Scrotum beards! Come check out another hilarious "How It Should Have Ended" video. This time the crew has some fun with Peter Jackson's latest fantasy epic, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

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By nailbiter111 - 1/17/2013

Thanks to loyalfan99 for the heads up!

The Hobbit is an upcoming two-part epic fantasy film directed by Peter Jackson. It is a film adaptation of the 1937 novel of the same name by J. R. R. Tolkien and prequel to The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. Jackson, director of The Lord of the Rings, returns as director of the film and also serves as producer and co-writer. The film will star Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins and Richard Armitage, known for playing Lucas North in the BBC drama series Spooks, as Thorin Oakenshield. Several actors from Jackson's The Lord of the Rings film trilogy will reprise their roles, including Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis, Hugo Weaving, Cate Blanchett, Christopher Lee, Ian Holm, Elijah Wood, and Orlando Bloom. Additionally, composer Howard Shore, who wrote the score for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, has confirmed his role in both parts of the film project. The two parts, entitled The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: There and Back Again, are being filmed back to back and are currently in production in New Zealand; principal photography began on March 21, 2011. They are scheduled to be released on December 14, 2012 and December 13, 2013, respectively.

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TheFascinatingMan - 1/17/2013, 12:35 PM
You're welcome :)
marvel72 - 1/17/2013, 12:39 PM
i haven't watched the video yet but they should of got the eagles to fly them the rest of the way.
shiverman20 - 1/17/2013, 1:06 PM
how many times does it need to be explained about the eagles?! These guys obviously dropped that in for kicks but people STILL think that's a legit plothole! Very funny video
digymastr - 1/17/2013, 1:06 PM
I love this movie, For anyone wondering why they don't ride the Eagles all the way to the mountain, the Eagles don't like being Middle Earth's taxi, so they only rescued them from danger.
GodzillaKart - 1/17/2013, 1:14 PM
Hmmm. That movie had a lot to make fun of...but this wasn't funny.
marvel72 - 1/17/2013, 1:17 PM
@ batz11

yeah i thought i'd bring it up before i pressed play.
RorMachine - 1/17/2013, 1:23 PM
There is a lot of deus-eagle-machina in Tolkien, but it's explained at one point that they won't allow themselves to be pawns in the affairs of the free folk but will rescue Gandalf if he's in a tight spot cos they like him and shit. Bit sketchy, but there ya go
thejfather1 - 1/17/2013, 1:23 PM
Its also the fact that when mithrandir was sent to middle earth with the other istari, they were given strict orders to let the lesser races make their own destiny, not do the whole thing for them. Thats why gandalf doesnt do shooting laser beams the whole time during the battles in LOTR, and the fact he only really uses his magic when they are really in a jam. Manwe and the other ainur want the lesser races to not have to rely on the wizards to do everything for them.

Thats also the reason the wizards came to middle earth looking like old geezers. They could choose whatever physical form they wanted fir their arrival in middle earth, and they decided to appear as old men rather than beefy super elves or something, cause that wasnt their purpose
thejfather1 - 1/17/2013, 1:24 PM

there you go, my last post is everyones explanation
DioFoRio - 1/17/2013, 1:44 PM
that one wasn't their best.
BubblesShedAndBreakfast - 1/17/2013, 1:46 PM
This was one of the least funny ones Ive seen. Oh we'll can't win em all!
SomTingWong - 1/17/2013, 1:56 PM
Vadakin - 1/17/2013, 3:07 PM
This video is a throwback to their LOTR video but it does raise a legitimate point. In the movie, Gandalf sees Bilbo put something in his pocket and he clearly gives a suspicious look. But he lets it go. But why? Gandalf knows all about Sauron and the ring. He had a conversation with the elves and Saruman about Sauron and the Witch King and all of that stuff. But no, he let's it go....for 60 damn years. Enough time for Sauron to build his forces and prepare his attack. So obviously Gandalf doesn't know that Bilbo has the ring of power, but you'd think he'd want to check out what Bilbo has.

The answer to all of this is quite simple of course. The Hobbit was written long before that ring became the deadliest weapon in Middle Earth. If Bilbo doesn't hold on to the ring for 6 decades - no Lord Of The Rings.

Incidentally, how old is Aragorn when The Hobbit takes place? I know in the movie, Gandalf leaving Frodo to research the ring and come back is a matter of weeks, which would mean that Aragorn is in his...what...twenties? But in the books, Gandalf is away for a number of years (I remember it being 16 but I'm probably wrong) which would make Aragorn a child during the quest to Erebor. Right? He'd be...26, 27 or something in Jackson continuity and maybe 10 in Tolkien continuity?
comicle199 - 1/17/2013, 3:38 PM
look the reson gandalf dosent recognise the rings severity at first is because no one really knows of the power that is rising it is just suspision of an old power
as for the eagles gandalf is middle earths answer to an angel him and the four other wizards had a part in creating middle earth and were sent down to fight sauron in the first war that is the reason he is not allowed to interfere in certain ways
siggisuperman - 1/17/2013, 4:11 PM
Giant eagles are like deities in Middle earth. They live far above people and care not of the matters of men and elves and dwarves. They only help Gandalf because he is a wizard and friend of Radagast, who is very respected by all animals. Gandalf and the other wizards are thousands of years old and they see the world in a different light than us mere mortals. They know that they cannot meddle too much.
SauronsBANE - 1/17/2013, 5:34 PM
@Vadakin, the book makes a little more sense. Yes the book was originally written without LOTR in mind, but Tolkien did go back and re-write some parts of it. In the book, while he doesn't see Bilbo slip the Ring into his pocket, it's implied that Gandalf suspects there was something behind Bilbo escaping from Gollum and the Goblins. At this point, he has no idea the Ring was with Gollum all this time, he doesn't know who the Necromancer actually is. Even if he thought Bilbo had found a magic Ring, it's only in FOTR that he discovers it's the ONE RING. If it was one of the lesser ones, it really isn't that big a deal. So ya, it's convenient that it takes 6 decades to find out, but from his perspective, it's understandable.
TyrionLannister - 1/17/2013, 8:26 PM
Great movie! Fantastic parody! Particularly loved the closing song.
NeoBaggins - 1/18/2013, 12:52 AM
Thorin: "He's long gone"
Bilbo: "No he isn't"
Thorin: "That's awkward"

= Not funny.

MOST of their videos are unfunny.
theartofoneness - 1/18/2013, 4:18 AM
yea i didnt even giggle inside. i think they need better writing, or should stick to something that isnt comedy. I suspect they are getting paid to do it these days so it can afford to be uninspired haha.

Thorin: "He's long gone! We will never see that hobbit again i garantee it."
Bilbo: "Here I am!"
ThorinL "Nope, long gone i say.. He wont be coming back any time soon."
Bilbo: "Umm.. Im right here Thorin"
Thorin: "If I was a bettin dwarf, Ide bet dead."
Bilbo: "uhh"
Gandalf "Just give him a moment, he hasnt realized your standing here yet, hes too wrapped up in his speach."
Thorin "Probably his daintly ways what got him killed. Soft hands... Smooth skin... Soft subtle lipps.." - a glazed perverted look overtakes thorins face
Gandalf "Oh.. Ohhhhhh... Awkward."
-The rest of the dwarves squirm at the awkward moment

Ide giggle at that lol but Im trying to think of whats funny to me. makes me wonder if they are trying not to offend people is all, so it turns out lame and cheesy.

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