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Is Marvel's Fox lockout real or something else is going on?
Yesterday, Film Sketchr posted storyboards of unused scenes for Tim Story's Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and today, they've posted storyboards that are a bit different from the theatrical versions.
The All-New Marvel NOW! incarnations of the Fantastic Four introduced new red and black costumes, but a new preview of an upcoming issues sees the team return to an updated version of the classic blue design! It's all part of the rebuilding phase after the downfall of the FF...
Film Sketchr has gotten their hands on some remarkable Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer artwork that storyboard artist Darrin Denlinger created for Tim Story's film. These unused scenes feature the Fantasticar, Doombots and rescue missions.
The Fantastic Four finished shooting quite some time ago, but Simon Kinberg has now weighed in on why they're waiting and whether or not he knows when we'll get our first look. We also have an interview with Miles Teller where he talks about why the reboot isn't beholden to the fans...
With all that's happening with the Fantastic Four. The movies, the reboot, and the cancellation of the comic book. I have here a list of reasons why this franchise is better off back home at Marvel.
Recent news would dictate that Marvel is indeed bringing their F4 and X-men comics to an end in the near future. Is it a smart move by the company or will it just hurt them further? Hit the jump to see two sides to the argument...
The latest from Miles Teller on The Fantastic Four has the 'Reed Richards' actor discuss the preconceived hate towards him and the rebooted Fox/Marvel franchise's "mature" direction. Check it out!
Michael B. Jordan has said that The Fantastic Four won't be decked out in "cheesy superhero outfits" in Josh Trank's upcoming reboot, but the Chronicle star now shares some more details on the "gritty" movie and the "containment suits" the team will don. Hit the jump for details!
Despite past claims that the worlds of the X-Men and Fantastic Four will be kept separate for the time being, writer and producer Simon Kinberg talks here about the chances of bringing the two teams together. The good news? It definitely sounds as if the idea is on the table...
In 2015, the Fantastic Four will be no more! Orders from high up have resulted in Marvel bringing an end to the team in a bid to not promote the upcoming movie. The decision seems nonsensical (won't a new movie encourage people to read their comics?), but more details can be found here...
"You are discovering the characters at the same time they are discovering themselves," says Michael B. Jordan of The Fantastic Four in the latest Q&A where he also dishes on his costume and more.
Hit the jump and check out what Michael B. Jordan says about the Marvel First Family 2015 reboot, the controversy surrounding his casting, and his reaction suiting up as Human Torch for the first time
Promising we'll "dig" Toby Kebbell's Dr. Doom, Miles Teller dishes on his and Michael B. Jordan's controversial castings, The Fantastic Four director Josh Trank's approach and more. Check it out!
After promising Josh Trank's take on Marvel's First Family will be "different in every way," Reed Richards actor Miles Teller weighs in on The Fantastic Four possibly suffering from C.B.M. saturation.
Care to know how the Fantastic Four will gain their powers? Or how Human Torch & Invisible Woman's different race will be explained? Hit the jump and check out the latest from Schmoes Knows!
The Fantastic Four has now been delayed, though Josh Trank's new take on the iconic Marvel characters hasn't suffered anywhere near as badly as Assassin's Creed. The big screen adaptation of the Ubisoft franchise starring Michael Fassbender no longer has a release date at all!
Why I objectively believe that the new Fantastic Four movie will be an absolute mockery of CBMs.
Edit: I fixed the image URLs! THE FANTASTIC FOUR is the first installment in a series of fan casts I am doing that would exist in a shared Marvel universe. Hit the jump to check out my casting choices!
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