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Compared to many people on CBM, I'm a relative newbie to the comic book world. I've just recently (within the last 10 years or so) started reading comics. However, I've been a fan of comic book characters nearly all my life, thanks to cartoons like the X-Men Series and Batman. Been downhill ever since.

I am an avid movie watcher and run my own movie website,(GeekBoyMovieNews) which covers a wide variety of movies, books and television news. There is nothing better to me than to sit back and a enjoy a good movie, or a crappy one for a good laugh.

While you may not see a lot of articles submitted by me, I've been an active user for close to three years here on CBM and I enjoy every minute on here. We have the best online community on the net her at

I've been lucky enough to climb the ranks here at CBM and the almighty Galactus has chosen me to act as one of his Heralds (Jr. Editor). So if you ever need suggestions or help on articles, I am more than happy to help out; you can find me in the CBM chat quite often. I also assist Big G in his "Beat Galactus Quizzes," so if you feel like you have a good question for the next quiz or suggestions on making them work better and more smoothly, feel free to drop me a line.

I look forward to talking and discussing comic books and their movies with all of you on the site!

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