris Pine sporting WW2-era clothes as Steve Trevor, but also an intriguing new addition to the cast. Check it out after the jump!
Léa Seydoux Offers Update On Her GAMBIT Casting
Has Spectre leading lady Léa Seydoux accepted 20th Century Fox's offer to portray Belladonna Boudreaux opposite Channing Tatum in the Gambit big-screen adaptation? Hit the jump and check out her response, albeit one delivered hours prior to the recent director news.
Nicholas Hoult Says X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Goes Extreme And Oscar Isaac Is A Badass
Hit the jump and check out the latest from Nicholas Hoult as the English actor talks more about returning as Hank McCoy aka Beast in X-Men: Apocalypse, the 1980s costumes, as well as Oscar Isaac's performance as En Sabah Nur for which he offers nothing but praise.
New JESSICA JONES Poster Features Hell's Kitchen's Newest Hero And Mind-Controlling Villain
In anticipation of next week's streaming premiere, a brand new promotional poster has just been released for Marvel's Jessica Jones Netflix series featuring Kilgrave aka Purple Man (David Tennant) readying to place the titular superheroine (Krysten Ritter) under his command.
RUMOR: Major Marvel Villainess To Appear In THOR: RAGNAROK
If the Incredible Hulk's inclusion wasn't an indication, this new info certainly proves that Marvel Studios has some big plans for Chris Hemsworth's fifth time wielding mjolnir in Thor: Ragnarok. Hit the jump to find out which new character might appear in the movie!
For the first time since the Ant-Man sequel was announced, Peyton Reed talks here about returning to the director's chair and giving the pint-sized hero and the Wasp equal billing, and he even weighs in on a rough cut of Captain America: Civil War and more. Check it out!
Awesome New JESSICA JONES Trailer Hits The Net
"The past is never past" in the second official trailer for Marvel's Jessica Jones Netflix series, which features a new look at the titular superheroine's (Krysten Ritter) encounter with fellow hero Luke Cage (Mike Colter) as well as the villainous Kilgrave (David Tennant).
UPDATE: Did Bradley Cooper Just Reveal The Villain Of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL 2?
Marvel Studios may not be pleased with Bradley Cooper after seeing this video interview in which the Rocket Raccoon voice actor potentially reveals which character will be not only the main villain of the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, but also the father of Chris Pratt's Star-lord.
More Cool DOCTOR STRANGE Set Vids And Pics Featuring 'Baron Mordo' And Sorcerer Supreme
Is Chiwetel Ejiofor's Baron Mordo getting physical (or sorcerous?) with Benedict Cumberbatch's Stephen Strange in one of the latest photos from the Nepal set of Doctor Strange? Check it out after the jump where you'll also find interesting set footage with them interacting.
First Look At Chiwetel Ejiofor As 'Baron Mordo' Filming DOCTOR STRANGE In Nepal
That mysterious hooded figure from yesterday's Doctor Strange shoot is a mystery no more as new set photos reveal it's none other than Chiwetel Ejiofor fully costumed as Baron Mordo alongside Benedict Cumberbatch who's also returned to set. Check it out after the jump!
More Awesome CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Promo Art Revealed From Licensed Mugs
The quality of the images isn't that great, but the latest bit of promotional artwork for Captain America: Civil War comes in the form of coffee mugs and reveals an epic new look at Captain America taking on the Black Panther, and much more. Check it out after the jump!
Ryan Reynolds Suits Up Again For DEADPOOL Reshoots
It appears Ryan Reynolds has returned before cameras fully-costumed as the Merc with a Mouth with reshoots for the highly-anticipated Deadpool movie well underway in Vancouver. Check out awesome set photos featuring the antihero bum-rushing a well-dressed civilian.
First DOCTOR STRANGE Set Video Shows Hooded Figure And Benedict Cumberbatch In Action
There's unfortunately no sorcery action as far as we can see, but Doctor Strange set footage and more HQ photos have emerged from today's filming, which took place at a new location, and involved Benedict Cumberbatch as well as a mysterious hooded being. Check it out!
UPDATE: Tons Of New STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Footage Packed In International Trailer
Despite director J.J. Abrams declaring the most recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer would be the last, an international version has just surfaced online and it reveals a ton of fresh footage from the highly-anticipated sci-fi epic sequel. Check it out after the jump!
Nicholas Hoult Frustrated By Some Superhero Movies - They're Just Packaging
There seems to be some indirect shots fired at Marvel Studios in this recent interview with Nicholas Hoult, in which, the Mad Max: Fury Road star explains why he's frustrated with some superhero movies and implies the X-Men franchise is superior. Check it out after the jump!
New DOCTOR STRANGE Set Pics Show Closer Look At Benedict Cumberbatch's Sorcerer Supreme
Great new photos have emerged from the Nepal set of Doctor Strange and they reveal not only a much better look at Benedict Cumberbatch in full costume, but also the possibility that his Sorcerer Supreme will be American as opposed to British. Check it out after the jump!
Rhys Ifans Says SPIDER-MAN Franchise Needs A Kick Up The A#se After AMAZING Reboot
After reflecting on his role as the Dr. Curt Connors aka Lizard in the not-so Amazing Spider-Man and how it didn't turn out the way he had hoped, actor Rhys Ifans shares his viewpoint on Marvel and Sony's reboot and the direction he hopes it takes. Check it out after the jump!
Alice Eve Is Still Keen On Landing A MARVEL Role
Despite her multiple casting near-misses, Star Trek Into Darkness star Alice Eve has revealed that she's still very much interested in playing a Marvel character on the big-screen while promoting her role opposite Captain America, Chris Evans, in Before We Go. Check it out!
War Is Coming In Epic First Footage From WARCRAFT
Ahead of this Friday's full-length teaser trailer debut, 15 seconds of the first footage from Duncan Jones' big-screen adaptation of the Warcraft video game series has just been officially released online, and it looks pretty epic as you might you expect. Check it out!
New DEADPOOL Images And Details Reveal Easter Eggs, X-MEN Ties, Sequel Ideas And More
Hit the jump and get a new look at Wade Wilson in and out of costume, and also check out some revealing new Deadpool set visit details that touch on cameos, easter eggs, Colossus, the R-rating, the Merc with a Mouth breaking the fourth wall, and who was almost the villain!