Just finished watching Superman errr I mean Amazing Spider-man 2. With the hype surrounding one of the biggest comic book characters in cinematography, was Amazing Spider-man 2 a success or a failure? Hit the jump to find out my thoughts on the film.
Help CBM Regular Save Local Comic Book Shop!
A friend of mine, I met a few years ago during Free Comic Book Day at our local comic book shop (Capital Comics & Games in Decatur, IL) is trying to save our city's only comic book shop. Please help
FAN ART: A DC Comics Amalgamation Of Heroes
In this edition, Lantern Storm shows off his artwork and imagination with concept art for an amalgamation of DC Heroes. What would happen if Superman & Captain Marvel, Batman & Green Arrow, Green Lantern & Firestorm, and Wonder Woman and Mera merged?
5 actors who could or should have played Lex Luthor
We've seen list after list of people that fans would like to see play Lex Luthor. The list I have created, is one of 4 actors who would be great to play the character in Man Of Steel 2 and one who should have been cast as Lex before he died. Hit the jump to find out.
MAN OF STEEL 2: How To Continue The Momentum.
With talk of a Man of Steel sequel being in development, speculation has begun on villains and story. After the jump, you will find my detailed list of how film makers could make the sequel better than the first.
Lantern Storm Reviews Man of Steel: With Spoilers!
Many have given mixed reviews of the new Superman film. Going in I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was sure it couldn't be any worse than Superman Returns... was I wrong, or right? hit the jump to find out.
How Superman and Lois Lane could conceive a child
It's a question that fan boys have argued over for years. How could Superman and Lois Lane have sex, let alone conceive a child? Both of these question will be answered when you hit the jump.
Lantern Storm's own superhero and villain designs
In this showcase, I will bring to you several superheroes and villains of my own design and creation. Almost all of these are drawn with pencil and colored using sharpie colored markers. On many of these I've used the same character outline and built my characters from that.
More of Lantern Storm's Fan Art
In this Gallery, I display several drawings of my own including Fan favorites from the 80's and ending with 3 superheroes of my own creation and design.
What If DC and Marvel had a shared Universe?
Ever wonder what would happen if DC and Marvel merged their universes and a new Justice League and Avengers were formed? Find out here!
How DC can become greater than Marvel Cinematically
Everyone has theories of what it would take to make a successful Justice League movie. In this fan fic article, I will go through exactly what I believe it would take.
Reviewing A Good Day to Die Hard
Lantern Storm reviews "A Good Day To Die Hard". Did the movie meet or exceed expectations? Or did it Die Hard. Find out here, Spoilers Ahead!
Properties DC Comics should purchase
Throughout the 20th century and the early years of the 21st century, we've seen several great heroes fall into a void. These heroes were the predecessors to the majority of the heroes we know today, but for some reason or another they've fallen into a nexus in which they currently don't belong to any comic book universe. These are the Properties I believe DC should purchase and return to the main stream.
Rebooting the DC Cinematic Universe part 2
Continuing my reboot of the DCCU, today I'll be taking you through the Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and Justice League movies as well as my Green Arrow and Aquaman TV series.
Rebooting the DC Cinematic Universe part 1
In this part 1 of my new article series, I will take you through exactly how I believe the DC Cinematic Universe should be rebooted. From the big screen to CW dramas and animated series, there's a vast array of possibilities for how DC could accomplish far greater things than Marvel has with their cinematic universe.
Fan Art: Superman, Batman and Wolverine Watercolor
In the article, I present to you a series of water color paintings, sketches etc in which I've done of some comic book and comic book related characters. I do apologize for the roughness of some of the pictures, as my scanner broke and had to capture them with my iPhone.
Rebooting the DC Universe: Wonder Woman
It's now time to Reboot Wonder Woman. How will a new version of Wonder Woman, Troia, Wonder Girl and Nubia become apart of the new DC Universe? Hit the jump to find out.
How to propose to your girlfriend The Marvel Way
When the time comes in a relationship, one has to decide how he is going to propose marriage to the woman of his dreams. Personally, I waited until Valentines Day and woke my then girlfriend up with a kiss, a hug and a ring. That however wasn't good enough for one comic book fan. Hit the jump to find out more.
Rebooting the DC Universe Volume 1
This is a collection of the Rebooting the DC Universe articles I've posted in the Fan Fic section thus far. Included in this volume are my reboots of Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Firestorm.
Rebooting the DC Universe: Infinity Inc.
In the installment of Rebooting the DC Universe, I'll be giving you my take on Infinity Inc. I'll take you step by step through the creation of the team and why each hero was brought into the group.
Rebooting the DC Universe: Green Lantern & Firestorm
Part 5 is here, in my Rebooting the DC Universe series. In this installment, I'll be rebooting both Green Lantern and Firestorm. In my reboot, the origins of both the Firestorm Matrix and Green Lantern Corps are inner twined, stemming from the same beginnings.
FEATURE: Tips For The Aspiring Comic Book Artist
Have you ever wanted to learn to draw so that you can create your own comic book or show off your own redesigns of characters? After what seemed like endless searching online, I have found many videos on youtube which take you step by step on how to draw a variety of different characters etc.
Rebooting the DC Universe: Batman pt. 2
In this segment, I'll be continuing my reboot of Batman with a forgotten and little known partner of his from the Ten Cent Adventures. Who is Sasha Bordeaux, and how has she affected the lives of the Bat Family in this rebooted universe?
Rebooting the DC Universe: Flash and Green Arrow
In this 3rd part of my new Rebooting the DCU series, I'll take a look at how I would reboot both the Flash and Green Arrow. Though my reboot of the 2 heroes will be small, they would have a big impact on the universe.
Rebooting the DC Universe: Batman
In this installment of my new series, I'll be rebooting the Batman franchise. Most of the Bat Family's history will remained unchanged, however the Gotham Rogues will have drastic reboots. Hit the jump to discover how I reboot the Batman franchise.