UNCHARTED Star Tom Holland Shares An Update On When SPIDER-MAN 3 Finishes Shooting

UNCHARTED Star Tom Holland Shares An Update On When SPIDER-MAN 3 Finishes Shooting

Originally scheduled to be released next July, Spider-Man 3 was pushed back to November, and star Tom Holland has now provided some insight into when he anticipates finishing up on the threequel...

COVID-19 has shifted the release dates of many movies, and the currently untitled Spider-Man 3 is now set to swing into theaters on November 5th, 2021 instead of next July. The Uncharted movie, meanwhile, has taken that summer slot and the star of both Sony Pictures projects, Tom Holland, is expected to shoot them back to back. 

It's even been said that the next Spider-Man movie will start filming without Holland, and with the pandemic making on-location shoots extremely difficult, it remains to be seen whether the cast and crew will be able to head to the likes of New York and Iceland (a rumoured shooting location) as planned. Regardless, we now have an update from Holland on when he anticipates being done.

In the video below shared on Reddit, the British actor says, "I'll finish Uncharted, finish Spider-Man in February next year. Two press tours which, maybe together, will take six weeks worth of work." That puts the Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel on track to begin production in the Autumn as was previously reported. 

Little to nothing is known about the movie, though the prevailing theory is that Kraven the Hunter will track down Peter Parker after his secret identity was revealed to the world and we was framed for murder.

Check out the clip below:

Tom Holland about filming Spider-Man 3 from r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers
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