FAN CAST: Deadpool

FAN CAST: Deadpool

FAN CAST: Deadpool

These are my choices for who should star in the Merc with a Mouth's upcoming solo movie!

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool


Wade Wilson, better known as Deadpool, is a former subject of the Weapon X and current redemptive mercenary. He's well known as the "Merc with a Mouth".


Michael Biehn as Cable


Cable is an enhanced mutant from the future. He is the son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey.

Sienna Miller as Domino


Domino is a skilled marksman and combatant. She also possesses the mutant ability to manipulate probability in her favor.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Siryn


Siryn is a mutant with sonic-based powers and is the daughter of the mutant Banshee.

Diora Baird as Copycat


Copycat is a mutant who possesses the ability to shape-shift and copy any power an individual may have after a period of physical contact.

Kathryn Joosten as Blind Al

Blind Al

Deadpool's former roommate/hostage and mother figure.

Justin Long as Weasel


Deadpool's friend, technology expert, weapons dealer, and loser.

Anton Yelchin as Bob, Agent of Hydra


Kidnapped from his post at a Hydra base by the mercenary Deadpool, Bob is a surprisingly normal guy. Deadpool's feelings for Bob range from friendship to considering him a pet.


Matt Willig as T-Ray


Deadpool's own nemesis, he tortured him by stealing his identity and resurrecting his wife.

Adam Baldwin as Ajax


The man known only as Francis was the former enforcer at Dr. Killbrew's laboratory at the Weapon X compound.


Michael Fassbender as Bullseye


The hitman for hire capable of using just about anything as a lethal projectile weapon. He is one of the most psychotic, most sadistic characters in comics.

Jason Statham as Taskmaster


A villain of the Avengers with the ability to copy the physical characteristics of anyone he observes.

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as Typhoid Mary


Typhoid is a professional criminal. Mary is a former actress. Together they spell trouble for Deadpool.

So thats it, let me know what you think in the usual place! Thanks for reading!!!

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