Whiteout Whiteout is a comic book limited series by writer Greg Rucka and artist Steve Lieber. It was originally released in four issues during 1998, by Oni Press and then collected into a trade paperback. A film adaptation of the series was released on September 11, 2009 after many delays and is considered a major box office bomb. The story follows Carrie Stetko, a Deputy U.S. Marshal working at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, and her investigation of a murder that takes place there. The story moves through many Antarctic stations, as Stetko chases down suspects and finds more murders. Early in the story, Stetko is attacked by the killer and left for dead in a storm. She saves herself but loses two fingers due to severe cold-related injuries.
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VIDEO: Whiteout Shower Scene VIDEO: Whiteout Shower Scene
The best thing about this CBM bomb of a movie was Kate Beckinsale's shower scene in the first few minutes of the film. It all went downhill from there. - ComicBookMovie
Kate Beckinsale Talks About The  Whiteout Controversy Kate Beckinsale Talks About The Whiteout Controversy
In this exclusive MTV video clip, we hear the actress' thoughts on playing Carrie Stetko in Whiteout as well as her views on the controversial changes to the graphic novel. Video may contain spoilers... - RorMachine
Whiteout Red Carpet Pics And Early Review Whiteout Red Carpet Pics And Early Review
Some nice pics of the stars of the movie, Kate Beckinsale, Tom Skerrit, Gabriel Macht and some other lovely ladies, and an early review from Empire Magazine. - RorMachine
Whiteout Video Interviews Whiteout Video Interviews
Interviews with Whiteout star Kate Beckinsale and her co-stars Alex O'Loughlin and Gabriel Macht! - RorMachine
The Need for 3-D in Whiteout The Need for 3-D in Whiteout
Producer Joel Silver discusses the necessity of computer graphics in making Whiteout. - bsprecher
Greg Rucka Discusses Whiteout Greg Rucka Discusses Whiteout
The co-creator of the Whiteout comic book discusses Kate Beckinsale and using Antarctica as a back-drop. - bsprecher
7 Clips From Whiteout 7 Clips From "Whiteout"
That's right... SEVEN! Bloody Disgusting gives us 7 exclusive clips of what we hope will be a really COOL thriller(sorry). Clips 4 and 6 contain what I would consider potential spoilers. - RorMachine
New Whiteout Stills New "Whiteout" Stills
Empire are debuting these exclusive new pics from the chilly Kate Beckinsale thriller... - RorMachine
The First 4 Whiteout TV spots hit the web The First 4 Whiteout TV spots hit the web
It looks good, but is it theater good? - ThisFan