THE FLASH Season 4 Won't Feature Yet Another Speedster As The Show's Big Bad

THE FLASH Season 4 Won't Feature Yet Another Speedster As The Show's Big Bad

In news likely to come as a relief to those of you sick of seeing The Fastest Man Alive battling fellow speedsters in The Flash, it's been confirmed that big changes are coming to season four...

This weekend, a PaleyFest panel took place for the DC TV shows currently airing on The CW, and some interesting details were revealed (via TV Line) about what's to come in The Flash. Since show launched, the big bad of each season has been a speedster and while we're only in its third year, many fans have said that we didn't need to see someone like "Speed God" Savitar after Reverse-Flash and Zoom. 

"Next season we’re not going to have a speedster," executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed when he was asked if yet another of those will be battling Barry when the show's fourth season airs.

The Flash has utilised so many DC Comics villains, it's hard to imagine who could take the place of a speedster, but going back to Savitar, Kreisberg shed some more light on what's to come with him. "We know who he is under there, and we’ve been planning this for a while," he confirmed, promising they have a plan for Savitar. Meanwhile, more details will be revealed in the eighteenth episode introducing Abra Kadabra as that character knows who the Speed God is beneath that metallic mask. 

More hints should also follow in episode nineteen - titled "The Once and Future Flash" as the EP added that the Scarlet Speedster will be taking a trip into the future...because I guess he's sick of screwing up just the past! "Barry decides that the only way he can find out what he needs to know is in the future," Kreisberg concluded. Intriguing, eh? As always, share your thoughts in the comments section.

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