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The Internet Reacts to The First Image of The Joker in SUICIDE SQUAD
Check out how the digital world reacted to the First Look at The Joker in David Ayer's upcoming Suicide Squad film.
Chris Evans And Jeremy Renner Called Black Widow A “****” And *****” [Updated]
Find out what Captain America and Hawkeye stars are under fire for calling Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow character in an interview with Digital Spy.
Ryan Reynolds Shows Off 'DEADPOOL' Muscles!
DEADPOOL leading actor Ryan Reynold showed off his buff arms in this new fan photo he posted to Twitter on Monday morning (March 30).
JasonBlue's Fan Cast For GREEN LANTERN
Its been a while since I've done this, but I've been newly inspired to complete my ideal cast for the GREEN LANTERN film and additionally a cast they can use for the CW's DC Universe. Click inside to find out more!
Thanks to a fan photo, we now know that Michael Shannon (General Zod) is in Chicago at the moment. Furthermore the image also includes Henry Cavill (Superman). What could this mean?
ARROW: Cassidy Confirms Sara Will Play A Large Role In Season 3
As comic book fans know, Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), will become the Black Canary. The events of the season three premiere, sets the character up to begin her journey towards becoming a superhero. Many were left wondering whether Sara will remain part of the show in some way. Click inside to find out.
4 Reasons Why Barbara Kean Is GOTHAM's Kate Kane (Batwoman)
Fan favourite Renee Montoya shocked fans when she brought up her past with the future Mrs. Gordon. What's going on with Barbara Kean? Its been the question on everyone's mind since watching GOTHAM's pilot episode. Is the mother of the future Batgirl this show's Kate Kane?
TITANS Villains Fan Cast
Jason Blue here! After my last fan cast gained much praise, I've decided to fullfill the requests of many and cast more characters in the upcoming TITANS television series. Following @CherryBomb's suggestion, I've selected the Fearsome Five as the villains for season 1 of TITANS. Click inside to see my picks!
A Pretty Great Titans TV Show Fan Cast
Although I had never been a fan of the animated series, I have been well exposed to the Teen Titans/Young Justice comic book series. I also watch literally every TV show I can find. Thus using my knowledge I've compiled a dream cast for the roles of the Titans.
Predictions For DC/WB's Upcoming Films
A calculated prediction on what I hypothesize may be announced in DC/WB's schedule.
The Dark Knight's The Joker And Iron Man 3's The Mandarin Cameo In Bengali Film
Notorious villains from rival studios Marvel and WB/DC appear for the first time in the History of Film, in the same scene in a live action blockbuster. Although most of us will never see the film, nor understand the film if we saw it, this is a landmark moment for the Comic Book Movie fans. Check out the screenshot of the scene inside.
'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice': No Trinity Picture Reveal at SDCC?
Clay Enos, the set still photographer on 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice', reveals what NOT to expect at Comic-Con 2014 and when fans will be able to see the picture he had infamously teased on twitter.
RUMOR: Nightwing To Appear On ARROW Season 3
Steven R McQueen of CW's hit series The Vampire Diaries posted another picture on his Instagram hinting at being cast as Nightwing, but this time, less subtly. Take a look at the picture and judge for yourself.
RUMOR: Is Felicity Smoak Leaving CW's ARROW?!?
In a move that may come as a shock for all Arrow fans, fan favourite Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett) may be on her way out of the show. Read inside to find out more.
Miles Teller Explains How He Got A Role In FOX's Upcoming The Fantastic Four
Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic) explains how different the audition process was for FOX's The Fantastic Four compared to other roles he had previously tried out for. He also comes clean on how long Michael B Jordan has been locked down for the role of Johnny Storm.
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