Namor: The Submariner

Namor: The Submariner One of Marvel's oldest superheroes, The Sub-Mariner, will join his comic compatriots in diving onto the big screen. Price Namor is a short-fused half-human/half-amphibian from the lost island of Atlantis. In the past, he has helped the human race but also fought alongside the Atlanteans against human invaders who brought waste to his underwater world. Caught between two identities, Price Namor displays the classic angst that comes with being of mixed species and is widely regarded as one of the first anti-heroes.
While it was believed the rights to Namor the Submariner had returned to Marvel, Kevin Feige has now confirmed that they remain at Universal. He also discusses their approach to deciding which movies will be released in 2016 and 2017 and teases Hawkeye's larger role in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.
In the 6th installment of Looking Back, I'll be taking a look at all the proposed Namor movie from Universal Pictures. Jonathan Mostow was attached to direct and rewrite a script previously written by David Self.
Not only are they almost equals at strength and abilities....But they both have a strong chance of becoming a Major Motion Picture.....Very soon. Which one of these Atlanteans would you like to see on the silver screen and why is one character more deserving than the other....or should we say...which one could work better on screen?
And no, it's not Doctor Strange! Hit the jump to find out the surprising answer of which comic book superhero is the Pirates of the Caribbean stars all time favourite...
There is some peculiar evidence popping up recently that might lead one to speculate if a certain Atlantean prince has been returned to his true home in the cinematic realm...Marvel Studios.
The Lost actor reveals which character he's most interested in portraying and says that he's already talked to the studio about "other things"...
Something I came across...
The man behind "The Surrogates", Jonathan Mostow is writing the Namor script.
It's still very possible that a Namor movie will be made by Universal pictures.
Jonathan Mostow will helm Universal's big pic adaptation of Marvel's first mutant super-hero.
Chris Columbus dumps Namor movie overboard. Harry Potter too.
He played Hannibal King. He wants to play the Flash. And now there's rumors about him being Prince Namor. And what's this about the Rock and Silver Surfer?
Look for Namor to swim across the silver screen in three years.
Chris Columbus will helm the movie about Namor, Marvel's undersea prince.
Can Chris Columbus navigate his way around Namor, the Sub-Mariner movie?
Imperius Rex! Namor, the Sub-Mariner movie, will be part of Marvel Studios’ 2006 line-up and conceptual sketches are in the making. Get out your green swim trunks and tridents now.