New Green Lantern Set Picture

New <i>Green Lantern</i> Set Picture

A New Orleans resident spotted the production crew for the film at Lakefront Airport and managed to snap a quick picture; plus, NOLA natives get a heads up on filming-induced road closures

Early last month, it was revealed here at ComicBookMovie that Martin Campbell's Green Lantern will utilize the New Orleans Lakefront Airport as the set for the fictitious Ferris Aircraft airfield. The production crew even acquired several of the airport's empty hangers to help keep certain aspects of the film secret; such as Martin Jordan's Experimental Aircraft.

Last night, the cast and crew revisited the airport set to shoot a scene. A New Orleans resident who was passing by the airport witnessed the crew setting up and managed to grab a quick picture of the area.

According to, the production's high op-tempo will cause major traffic delays around the airport area over the next few weeks:

"Eastern New Orleans motorists can expect traffic delays for the next month and a half as film production activity closes the the Lakefront Airport Overpass between Hayne Boulevard and the Sen. Ted Hickey Bridge, more commonly known as the 'Seabrook Bridge.'

"The overpass will be closed to traffic starting tonight (May 18) and continuing through July 2, according to an advisory issued by the New Orleans Office of Film and Video.

"Through-traffic will be diverted to Hayne Boulevard and Downman Road."

Another rumor regarding Lakefront Airport, which is located at 6001 Stars and Stripes Blvd New Orleans, LA, is that a two-week long shoot revolving around a rooftop party scene with a few dozen extras will begin filming there within the next several days.

The party scene will supposedly be the first time the film's hero, Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), will use his Green Lantern power ring in public; shocking his leading lady Carol Ferris (Blake Lively).

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