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The official description for Arrow's fourteenth episode of season three has been revealed by The CW this evening, and in it we learn how exactly Deathstroke's return in the present day will go down. It seems fair to say that it definitely won't be as most expected. Hit the jump for details!
Twenty new stills have been released from next week's episode of Arrow, and we get to see [SPOILER] set out on his journey to return to Starling City, Arsenal and Black Canary leading an army into battle against Brick, and Malcolm Merlyn suited up as the Dark Archer...
Check out a slightly different, HQ promo for the next episode of The CW's Arrow starring Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy. Will the Arrow return in time to save Starling City from Vinnie Jones' Brick?
This week's Digital Audience Ratings crowned a new leader, forcing the AVENGERS sequel and other prior leaders down one spot; FANT4STIC trailer expected to crack top 5 next week; hit the jump for more.
Next week, when the Glades come under attack and with Team Arrow still down an Arrow, it's up to Diggle to decide whether or not the team should accept an enticing offer from the notoriously manipulative Malcolm Merlyn. Come check out the extended promo for the next episode now!
Following tonight's episode of Arrow (which was once again featured plenty of twists and turns), the promo for the next instalment - "Uprising" - has been released. With Laurel now tackling crime as Black Canary and Oliver M.I.A., it appears as if Team Arrow will make a surprising new addition...
In a new clip from tonight's episode of Arrow ("Midnight City"), we get to see Starling City's latest hero Black Canary (Katie Cassidy) fighting alongside Arsenal (Colton Haynes). How does The Arrow's sidekick feel about Laurel suiting up? Hit the jump to check it out...
WB's plans for a live-action Suicide Squad film may have curtailed The CW's plans for a Suicide Squad spinoff from Arrow, but Amanda Waller's (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) dastardly group will return in episode 18, "Suicidal Tendencies" with a few additions and subtractions to the roster.
One of this season's biggest mysteries has been the agenda of master villain Malcolm Merlyn, who has spent most of the season training and manipulating Thea. Come check out this brand new featurette where we're given a BTS look at his final test for Thea!
Ray Palmer (Bradon Routh) and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) are visiting Central City to solicit the help of STAR Labs to finish Ray's A.T.O.M. armor but stay to help The Flash (Grant Gustin) with other problems.
In a lengthy new clip from this Wednesday's episode of Arrow ("Midnight City"), we see Brick (Vinnie Jones) attack City Hall, but caught in the crossfire are Ray Palmer and Felicty! However, much to the surprise of everyone, the future Atom wastes no time in springing into action...
A brand new international promo for next week's episode of Arrow has surfaced featuring a fairly big spoiler that reveals that there may be more than meets the eye when it comes to one character.. I've already said too much.. come check it out!
"SINCERIOUSLY" is a new Campaign started by Stephen Amell to help raise money for two important charities, Stand for the Silent & Paws and Stripes. Click the jump to find out how you can help.
The midseason premiere of Arrow was packed full of twists and turns, but it was the final scene which left most fans' jaws on the floor! What does this moment mean for the future of The CW series? Well, it looks like it will shake things up quite a bit! Hit the jump to check it out...
The CW have dropped an extended version of the Arrow & Flash shared promo 'Super Starts Here' showcasing the heroes and villains in the DC/CW Universe and featuring new footage of upcoming episodes of Arrow and The Flash. Take the jump to check it out!
Hey everyone! Just want to say this is my first article so let's not be too harsh! I want to tell you all why I think the two DC universes should be kept separate.
An [FAN-MADE] Extended version made by myself. for the next episode of Arrow (3x11- Midnight City), Gathering all the scenes so far.
Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim previews Wednesday's all new episode of Arrow, titled Midnight City. Will Laurel (Katie Cassidy) make a smooth transition to the Black Canary mantle? "If you're a Laurel Lance/Black Canary fan, this episode is going to make you insanely happy."
Do you hate TV shows mixing universes or can is it a benefit to each program?
Matt Nable talks here about the midseason finale of Arrow and that epic battle between Oliver Queen and Ra's al Ghul. The actor also shares his thoughts on whether Ra's really is evil, his surprise at the reaction from fans after THAT scene, and more. Check it out!
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