League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a comic book series written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Kevin O'Neill, publication of which began in 1999. The series spans two six-issue limited series and a graphic novel from the America's Best Comics imprint of Wildstorm/DC, and a third miniseries published by Top Shelf and Knockabout Comics. According to Moore, the concept behind the series was initially a "Justice League of Victorian England" but quickly grew into an opportunity to merge several works of fiction into one world. Elements of Volume I were used in a very loose feature film adaptation of the same name, released in 2003 and starring Sean Connery.
Collider is reporting that producer John Davis spoke about the franchise and states that the recent summer blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road will act as an inspiration on how he can fix it. - DrKinsolving
Alan Moore's The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic is awesome, the 2003 Sean Connery movie based on it... isn't. But it seems 20th Century Fox now plans on trying to right the wrongs of that cinematic atrocity with a big-screen reboot. More details after the jump... - RorMachine
The Flash, Hourman, Constantine, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and a Walking Dead spinoff are just a few of the television shows currently in development. Which one is your most anticipated? - MarkJulian
Hit the jump to check out the amazing miniatures that special effects company, New Deal Studios, created for the 2003 comic book movie, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. - nailbiter111
After a loose big screen adaptation (which was torn apart by critics) in 2003, League of Extraordinary Gentleman is getting a second chance as a TV show. Michael Green (Green Lantern) is set to serve as writer and executive producer and you can find more details after the jump! - JoshWilding
Sean Connery hanging out with a character called M...are you sure this isn't another James Bond film? - ToDandy
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Beware Gentlemen “Extraordinaire”! Gather together if you dare, for yet another dreaded nightmare, spiralling down into despair! - Shaman