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We had heard that the Wrath Of The Titans actor was looking likely to nab the role of the villain in Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot, and now Kebbell has taken to Twitter to confirm that he will indeed be suiting up with the rest of the young cast.
During an interview with IGN, the Transcendence actress is quizzed about her upcoming role in Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot. Don't expect many details though..because she apparently doesn't know any! Mara isn't even sure if she'll be wearing a costume or not.
He provided artwork in Marvel's Fantastic Four comic book series along with writer Mark Millar, but 20th Century Fox have reportedly brought in Bryan Hitch (America's Got Powers, Age of Ultron) to work as a designer on the Josh Trank helmed reboot. Read on for details!
With the release of the rebooted Fantastic Four next year, here is what we can expect so far on the insecure journey that most Marvel fans have and worry about this particular superhero. Is it going to be good? Is it going to fail? Let's go over everything we have so far shall we.
We recently learned that British actor Toby Kebbell would (most likely) play Victor von Doom in Josh Trank's upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, and now Nerdist report that the villain will have some help battling Marvel's first family..
Does the casting of Fantastic Four just seem a bit off? Is there something about it that just feels wrong? It's quite possible that many reports were absolutely wrong, as new evidence suggests that even FOX might agree with them being wrong.
After being named as part of the shortlist along with several other young actors, Variety now report that Fox and Josh Trank have offered the role of villainous Victor von Doom in their Fantastic Four reboot to Warcraft's Toby Kebbell. More after the jump.
As every CBMer knows, our current Captain America also played Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch, in Fox's Fantastic Four movies. Now we have a reboot on the way, and Evans has given new Torch Michael B. Jordan his blessing.
During an interview at CinemaCon, Michael B. Jordan had a chance to reflect on his Fantastic Four and Star Wars Episode VII auditions. Come check it out.
It's hard to get optimistic about the Fantastic Four reboot, but do you think Marvel could easily knock it out of the park? Not so fast...
Just a couple of Fantastic Four news tidbits for you here. Steven Weintraub (from Collider) has a description of the new Fantastic Four logo shown at CinemaCon yesterday, and Miles Teller reiterates his excitement over being cast as Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic.
Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic) explains how different the audition process was for FOX's The Fantastic Four compared to other roles he had previously tried out for. He also comes clean on how long Michael B Jordan has been locked down for the role of Johnny Storm. reports 20th Century Fox has scheduled release dates for Fantastic Four 2, the next solo Wolverine film, and an untitled Fox/Marvel film. And, they updated their release dates for The Secret Service and their Frankenstein flick.
Sorry to burst some bubbles (or perhaps not to some) but Bleeding Cool has officially redacted their Fantastic Four scoop from last Friday and the project is moving forward. Hit the jump for more.
According to a new report, 20th Century Fox have decided to not only drop Chronicle director Josh Trank and X-Men: Days of Future Past writer Simon Kinberg from The Fantastic Four, but possibly even the entire cast. Where do they go from here? Read on for details!
Four relatively unknown actors with accents have reportedly made 20th Century Fox's shortlist for The Fantastic Four villain role of Victor von Doom, aka Dr. Doom. Check out the list after the jump
Miles Teller? Michael B Jordan? No thanks. Tired of the FF being crapped on? Hit the jump to see an alternative take on the cast, Marvel Studios style...
Explaining what appealed to him about the role of Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic, actor Miles Teller praises the Fox/Marvel reboot's director, Josh Trank, as well as its "very human" script. Check it out!
With the recent cast revelation of Fox's Fantastic Four reboot, a lot of people were less than happy with both the casting of Michael B Jordan as Johnny Storm and the cast overall. The actor has a few words to say on the matter. Hit the jump to hear what he had to say!
The recent Fantastic Four casting news certainly shrouded scepticism over a project many already have written off as doomed. But is the choice of cast members better than initially thought? Hit the jump to find out!
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