Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four When an experimental space voyage goes awry, four people are changed by cosmic rays into the superheroes known as The Fantastic Four. Reed Richards, brilliant scientist, is transformed into the elastic Mr. Fantastic. His wife, Sue Storm, can now bend light and and produce force fields as The Invisible Woman. Sue's little brother Johnny Storm now has powers that match his fiery personality as The Human Torch. Pilot Benjamin Grimm, never much to look at, but now he is a monstrous Thing --completely covered by a rocky orange hide which makes him invunerable to harm and super-strong. Together, they become the Fantastic Four. A little known B-Movie by Roger Corman was produced in 1994 and went straight to video. Then, Fox made the best attempt at the big screen in 2005, with Ioan Gruffud, Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis and Chris Evans, to be followed by a sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer in 2007. Now it looks like we're in for a reboot in 2013.
After weeks of promise, DaveAriKhanlark finally gives in and reveals his take on Marvel's first family... But is it any good? Well, that my friends, is up to you to find out. Hit the jump to check out my (rather long) pitch for The Fantastic Four!
An international fan's picture with Fox's Fantastic Four billboard has provided our best look yet at Jamie Bell's Ben Grimm post-transformation. Check out the image after the jump and decide if you prefer this new version, or the Michael Chiklis (2005 Fantastic Four) take.
Check out the new poster for 20th Century Fox's Fantastic Four reboot from director Josh Trank. Do you agree with the fan speculation that the mysterious portal glimpsed in the trailer is actually a gateway to the Negative Zone? The reboot arrives in theaters 08.07.15.
Déjà vu or is this a new potential leak regarding the FANTASTIC FOUR reboot? A new summary is making the rounds and if true, it contains MAJOR SPOILERS. The leak features details on how the team is formed, an after credits scene, and much more. Click on for the rest!
With a flurry of other comic book movie properties on the radar right now, it's understandable to forget that there's a Fantastic Four film released in five months. However, Miles Teller has reminded us about it, and the 2017 sequel, in a new interview. Take a look after the jump.
There's been a lot of complaints from fans about the "containment suits" Josh Trank's rebooted team of adventurers will be wearing in Fantastic Four, but according to star Miles Teller (Reed Richards), we will indeed get to see a version of their classic costumes. Read on for details...
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Miles Teller talks here about whether we'll get to see any humour in Josh Trank's rather dark looking reboot - it sounds like we'll get to hear "It's Clobberin' Time!" at least - and also weighs in on faithfulness to the comics as well as a possible X-Men crossover down the line...
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The ramifications of Disney's surprising Star Wars Episode VIII release date announcement are already being felt, and while the Batman centric The LEGO Movie spinoff has yet to back down, the Fantastic Four 2has been delayed. Hit the jump to find out the new release date!
Four new official images from Josh Trank's Fantastic Four have been released by Total Film, and they give us a much better look at Reed Richards (Miles Teller), Sue Storm (Kate Mara), and Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) following their transformation. Check them out...
So who REALLY represents their characters in live action movies the best? Is the MARVEL Cinematic Universe really "perfect"? Or are there more flaws than many would like to admit? And is the DC/WB universe actually shaping up to be better? Hit the jump to see just how well they truly measure up!
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This is my Fan Cast for a Fantastic Four movie
The NEW "4 Minutes (Fantastic Four Video Mix)" by Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland POSTER!!!!
There were a few shake-ups among the release dates of Phase 3 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies when Spider-Man entered the fray – let’s take a look at the current state of things with this infographic
Whiplash star Miles Teller comments here about talking to advisers on the set of Josh Trank's Fantastic Four to ensure that he got all of Reed Richards' scientific lingo correct, and drops some intriguing details about how Mister Fantastic's powers will be portrayed...
Director Josh Trank talks here about Fantastic Four, revealing new details about what to expect from the reboot, how it differs from other recent "cartoonish" comic book movies, the way that the team's powers are portrayed on screen, and surprises for fanboys...
Four new stills have been released from Josh Trank's reboot of Fantastic Four, and as well as new looks at Johnny Storm and a very human Ben Grimm, we get to see The Invisible Woman's costume for the first time along with a scene between Reed Richards and Harvey Elder, a.k.a. Mole Man!
Mr. Fantastic actor Miles Teller comments on the positive response to The Fantastic Four trailer, and being surprised by it himself, all the while a detail about the third act may have been revealed.
There were rumblings of an alternate first trailer for The Fantastic Four being screened in select theaters, but one brave soul has finally recorded and uploaded some of the new bits in low-quality
For my 2nd article I've decided to cast the Marvel cinematic universe, with new/different choices of course
Blink and you'll miss it, but a quick snippet of new footage from The Fantastic Four features in this 15-second international television ad for the Josh Trank-directed Fox/Marvel reboot. Check it out!
The "4 Minutes (Fantastic Four Video Mix)" by Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland TRAILER!!!!
It's been some time since the teaser trailer for Fantastic Four debuted and if you're itching to see new footage, look no further than Kingsman! People have reported watching an alternate variant attached to the spy comedy and though it isn't much, check out what they have to say...