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As a change of pace from what I usually write, I want to give some ideas as to who could handle The Punisher. I give a few ideas as to who could do The Punisher justice in the MCU.
Lexi Alexander, the director of Punisher: War Zone, has been considered a fan-favorite to helm the all-female Expendables spin-off has revealed on her blog that producer Mark Gill would even meet with her about the opportunity. Come check it out.
More dark, more brutal, more dumb.
Lexi Alexander (Green Street Hooligans) gives an in-depth interview with Paul Scheer for his podcast, "How Did This Get Made?" Click the jump to learn about all the challenges that this director encountered while making the movie.
Warning, I will nerd out horribly here.
Tidbits of information about the one man army, the PUNISHER.
This is one of those sit back, enjoy a cold beverage and salty snack of your choice and enjoy the fun and violence while shutting down some of those stressed brain cells kind of movie.
The ultra violent vision of Punisher that Marvel fans wanted to see is available NOW, March 17th. Here's what you can expect...
This is one of the most violent movies of 2008. Besides Saw V and Rambo 4, this movie had the craziest deaths and was funny as hell. If you have a fairly decent idea of the Punisher, you know he's ruthless and will destroy any kind of evil in his own special way.
Having been a fan of the Punisher Max comics and the Tom Jane version I was curious to see how the movie would be with out Tom Jane. Suprisingly I did not miss Tom Jane as Frank Castle...
This review will save you 2 hours of your life if you haven't seen the movie yet.
Acting? Bad.... Dialogue? Bad..... Story? Bad.......but somehow the action, violence and, dare I say, "punishing" made it all seem......GREAT!
It was garbage. Gore fest meets B actors everywhere.
The Movie Was Horrible
a little bit better than the first one
Everything about it is retarded, the story,the characters I mean come on this guy is not a hero he is a revenger and a murderer I can't beleive people like this movie.
It's a movie. Not a film.
This ain't your Thomas Jane Punisher...and I LIKE IT!!
The movie will make your stomach turn not for the weak of heart.
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