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What would you believe if it would turn out that Bruce Wayne has a distant relative? I imagined a new story where all this may be possible. The story would concern the fact that Mason is Bruce Wayne nephew, Gary, takes up the fight against Gotham City criminals, that let him create peace in the city...
After this introduction, let's see my Batman fan cast:
Jim Caviezel as Bruce Wayne
Sean Faris as Gary Mason/Batman
Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon
Ronda Rousey as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl
Joseph Gordon-Lewitt as Robin
Vincent Cassel as Joker
Mark Pellegrino as Scarecrow
Paul Levesque as Killer Croc
Derek Mears as Bane
Mark Strong as Black Mask
Robert Patrick as Deathstroke
Vinnie Jones as Deadshot
Arnold Vosloo as Mr.Freeze
Bryce Dallas Howard as Harlequin
Robert Knepper as Ferris Boyle
Gregg Henry as Roland Daggett
The central premise behind these editorials is that business lessons are life lessons and life lessons are often found in CBM-related genres. So, I attempt to describe the teachings that can be observed in CBMs, but explained by business concepts. Posts will usually fall between 500-700 words and are designed for light, weekend reading.
I don't really know how to work this site properly
Just Fan made stuff
From the mind of a classic comics lover and hero movie addict. A Nerd that eternally hopes he will one day wake up with super powers.
Just my small little comic book movie world. life sucks, so we (me) live through the films that bring us (me) joy.
I can't help but feel that the symbiote will not only play a part in Peter's past and present, but also become his most dangerous foe in the near future as its tries to carry out it master plan: to turn every being on earth into a symbiote lackey.
Just DCGuy saying stuff that is for the others...
Where the Cassowary fans (me) come to stay Nobody else, since nobody else likes me.
Pshhha man
Fun takes on everything geek! Check us out if you love movies, comics, games & awesomeness! Bookmark the website. Find us and like us on Facebook!
This is a site for all thing funky
A classy fansite about kittens hotdogs and Green Lantern. You know you want it...
The fan site of Christian Lindabury. I'd call myself a hipster, but that's too mainstream. Howdy, my name is Christian Lindabury, I am the epitome of nerdiness, the pinnacle of awesomeness, I am… Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, NERDMAN! I am a lover of all things nerdy, I love to watch movies and television and play video games, as well as read comic books and novels.
A page dedicated to the NFL where the CBM community can talk all the trash they want and join our fantasy football league.
This is site where I name the actors that could play certain comic book charcters
Grow up your mind
Just an outlet for my fanfics and fancasts of movies I'd like to see.
This is my ideal cast for the Green Lantern/Flash team-up movie.
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