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Better than being cancelled! It looks as if Constantine will be ending this season fairly soon!
My recap of Constantine: Danse Vaudou featuring the return of Papa Midnite and the first appearance of Jim (Spectre) Corrigan
With NBC's Constantine ratings going up and down each week, the shows fate is unknown and the latest episode seems to continue that cycle as the shows ratings rise three tenths from last weeks episode. Take the jump to find out more!
NBC have released 19 stills from the seventh episode of Constantine, "Blessed are the Damned". The damned in this case are the congregation of a small town preacher who has somehow gained the ability to heal his flock. Something isn't right about this one! Check them out...
NBC have released 16 new images from next week's episode of Constantine, and they offer up a look at what happens when John and his team must convince the parents of a young boy that not all is that it seems and that they have no choice but to perform a exorcism on him...
In the latest instalment of NBC's "To Hell and Back" featurettes, writer Christine Boylan joins the cast and producers to discuss the small screen debut of Jim Corrigan, the return of Papa Midnite, and the urban legends which inspired the ghosts seen "Danse Vaudou." Check it out!
In the next episode of NBC's supernatural television series Constantine, John (Matt Ryan) deals with a young boy who is possessed by an evil spirit. Hit the jump to check out a promo for "Rage Of Caliban.
NBC have released the first synopsis for the eighth episode of Constantine, and it reveals that yet another character from the Hellblazer comic books and Newcastle Crew is heading to the series. Who will it be? Hit the jump for all the latest details...
On tonight's episode of Constantine, 'Papa Midnite' (Michael James Shaw) and John Constantine (Matt Ryan) must join forces to stop a new supernatural threat. Hit the jump to check out a sneak peek from "Danse Vaudou."
Constantine is one of the best DC Comics adaptations currently on TV, but for whatever reason, simply not enough people are tuning in every week! Here, star Matt Ryan talks about what's to come and whether he would like to make the leap to the big screen as the Hellblazer character...
Last night's Constantine was once again fantastic, and in this featurette for the latest instalment, writer Cameron Welsh joins the cast and producers to offer key insights into Hellblazer character Gary Lester, the hunger demon and the inspiration behind "A Feast of Friends."
After the pilot episode, Lucy Griffiths' Liv was written out of the series and replaced by Angélica Celaya's Zed. However, her departure was left fairly ambiguous, leaving the door open for a possible return. Come check it out as EPs David Goyer & Daniel Cerone discuss her possible reappearance.
Next week's episode of Constantine will mark the small screen debut of Jim Corrigan (better known to comic book fans as The Spectre), but in this first look at "Danse Vaudou", we see John forced to team-up with Papa Midnite to tackle a common threat. Hit the jump to check it out!
NBC have released the title and synopsis for the seventh episode of Constantine. What's in store for John and Zed in "Blessed Are The Damned"? Well, it sounds like they're going to have their hands full with a mysterious preacher. Hit the jump to check it out!
Caliban was a character in William Shakespeare's The Tempest, as well as a Marvel Comics mutant, and now it seems an evil spirit in the DCTV universe will also take the name. Check out a description of the November 28th episode of Constantine after the jump.
Hit the jump to check out more Constantine promotional photos from the episode, "Danse Vaudou," which features Angelica Celaya as Zed, Matt Ryan as John Constantine, Charles Halford as Chas and Michael James Shaw as Papa Midnite
Next Friday's episode of NBC's take on Hellblazer sees the introduction of New Orleans cop Jim Corrigan, who DC fans will know eventually becomes the vengeance-seeking Spectre. He'll be played by Irish actor Emmett J. Scanlan, and you can get your first look at him after the jump.
We were told to expect quite a few more DC Comics characters to make appearances on the NBC series over the course of its first season run, and now a Constantine Twitter page has revealed a couple of names to look out for. Who are they? You'll have to click on to find out..
Tune in this Friday to catch the next exciting episode of NBC's comic book based television series, Constantine. Here's an extended preview for the next episode, "A Feast Of Friends," which will feature Constantine (Matt Ryan) battling another pesky demon.
Papa Midnite made his small screen debut in last night's fantastic episode of Constantine, and in this new featurette, we hear from writers Mark Verheiden and David Goyer as they join the cast to discuss the first appearance of the character and the inspiration for "The Devil's Vinyl."
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