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The name's BlackJack MrBlackJack. I used to be a part of the low end, average user class of and was nearly unrecognizable. Currently I'm a bit of a egotistical user who has made it to the top of ComicBookMovie and is even running his very own gang. To get a full scope of who I am, I'll jump back to my very first days as a user. I started out on this site as a small time pipsqueak and stayed that way for several months (and was originally called BlackJack10). Slowly but surely I rose through the ranks of ComicBookMovie and made a small name for myself. I was your average site regular. Sure I was gaining more "popularity" with each passing day, and was even nominated by best New User of the Year at the ComicBookMovie Awards, but I was nothing big. Then came the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. I suffered a unidentified illness where I was doing nothing but watching the trailer, leading to starvation and dehydration. I unfortunately died due to the said conditions. As soon as I passed, my soul escaped and haunted the users of ComicBookMovie for several days. I was known as TheSpectreBlackJack. Thankfully after a long and enduring battle, I returned to my rightful self. I created quite a stir among the community. But just as quickly as I was put into the spotlight, I was taken out just as fast. Despite being a fairly well known user, I was nothing once again and needed a way to rise up and break through. After a great conversation with fellow user JamesMan, the golden idea struck me. Enter Leonardo DiCaprio.Similar to how JamesMan adapted the use of Christopher Walken, I have adapted the ways of Leonardo DiCaprio and haven't looked back since. Together, JamesMan, MrSid, TheYoungMan, BatManHeisenberg, and myself created the the Dead Rabbits Gang (which has now expanded to include BatManiac, MrSotoMan, and many more). Over the short period of time since then, I have skyrocketed up the ranks of ComicBookMovie, gathering many fans, making countless users laugh, and even being called a "legendary" user by a ComicBookMovie veteran. Not to mention the fact that I will marry Gal Gadot sometime in the future (we are the only two people who understand that cheeseburgers are good for the soul). Most recently I've written a guide to success, and it captivated the hearts of many users. Currently I'm the emperor of the dark side of ComicBookMovie. I have a vicious cult following, and they're ready to do the dirty work for me at any second. But of course with this much power one will eventually make a handful of enemies along the way. Pasto formed a resistance and attempted to dethrone me from my place as the crime-lord of ComicBookMovie, but his attempt proved to be a failure to say the least (although he has recently been brought back from the ComicBookMovie graveyard). I have become an unstoppable force now, and despite many attempting to stop my reign, it's not going to end anytime soon. One can describe me as being handsome, successful, powerful, egotistical, charismatic, and the capo di tutti capi of the Dead Rabbits Gang. What have you done on ComicBookMovie recently?

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