Superman 6

Superman 6 is the placeholder name for the sequel to Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns." There has been some rumors that the next movie will be called Superman: Man of Steel.
The Comic Book Show gives you your weekly fix of comic book news, reviews, previews, and discussion. Hosts Jen, Matt, Jaqueline, Wes, Ben, Michael, Lawrence, and Lucas talk the Rogue Cut, The Killing Joke animated movie, and the Batman v Superman trailer, while Matt spills the beans about his super secret Superman project he's been working on. - DangerRoom
A revealing interview with Superman Returns actor Brandon Routh reveals his thoughts on the direction of the Superman movie franchise. - ComicBookMovie
Comics writer and recent movie-maker (Wanted and Kick-Ass) Mark Millar fills us in on what he wants to do for the Superman movie franchise--An epic 3-film, 8-hour story which follows the entire life of Kal-El from his birth on Krypton a thousand years ago, till he is the last being left on Earth. - ComicBookMovie
You'd think after appearing as the villain in ALL 5 Superman films they would give Lex Luthor a rest--but no. According to actor Kevin Spacey, Warner Bros., "will be paying (Spacey) big bucks to reprise his role as Lex Luthor next year" in the 6th Superman movie. - ComicBookMovie
Ex-X-man James Marsden, who's mutant character, "Cyclops," was fried in X3, and who coincidentally played Lois Lane's non-super boyfriend in Superman Returns, tells us why the movie didn't fly with the fans. - Galactus
Our friends over at have snagged an awesome audio interview with Brendan Fraser where they probed his thoughts about the J.J. Abrams' Superman script, and learned how close he got to the part... - ComicBookMovie
If the buzz translates into truth, Smallville star Tom Wellington may just be heading to the big screen to portray the role that made him famous on TV. - Galactus
It's official, they are scrapping "Superman Returns" and pretending it never happened. WB President Jeff Robinov has announced that the studio is planning to start over, and reintroduce the man of steel--among other DC "tent-poles." - ComicBookMovie
Variety updated us about the latest news concerning a Superman sequel. The bottom line, Warner Bros is still unsure about doing one. - ComicBookMovie
See what Mark Waid, Grant Morrison and Brad Meltzer think should be done with the man of steel to set it all straight. First, pretend Superman Returns never happened... - ComicBookMovie
Will reveals that he was asked to play the last son of Krypton prior to Hancock, but was quick to turn it down because he didn't think people would go for a race-revamped Superman. - ComicBookMovie
CBM broke the story that Warner Bros was interested to see how The Incredible Hulk did because they were considering a redo of Superman, well now comes this news... - ComicBookMovie
Is Hulk's success a factor in the next Superman movie? Warner Bros may be waiting to see if The Incredible Hulk reboot works before they decide what to do with the next Superman movie. - Galactus
Superman Returns star Brandon Routh told SCI FI Wire that he expects to be working on the next film installment, Superman: Man of Steel, with director Bryan Singer beginning early next year. "Of course, that's my timeline, not anyone else's," Routh said in an interview on May 2. - ComicBookMovie
If you went to "I am Legend" over the weekend, you may have noticed a scene in Times Square where there was an enormous logo that was made for the "Batman vs. Superman" movie--when it was still in the works at Warner Bros... - ComicBookMovie
It was a Thanksgiving weekend wedding for "Superman Returns" star Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford. - ComicBookMovie
The much-anticipated sequel to Superman Returns, Superman: Man of Steel, may be written by comic scribe Mark Millar…if he has his way! - bsprecher
According to Cinema Blend's Josh Tyler, who believes that the budget would have to be superhuman to make all those superheroes fly... - ComicBookMovie
If you were one of the the millions of comic book readers caught up in the Death of Superman in the 90's, you'll want to be the first to order your copy of the animated DVD of this historic storyline... - ComicBookMovie
Superman's cousin Supergirl is cast in the hit WB series, Smallville - Galactus
Kevin Spacey has announed that he is returning as the Man of Steel's arch nemesis! - Galactus
Despite all the rumors of a production start delay for the next "Superman" movie, there is at least one dissenting voice on the Net. - ranthony
Animation titan Bruce Timm opens up about his new co-writing/producing gig, the highly-anticipated direct-to-DVD flick Superman: Doomsday, in a new 3-part audio interview with Voices From Krypton. - ranthony
The impromptu actress Parker Posey wants to be in the Superman sequel, but hasn't heard yet... - ComicBookMovie
The new Superman is big on electronic gaming ...and has been since the days of the 1st Nintendo! - Galactus