How Chappie Got His Artificial Intelligence? Director Cut A Bit Explained..
Explanation by director of Chappie how a police droid actually came alive and a bit of major Spoilers into the story of movie
Star Trek Cast Members Share Thoughts On Leonard Nimoys Death
Yesterday Star Trek Fans Got The News They've Been Dreading So Hit The Jump To See What Members Of The Current Film And Oeriginal Cast As Well As Famous Freinds Have To Say On This News
What Time Is It? ADVENTURE TIME Film In Development At Warner Bros.
Come on, grab your friends. Warner Bros. is bringing the adventures of Jake the Dog and Finn the Human to the big screen with the help of Cartoon Network and the producers of The LEGO Movie. Hit the jump for more details.
Disney XD To Retell STAR WARS Saga In New LEGO Mini-Series
Having already teamed-up with LucasFilm to deliver the popular Star Wars Rebels animated series, Disney XD will now attempt to tackle the main saga in LEGO form - telling the tale from a rather unique perspective. Read on for more details...
Peter Schilling / Shiny Toy Guns- Major Tom (Coming Home) (Star Trek Video Mixes)
The videos of the 1983 number one international hit single & the 2009 cover with additional footages from the 1973-2002 feature film adaptation from Star Trek: The Motion Picture to Nemesis & its 2009 feature film adapted reboot & its sequel.
FAN ART: Spider-Women Part 1
Fan art of some of the spider-women that have been in Spiderverse.
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What Movies/TV Shows should be adapted to Comic Books?
What Movies/TV Shows should be adapted to comic books? Here are my picks!
A different Spider-Man in the MCU
A thought about our new MCU Spider-Man that I believe is...just a little different.
Is Arrow Just Batman?
Is Arrow just a Batman ripoff? Find out my thoughts below. And SPOILER ALERT for the most recent episodes I might add.
Evan Peters Talks 'Quicksilver', Gives Thoughts On 'Age Of Ultron'
In a recent interview, actor Evan Peters shared his excitement on playing the Marvel speedster, as well as giving his opinion on the character's separate 'Avengers' appearance. Hit the jump for more details!
My Thoughts On What That Robert Downey Jr Announcement Is
Robert Downey Jr. has said to expect an announcement next week. What could it be? Let's discuss.
COMICS: Nick Lowe Talks 'Spider-Verse', 'Secret Wars', and 'Spider-Gwen'
Spider-Man may be through with one universe-hopping adventure, but there's more to come for our favourite wall-crawler! Read on for details!
Power/Rangers Producer Is Disappointed Saban Removed The Short Film
Well It Seems The Power Rangers Fan Film That's Taken Over The Internet Has Found A Massive Celebrity Fan And Adi Shanker Speaks out About His Disappointed With Saban Hit The Jump For More.
POWER RANGERS Fan Film Removed From YouTube By Saban; Filmmakers To Appeal Decision
It seems the much-debated fan film has been targeted by Saban for removal from the internet, and the minds behind the project are not happy! Read on for more details!
My List Of Video Games I Would Love To See Be Made Into Movies
i am sure i am not the first person to do this, but here is my list of video games that i would love to see on the sliver screen some day. ENJOY!
COMICS: Jessica Drew Leaps Into Action In SPIDER-WOMAN #5
Jessica Drew jumps into action with a brand new costume in these preview panels for Spider-Woman #5 written by Dennis Hopeless with art by Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez. Hit the jump to check it out.
COMICS: The Doctor Faces The Weeping Angels In DOCTOR WHO: THE TENTH DOCTOR #8
Don't Blink as the Tenth Doctor faces the threat of The Weeping Angels in Robbie Morrison (2000AD) and artist Daniel Indro's (Sherlock Holmes: Moriarty Lives) Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #8
COMICS: It's The Punch Heard Around The World In IRON FIST: THE LIVING WEAPON #10
In Kaare Andrews' Iron Fist: The Living Weapon Danny Rand faces some serious trouble as The One’s plans come closer to fruition. Check out the preview panels after the jump.
POEM: The Human Rocket
I did a mock English exam the other day and wrote a speech about Nova being dead and how Marvel better bring him back. Then earlier, I brainfarted a poem, only to find myself in the mood to do another comic book inspired one. Et voi lá...
COMICS: Namor Meets An Alternate Invisible Woman In This Preview For AVENGERS WORLD #18
Namor tries to comfort an Invisible Woman from another upon as the Cabal wreaks havoc in this preview for Frank J. Barbiere and artist Andres Mossa's Avengers World #18.
COMICS: Catwoman's Bisexuality Confirmed By Series Writer Genevieve Valentine
In the recent issue of Catwoman series writer Genevieve Valentine did something that took many fans by surpise and confirmed that the character known for her off an on relationship with the Dark Knight is bisexual.
COMICS: Marvel Reveals New York City Themed Variant Covers
The comics company embraces it's roots by revealing anumber of New York City themed variant covers for a number of titles. Hit the jump to check out the covers by Matthieu Forichon, Mico Suayan, Alex Maleev, and Mike Perkins.
Benedict Cumberbatch Writes Letter For SHERLOCK Fan's Funeral
This Monday was the funeral for 14-year-old Sherlock superfan, Eve Shepherd, and while Cumberbatch could not attend because he was filming the show she loved he did write a heartfelt letter to the family.
Neill Blomkamp Discusses ELYSIUM; Says He F**ked It Up
After his acclaimed debut film, District 9, many fans were dissapointed by his second film Elysium, and now in a recent interview Blomkamp honestly admits to dropping the ball.