Well, the page alerting us to its presence has taken down from CBM, but the image of a non-wearable costume mock up for The Wolverine generated five pages of discussion. Here's a solid photoshop mock-up of Hugh wearing the mask from that costume... Let the informed opinion sharing begin!
A Modest Proposal To Ban Predicting The Future Of Unreleased Superhero Films
It has become abundantly clear that offering opinions about future film releases, even opinions based on historical evidence, is a blight on the community of comic book fans. In fact, even expressing opinions about current or past films must end. They are simply too destructive.
Why The Justice League Is Doomed To Be Sub-Par...Or The Three Hurdles
There are three hurdles that will make the eventual Justice League movie average at best when compared to The Avengers. The film could clear one hurdle, or two, but it is impossible for it to leap over all three and reach Avenger-levels of positive reception and box office.
MARVEL/DC Movies ~ Would You Rather?
Ever wonder what the world would be like if things had gone differently? Not in an important way, like your parents not meeting, but something like, what if the Marvel Cinematic Universe had been DC's idea, and vice versa? Find out which world you'd rather live in after reading about the alternate universe where just such a thing happened!